A global team working with global customers

Since 2013, we've been helping brands – big and small – improve their social media


Australian-born, globally built

At the start back in late 2013, we were just one person – founder Hugh Stephens – out of Melbourne, Australia.

Back then, Instagram was barely the successful platform it is today – there were even arguments about whether Snapchat would be the "next big thing"!

Hugh realised that there was increasing demand from social media managers for a platform that moved away from the world of social media as "text and links" and instead focused – like Instagram – on the visuals first, and copy second.


Schedugram – our first name

We started as Schedugram – the leading Instagram-specific scheduling and publishing tool. Early versions of Schedugram only managed image posts in the feed, as it was before stories were even launched!

While our first customers were leading Instagram marketers in Australia, we quickly found that the demand was global, and had to scale up our team both locally and overseas to support customers in timezones that worked for their needs.

Like every startup, we're not necessarily proud of the early look and feel of our product – there was a lot to learn about design!


But Instagram isn't all there is in the social world

While we were always very focused on providing the best experience for social media marketers to build brands on Instagram, customers kept demanding that we bring the same approach to other channels.

We expanded to Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Company Pages and Profiles, Google Business Profiles, Pinterest accounts, YouTube channels, and most recently TikTok.

With that came a change in name – and Schedugram became Sked Social with the launch of our first non-Instagram platform, Facebook.

Over this period, we also launched our social media inbox, social media analytics, link in bio tool, library and UGC curation system and more.

artificial intelligence

The future: giving you superpowers with AI

But what's next? Sked's life to date is all about continuous innovation from listening intently to customers and building the tools that professionals need.

While it's still early days, we've discovered our next mission: to give social media managers superpowers using tools like artificial intelligence throughout Sked Social.

Like our customers, we're fascinated to see how AI changes how we work – from our engineering team working faster and more efficiently to our own marketing efforts.

We're excited for the future and to work with you to integrate AI in to our everyday lives to make our jobs better and more efficient.

Join our mission to give social media marketers superpowers.