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4 Successful Digital Agencies Share How They Manage Social Media

Growing an agency is tough. Like any service-based industry, there’s the ever-present juggle between hands on deck versus ticks in the clock. But getting savvy with effective tools, strategies and processes make a world of difference.

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The Caption Writing Formula to Increase Instagram Engagement

The Caption Writing Formula That Helped This Social Media Agency Increase Instagram Engagement by 130%

You’ve sat down at your desk, looked at a blank screen and dreamed… ‘if only a caption writing formula existed!’ Thinking up new, exciting and engaging captions can be the worst. Sometimes it takes hours.

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How Sked Social Helps Syrup Marketing Save 20 Hours Per Week With Instagram Scheduling

You want to tell your client’s brand story, and Instagram is the perfect platform to do it. But what goes into planning and scheduling the perfect feed for an agency or small business? And how

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Instagram organic reach

How Sked Social Helps This New Zealand Agency Increase Their Organic Reach

You’ve seen big brands crushing it on Instagram, so you know that Instagram is a powerful tool for business. But what does an Instagram marketing strategy look like for an agency or small business? And

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Nike is an Instagram leader learn how to engage your instagram followers

How to Create Super Engaging Content on Instagram

How to Engage Your Instagram Followers and Audience Creating super engaging content that makes your brand stand out is becoming a key challenge for marketers. The constant changes to an algorithm-driven feed requires the creation

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how to go viral on instagram

How To Make Your Food Business Go #Viral On Instagram

Cronut’s, freak-shakes and 10-pattie burgers. What is it that makes food go #viral on Instagram? We explore a 5-step process to help you create products to gain traction online, leading to lines out the door!

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We analyzed thousands of Instagram posts published by magazines: here’s what we learned

In this post I’m going to share with you the results of a small scale Instagram research. Me and my colleagues started this project at the beginning of the year. We turned to data to find out what are the rules that make successful Instagram posts. It was the biggest data driven project we’ve ever done and we discovered a few surprising things along the way.

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6 Instagram Marketing Mistakes Your Competitors Hope You Keep Making

Think you know all there is to Instagram? Meet Kenzie Dean and learn how #fail like nobody’s business!

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