Multi-Channel Publishing

Auto-publish (for real) across social platforms

Grow your following and boost engagement by posting the right content at the best times — without needing to manually log in to press “publish”.

sked publishes to all your socials

Post content to more social media platforms automatically

Optimize your auto-posting schedule with best time to post recommendations

Turn one post into many by repurposing content and auto-publishing across all of your social platforms

Auto-post all of your content on Instagram — even Stories with Link Stickers 

From creating content, graphics and links for our small and growing business, Sked Social has saved us over 3 hours per week - we are able to deliver more consistently for our members, our makers & merchants.

Shelley Cox
Makers & Merchants Barossa

Help more of the right people see your content with an optimized posting schedule

Set up the times you know you want to post one time — not every time

Optimize your posting schedule with personalized “best time to post” recommendations

Save time by copying your posting schedule across platforms

Efficiently publish more content across all your social platforms

Auto-publish text, image and reels (for real) to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and more

Publish to next-gen social platforms such as Threads and Snapchat

Create once, customize it for each social platform, and auto-publish – everywhere 

Auto-publish Instagram posts of all types — even the ones “they” can’t

Auto-publish the basics such as images and carousels

Auto-publish Stories with Link Stickers, Stories from your camera roll, and Reels just as easily

Hashtags, first comment, and person, product, and location tags all auto-publish too

Schedule posts to auto-publish (for real) with the visual content calendar and Instagram planner

“Sked social is great to use for multi-posting to Facebook, Instagram, and GBP. Plus, the support team is friendly and fast”

Savannah Lani Murray
Beach Bum Creative

“We love the Story scheduling - it's a real life saver over weekends and holidays, as all SMMs can appreciate.”

Lexie Mamo

“Sked has made it so easy to post social media across all of our sites with a single click.”

Sheryl L Rajbhandari
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Manage your entire social media strategy with Sked Social

Spend more time creating and less time publishing