Sked new pricing FAQs for existing customers

1. What is the new pricing?

The new pricing, announced November 2018, is a plan-based pricing model where we have a set number of included Instagram accounts, Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts for each plan. You can view the new pricing on our website.

We changed to a new plan-based model because it gives our customers a lot more confidence in the price that they will pay and is a lot more simple for everyone compared to the current model.

Your existing pricing

If you are on the ‘old’ Schedugram accounts, the ‘old’ pricing you are on (your invoices will list a line item “Schedugram subscription” and then some “add-ons”) is that you pay for each Instagram account that you have added to the platform. This pricing hasn’t changed for you (unless you ask us to move to the new pricing plans).

Each Instagram account is priced based on the number of followers the account has. Below is the pricing in US Dollars per month – Euros and Pounds are priced at approx market exchange rates but you can check with the team if you are unsure. We don’t offer Australian Dollars for the old plans. There are discounts that kick in from when you manage 10 or more accounts.

0 to 10,000 followers: $20 per account
10,001 to 100,000 followers: $30 per account
100,001 to 500,000 followers: $50 per account
500,001 to 1 million followers: $70 per account
Over 1 million followers: Contact us for pricing

If you are on the ‘very old’ pricing (starter, instagrow, instapro, instaboss plans) from before December 2014, you pay for a different set of plans. Contact support if you need to move between them.

We do periodic billing reviews to check that our billing records are within the appropriate plan limits, so you will not usually be upgraded the second you hit 10,001 followers – there is some ‘tolerance’. Please note that we do reserve the right to update you to the correct plan if required – we’ll give you notice of any changes and not suddenly charge you however.

2. Do I pay per account or for the size of an account in the new price?

No, the new pricing is plan based – so you will have a monthly plan with a specific number of Instagram accounts, Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts included – and you pay that one fixed amount each month.

We’ve also simplified things by removing the ‘tiering’ in the new plans so that no matter how many followers you have, you pay the same price for your plan. We hope that simplicity makes life a bit easier to budget!

3. What if I am between the new plans?

If you have say 6 Instagram accounts (and 6 Facebook Pages), you will need to use ‘addons’ to increase a plan, or purchase the next plan up and use the additional features included in that plan and have the capacity to grow.

At a custom level (10+ Instagram accounts or 20+ Facebook pages/Twitter accounts), we can give you a quote for a specific number, below this amount we have the existing plans.

There are upsides and downsides to using plans versus direct usage-based (or in the context of our old plans, per-account-based) options – we hope that we have given enough flexibility for customers to have the right plan for your needs while also being simple to use and understand.

4. For existing customers, does the new pricing system mean I pay more?

Our launch of Facebook Page and Twitter scheduling (as well as a few things in the pipeline coming soon) means that we have changed the way that we offer value to customers quite a lot – it’s not just about Instagram accounts anymore!

For some customers, the new plans will mean you pay more (for more features of course!), and for others you may save money on your plan. Overall, most people are within a few dollars either way – we have tried to keep it as similar as possible for existing customers to migrate over.

If you’re a larger Schedugram customer on an old or custom plan, get in touch and we’d be happy to chat with you about what we can offer in the new pricing model, and talk about some of the extra modules you may be interested about.

5. If I’m an existing customer, do I have to change to the new pricing plans?

No, you don’t.

If you want to use Sked with (essentially) the same features you previously had with Schedugram (just Instagram profile and story scheduling), then you can continue to use Sked on the same per-account-based pricing model (including based on the account size).

We’ll continue to honor this for some time – indeed, we have had customers on pricing plans published when we first started.

However, over time we are starting to introduce different features across our new plans, because customers managing 30+ accounts often need different features (like content approval workflows) that small customers don’t.

We are doing that to simplify our offering, so that it’s a bit easier to get started with Sked for customers with simpler needs, while customers who will live inside our dashboard will have more complexity due to having these extra features.

Existing customers who continue to use Sked on the old pricing models may not have access to new features that we launch – we will decide that on a case-by-case basis.

6. If I’m a beta customer (or an existing Schedugram customer at the time we launched Sked Social), do I need to move to the new plans to keep scheduling to Facebook? When?

For customers signing up before December 2018, we’re happy for you to keep using the features you have now (Instagram + unlimited Facebook or Twitter) until the end of June 2020.

If or when that changes, we’ll reach out to give you the option to either move onto the new plans and continue to use Facebook or Twitter scheduling, or keep your current pricing and no longer be able to upload any new Facebook or Twitter posts.

Over 2020 we will “map” all existing customers over to the new pricing plans, and we are aiming to have everyone moved across by the 31 December 2020. Often this means that new features will become available to you.

Existing scheduled posts for those channels will continue to be published at that time and you will be able to edit any posts that are scheduled for the future. However, we will restrict you from being able to upload new posts to these channels. This lets you have time to migrate over to another way of scheduling to these channels without needing to worry about anything already scheduled in Sked or suddenly lose access.

7. If I’m a cancelled customer, can I reactivate my ‘old plan’ account or do I need to move to the new plans?

If you cancelled your account in the past and want to reactivate it, we do not honor your old pricing – you must sign up under the new plan based pricing.

For current customers, the same applies – we’ll make an exception of course where your account is cancelled due to an invoice we couldn’t collect or card expiry issues. However if you cancel your Sked account, you won’t be able to reactivate at a later date on the old pricing plans.

7. How do I move over to the new pricing plans?

To move over or if you have any other questions, just get in touch with our support team by emailing [email protected].

You’ll also soon be able to change over plans in the dashboard.

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