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Why 10,000+ brands and agencies choose Sked instead

YOU influence our product roadmap

In an industry that changes every day, you need a social media management platform that can keep up.

The social media world moves fast, but Sked moves faster. We’re quick to add new features and we take your feedback to heart. They’re slow to add new capabilities and it always feels like an afterthought.

Sked is built by social media marketers FOR social media marketers. We know the importance of an ever-evolving, reliable, social media tool.

Unsubscribe from up to 4 tools

Raise your hand if you use (and pay separately for) any of these tools: link in bio, social analytics, content collaboration, or a social inbox.

With Sked, they're all included. Sked replaces your link in bio tool. Our built in analytics give up to two years of historical insights. Stakeholders can comment on, approve, and reject content.

And all plans include our social inbox for centralized and team-based engagement.

Stop paying for seats

Planning, creating and curating your content calendar, feedback, approvals and reporting — this needs a team. Others charge per seat, forcing you to multiply a “low” monthly fee.

We decided to be pro-collaboration (and anti-login sharing!) and eliminated per seat pricing. There's no penalty for working together using Sked.

Now imagine the savings when you stop paying for seats across multiple social tools.

Fast, expert, human support

Our support team doesn’t hide behind chatbots. We don’t drop you into Sked Social without help. We don’t ignore customer feedback and requests.

Our average response time is 4 minutes. We onboard each and every customer at no cost, and you’ll get to know our team by name. We listen to what you need and ship it.

Everything Agencies and Brands need in a Social Media Management platform


Visually plan your content weeks in advance

Design an aesthetic Instagram feed and schedule posts at the same time.

Easily add holidays, events, and campaigns to your content calendar.

Drag content on to your calendar and it will auto-post at the right time.

Works across post types on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and more.

Use AI tools to brainstorm content pillar and campaign themes and create high-converting caption and post ideas.

”Being able to plan how the feed will look by seeing it all laid out has been immensely helpful and … [Sked is] the only platform offering this amazing visual planning ability.”

Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds


Invite unlimited users to collaborate — free

Create a custom approval workflow that includes internal and external stakeholders.

Provide feedback and approve or reject content, all without leaving Sked.

Let stakeholders preview posts before they go live across channels.

Invite unlimited team members, clients, and other external partners for free.

”Being able to plan how the feed will look by seeing it all laid out has been immensely helpful and … [Sked is] the only platform offering this amazing visual planning ability.”

Renee Bink
Better Socials


Auto-post to Instagram and the rest of your social channels

Schedule and actually auto-post Instagram images, videos, carousels, and even stories with link stickers.

Repurpose Instagram content or auto-post original content across all of the major social media channels.

Ramp up your output by scheduling and auto-posting user generated content.

Your auto-posts can include first comments, captions, links, tags, hashtags, and more.

“I love the simplicity of the platform and how you can actually automate Instagram posts and stories. It's worth every penny of the subscription and saves us thousands of $$$ each month on needless social media staff. One of the most important software tools we use in our business. Can't do without it!”

James Breese
Strength Matters


Answer DMs, comments, tagged posts and Google reviews from Sked Inbox

Jump in on tagged posts and comments moments after your mentioned.

Reap the rewards of being quick to reply and personable like a human, not slow (or absent) like a faceless brand.

Divide and conquer by assigning conversations to the best person.

Respond with on-brand, personalized replies in a fraction of the time with built-in AI.


Turn Instagram followers into customers with a custom bio link

Sked Link is our free built-in link in bio tool to help you convert more customers from Instagram.

Link your audience to your website, products, newsletters, media, and any other URL.

Customize the look and feel of your Sked Link until it matches your brand.

Integrated your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics IDs for effortless attribution.

”One thing I like about Sked Link is it’s kind of white labeled — it doesn’t look like it’s coming from another company. And it’s been a great tool because I can use Google Analytics to determine where people are going from our [Instagram] account.”

Aria Campbell-Kelly


Improve your social marketing results and prove your impact

Go from shallow native social media analytics to deep insights that show you how to improve.

Get Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Reel insights such as likes, plays, reach, saves, shares, and interactions.

See how content pillars and campaigns are performing across posts and social media channels.

Do better than best time to post "best practices" and see when your audience is actually online.

Gain a competitive edge by tracking what is and isn't working for your top competitors.

”The analytics Sked Social offers are fantastic. There’s so much scope for growth when you’re able to truly see what’s working and what isn’t. The data the social platform provides is a good start, but it’s hard to create a narrative out of it. With Sked Social, you can spot patterns and trends and understand why they’re there.”

Ami Bolt
Ami Writes

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