Link In Bio Tool

Link in bio tool for Instagram & TikTok

Sked Link is your customizable link in bio for Instagram & TikTok. Instantly connect your audience to your website, products and more with just one link.

Sked.Link is the ultimate Instagram link in bio tool for brands and agencies.
Sked Link’s color and layout options for link in bio pages

Customize your Sked Link page colors, layout & URL to match your brand's style

Sked Link’s product tags added to Instagram posts for clothing

Turn scrollers into shoppers with integrated product tags for your Instagram posts

Sked Social’s link in bio analytics

Track your link in bio performance with powerful analytics integrations

"Our favorite feature is being able to build a Link in Bio with Sked Link. It's amazing to customize buttons, fonts and colors to stay on brand with our clients' websites."

Emily Wildenhaus
Builder Designs
Styling options for link in bio buttons and fonts in Sked Link

Custom link in bio page

Stand out from the crowd with a custom Sked Link design

It’s your link in bio – and that means it should be all about your branding, not ours.

Design your Sked Link page to match your brand aesthetic, create engaging call-to-action buttons, and highlight essential content to catch your audience's attention.

Product tags & shop links

Turn scrollers into customers with product tags and shoppable links

Create shoppable posts on Sked by adding product tags when you create each post. Give users a direct pathway to explore and purchase your products with just a few taps in a streamlined Instagram shopping experience.

Link in bio page with store links for a cosmetics retailer
Screenshot of Sked Link analytics

Link in bio analytics

Track clicks and conversions with analytics integrations

Track link in bio page conversions from your Instagram and TikTok accounts by automatically adding UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking.

Plus, unlock powerful ad targeting and remarketing options for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns by adding your Meta Pixel to your Sked Link Page.

Plans & Pricing

Optimized for mobile devices

3X faster than other link in bio tools

With Sked Link, mobile users around the world will see your page up to 3X faster than other link in bio tools.

Sked Link is fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across all screen sizes. Engage with your audience on-the-go and maximize click-through rates with the fastest link in bio on mobile.

Mobile-optimized Sked Link page for an online pet store
Sked Link page with buttons for Blog, Website, New Collection, and Values

Traffic where it matters

Drive traffic where it matters most

Effortlessly manage and organize your most important links to send users to common destinations like popular blog posts, newsletter signups or your website.

Easily customize or reorder buttons at any time – Sked Link updates instantly!

Custom URL & domain

Create a custom link in bio domain

Sked Link doesn’t just allow you to create a custom Sked.Link URL, you can create and use your own custom domain name to match your brand too.

Sked Link seamlessly integrates with Sked Social - and is the ultimate link in bio tool to elevate your Instagram and TikTok performance.

Session and conversion metrics assigned to skedlink domain

Manage your entire social media strategy with Sked Social

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Turn scrollers into customers with Sked Social's Link In Bio tool.