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Social Media News: Fake News Flagging Tool, Clear Facebook History and More

Instagram launched a fake news flagging tool this week. As well as this, Facebook announced new privacy updates and Twitter introduces topic following. Here’s the latest.

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Social Media News: AR Filters Available to All, New Facebook Ad Layouts and Group Shifts

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Kylie Jenner create their own Instagram Story filters? Well, it’s through a platform called Spark AR and this week Facebook gave everyone access to it.

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Facebook Tags - Sked Social

Social Media News: Facebook Tags, Brain-Controlled Wearables and a New Instagram Memes Officer

In social media news this week, Facebook announced that they’ve begun exploring brain control wearables, and Instagram backpedals from shutting down meme accounts.

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Facebook search bar ads - Sked Social

Social Media News: Search Bar Ads, AR Filters and Twitter Strategies

Following in the footsteps of other search engines, this week we saw Facebook testing search bar ads. Team that with Instagram’s AR filter testing and Twitter sharing big-name strategies – it’s been a big week.

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facebook fined - Sked Social

Social Media News: Facebook Fined $5 Billion, Q2 Report Findings and Changing Facebook Ads

Prior to releasing their staggering Q2 Report, we saw Facebook fined a record-breaking $5 billion. Instagram’s suspended accounts will now be warned before they’re closed down, and changes to Facebook ads were announced. Here’s the latest in social media news.

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How Removing The Number Of Likes Makes Instagram More Fake Than Ever

What will happen when Instagram removes the number of likes from the feed? Nathan Murphy argues: more fake followers, less real engagement.

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Hiding likes on Instagram 1 - Sked Social

Social Media News: Hiding Likes on Instagram, Influencer Marketing Declines and More

Hiding likes on Instagram – It started in Canada, and this week we saw it roll out to six more countries. Between these hidden likes and Facebook’s cryptocurrency debate – we saw new revelations too.

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Instagram's anti-bullying tool - Sked Social - 1

Social Media News: Instagram’s Anti-Bullying Tool, Fan Subscriptions and New App Testing

nstagram’s anti-bullying tool was welcomed by the masses this week. Between screening abusive comments and warning internet trolls about their negative remarks, let’s just say – many brands were gleaming with happiness. Here’s the latest in social media news.

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14 Top Instagram Trends To Watch For In 2019

What are the trends we’re seeing in 2019 so far? How can your brand best position itself to stay in touch with the latest and greatest on Instagram?

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Instagram join chat sticker news - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram Launches Join Chat Sticker, Instagram Explore Ads are Announced and More

In social media news this week, we saw everything from new Ad placements and cryptocurrency revelations. Right through to updated terms and Story Template guides. Read more about this and other weekly news.

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Donate profile button - sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram Tests ‘Donate’ Profile Button, Turning off Facebook Notifications and Twitter Lists Updates

As we lean into the second half of 2019, social media changes and advancements continue to rise. This week we saw Instagram test their ‘donate’ profile button, Facebook experiment with turning off notifications and Adam

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Link sharing for Instagram stories - Sked Social

Social Media News: Landscape Videos on IGTV, New Facebook Algorithms, Link Sharing for Instagram Stories and More

Are you frustrated that you can’t share your Instagram Stories wherever you gosh darn please? Well, the new link sharing for Instagram Stories is about to change that. Besides this, Instagram announced that IGTV will

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Instagram Creator Accounts - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram adds Stories to Explore tab, New Insights for Creator Accounts and More

Have you ever wished you could track who’s unfollowing your accounts (without the dodgy apps)? Well, this week it was leaked that Instagram Creator Accounts will soon have access to exactly that. We also saw

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Instagram Shop - Social Media News

Social Media News: Instagram Shop, A New Chat Sticker, Instagram Post Reviews and Sunflower Tourism

Group chats from Instagram Stories? Yep, that’s what’s on the horizon with Instagram’s new Chat Sticker, leaked this week. Instagram’s cracking down on fake news and Influencer partnerships in Asia are on the rise. Plus

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Shoppable Influencer Posts on Instagram - Sked Social

Social Media News: Shoppable Influencer Posts, Facebook QR Codes and the F8 Developer Conference Recap

Following the recent F8 Developer Conference, we’ve learned key findings about the future of the social media landscape. On top of this, new tests for shoppable Influencer posts and Facebook QR Code testing meant it

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Instagram is Hiding Likes

Instagram Hiding Like Counts and What it Means for Brands

What’s the metric you look for first when checking back in on an Instagram post? We hate to say it. But we all do it. It’s ‘Likes’, right? How many Likes did your competitor get?

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Social Media News - Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker Launches - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker, 500 Million Facebook Stories Users and More

Following suspicions, this week we saw the launch of the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker. It’s safe to say that businesses and Instagrammers alike are intrigued by the new feature. Facebook also announced that it crossed

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