ICYMI: Social Media News June 2023

June 14, 2023
Kyra Goodman

The latest social media news. What happened and what it means for your business and your clients.

June 1 Update

Instagram launches songs and translations in Notes and might allow users to share broadcast channel updates to their Story, TikTok launches a new AI Script Generator for ads, Twitter will start paying creators for ads shown in their replies and way more and Meta releases an AI music generator and sticker generator. Read on to see what these updates mean for you and your clients.

Instagram News

What happened:

Instagram launches the ability to add 30 second song clips and translations in Notes.

What this means for you + clients:

Throwback to our MySpace days! This feature could be good for artists or anyone looking for some conversation starter.

Source: Instagram

What happened:

It looks like Instagram is allowing users to share broadcast channel updates to Story.

What this means for you + clients:

If you want to get more eyes on your broadcast channel updates or drum up more interest for your channel in general, sharing the updates to your Story could be a great way to do it.

#Instagram now allows you to share your broadcast channel updates to your story pic.twitter.com/y5YxgMFmZF

— Ahmed Ghanem (@ahmedghanem) June 13, 2023

What happened:

The Verge watched a company-wide meeting where screenshots of the new Twitter-like app were shown. They say internal documents show that the app could be called Threads.

What this means for you + clients:

If this sounds familiar, it's because "Threads" is the same name that Meta previously gave to their now-defunct app that was shut down in 2021. Meta chief product officer Chris Cox said that the goal for the app is “safety, ease of use, reliability” and making sure that creators have a “stable place to build and grow their audiences.”

Source: The Verge

TikTok News

What happened:

TikTok launched a new AI ad Script Generator tool in Creative Center.

What this means for you + clients:

In a bid to simpify content creaton, TikTok has launched this feature that allows you to generate a script by simply entering relevant information like the product name, description and keywords. TikTok Product Marketer, Michael Fee says the feature will contain a hook, body and call-to-action scenes in a matter of seconds.

TikTok does want to give you a heads up that that they can't 100% guarentee the accuracy of their AI content, though!

Twitter News

What happened:

Elon Musk says that in the coming weeks Twitter will start paying creators for advertisements served in their replies.

What this means for you + clients:

You can only take part in this revenue sharing if you've signed up for Twitter Blue and this revenue would only add up to about $2-3 a month anyway so keep this in mind if you're considering paying for a subscription to access this perk.

In a few weeks, X/Twitter will start paying creators for ads served in their replies. First block payment totals $5M.

Note, the creator must be verified and only ads served to verified users count.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 9, 2023

What happened:

Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that limits the ability to send DMs to users who don't follow you, making it only available to paying Twitter Blue subscribers.

What this means for you + clients:

Musk says the goal of this is to combat AI bots but it will also impact anyone not paying for Twitter Blue. With this set up, users who aren't paying for Twitter Blue won't be able to message brands on Twitter unless the brand follows them and vice versa.

Hopefully releasing the update this week.

As I’ve said many times, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between AI bots. Soon, it will be impossible.

The only “social networks” that survive will be those that require verification. The payment system is a means of…

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 11, 2023

What happened:

Twitter will allow up to 100 people in group DMs.

What this means for you + clients:

If you use Twitter group chats for your brand then this increase might be helpful and they plan to increase the limit even more in the coming weeks. We'd recommend updating your DM settings though so that you don't get randomly added to large groups or groups with bots.

Is your group chat running out of space? Starting today, group Direct Messages can include up to 100 people. We'll increase this limit further over the coming weeks.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) June 13, 2023

What happened:

Twitter is working on a feature to allow organizations to post jobs.

What this means for you + clients:

While other social media companies are trying to create a Twitter alternative, Twitter is leaning towards Linkedin-like features!

Pretty soon, companies might be able to post job listings - but only if the organization is verified.

BREAKING: #Twitter is working on a feature that will let VERIFIED ORGANIZATIONS post JOBS! pic.twitter.com/S3LIxrxSjR

— Nima Owji (@nima_owji) June 12, 2023

Meta News

What happened:

Meta released an open source AI-powered music generator called MusicGen.

What this means for you + clients:

This could be a great way to generate music for your social media posts. The tool can turn text into about 12 seconds of audio. You can try it out here.

What happened:

Meta is threatening to pull news from Facebook and Twitter if a bill in California passes.

What this means for you + clients:

NPR says that "The California Journalism Preservation Act would essentially tax the advertising profits platforms make from distributing news articles." A Meta spokesperson responded saying:

Meta statement on the California Journalism Preservation Act. pic.twitter.com/ssgk1vSryB

— Andy Stone (@andymstone) May 31, 2023

What happened:

Meta announces AI sticker-generator for Messenger.

What this means for you + clients:

The plan is for the AI models to be able to transform any image into whatever sticker that you want to use which could help your DMs be more personalized and engaging.

Reddit News

What happened:

Reddit communities are going dark in protest of the increased API pricing for third-party apps and it's impacting advertisers.

What this means for you + clients:

Back in April, Reddit announced an increase to the API pricing for third-party apps that's supposed to go into effect on July 1. In protest, many Reddit communities organized a "blackout" and Adweek says that advertisers are feeling "knock-on effects, leading to holding campaigns, redirected impressions, softer metrics and more scrutiny of the benefits of the platform."

Reddit's ads manager experienced a brief outage and Reddit told advertisers that it was redirecting impressions lost from these blacked-out subreddits to the home page.

If you advertise on Reddit, this is something you'll want to keep an eye on.

In other news...

🗞️ Meta will test blocking news in Canada ahead of the Online News Act

👓 Meta announces new Quest 3 VR headset + 20 new games

👨‍⚖️ Judge throws out DC privacy lawsuit against Meta ruling that "Facebook did not materially mislead consumers as to their response to Cambridge Analytica.”

💸 Microsoft says LinkedIn might be fined by the EU for GDPR violations

🗳️ YouTube updates their approach on US election and "will stop removing content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in the 2020 and other past US Presidential elections"

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