Uploading content to Sked Social: a step-by-step guide

Recently, Schedugram was rebranded to Sked Social and we redesigned our dashboard. We shipped quite a few improvements and incorporated your feedback in order to make it work better for you. However, we know switching to

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Improved Emoji Support Now Live

One of the requests we’ve had of late is for updated emoji to support the new “skin tones” of emojis, as well as some of the newer emoji that were released after we initially wrote

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Instagram Carousel: multiple images or videos in one Instagram post

Last week Instagram announced a feature we’re calling Carousel (some call it multiple images, gallery posts, etc). With this feature, users can now add up to 10 images and videos in one post. Instagram’s suggestions

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Changes to how we show Instagram accounts on bulk upload

Since we launched the new interface, the one major mistake we’ve heard people have made is scheduling to the wrong accounts accidentally. It was a little more subtle which accounts you had chosen after you

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Emoji Support!

Another one of our frequently requested features is finally here – we now support Emojis in our captions (and comments too). Adding Emoji is a bit tricky though. It’s much easier if you’re a Google Chrome

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“First Comment” feature now live!

A popular request that we’ve had has been to allow our users to post both a caption and a “first comment”. It’s quite common for brands to write a caption, and then put the relevant

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