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Should Brands Be Authentic or Aspirational on Instagram?

What’s more important in what we post on Instagram: authenticity or perfection? Most of us would probably answer the former without thinking twice. Of course, it’s better to just be yourself, right? The “just be

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Instagram Confirms: ‘Shadowbanning’ Was Always Bullshit

What is Instagram Shadowban? Back in April 2017, everyone in the Instagram ecosystem got up in a hizzy about an apparent “shadow ban” that accounts were allegedly seeing. People love the idea that Facebook or

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Payments are coming to Instagram

Great news for e-commerce brands: shopping on Instagram is getting a whole lot easier as the app rolls out a brand new native payment feature for its users. Instagram users will now be able to

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Instagram Growth Study: How Juno Records Increased Their Instagram Following by over 230%

While it can be tough at first to make sure you post consistently on Instagram, once you establish a rhythm and get into the habit of doing it, it will become much easier.

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How Sked works, and why we use real phones to post for you

Every now and then there’s sudden attention paid to how we work, which is great because it’s pretty unique and old-school! As the founder of Sked (formerly Schedugram), I welcome the opportunity to explain how

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Snapchat’s IPO – what does it mean for Instagram?

This originally appeared in our February monthly email newsletter. Sign up here. The initial public offering (IPO) of Snapchat blitzed the news this week, helped by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s fianceé Miranda Kerr’s Snapchat posts

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An important message for your ongoing instaSuccess

Please make sure that all of the content you upload to Instagram adds value to your followers and the general IG community. This is important because both it will reduce the probability of problems on

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