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Social media analytics & reporting with AI insights

Powerful social media analytics to help you share high-quality content, at the right time, with the right audience.

Analytics & reporting for your favorite social channels
Sked’s social media analytics tools

Social media analytics, insights and reporting and more - all in one tool

Social media analytics screenshots for impressions and page views

See both high-level and deep analytics across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Google Business Profile.

Analytics screenshot of social media followers by job function

Hit your KPIs by using audience demographics, best time to post recommendations, and competitor insights.

Social media reports generated by Sked Social

Generate presentation-ready PDFs for clients and stakeholders with one click.

"Sked Insights has been a godsend. It replaced our previously used reporting program that was seriously overpriced and riddled with bugs. I had been searching for a replacement for over 2 years - Sked insights saves me time & money!"

Claire Dyson
Joos Social
Social media analytics for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Business

Track performance metrics across your social media platforms

Social media metrics for followers  by location and engaged users

Get social media analytics at the channel, page, post, and follower level for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more

Multi-channel analytics at the brand level with Captivate AI insights

See performance at brand level along with an AI analysis of metrics across social media accounts

Analytics tracking options for content pillars and campaigns

Track content pillar and campaign performance across posts and channels

Analytics metrics for three social media posts

Get everything you expect from post analytics, plus engagement rate and performance by post type, hashtag performance, and more

Instagram analytics for Reels and Stories

Go even deeper on Instagram analytics with detailed Reel and Story data — including performance by story type

Filter options for date, impressions, and plays

Complete your reporting with Meta ads analytics to get a 360-degree view of your Meta campaigns.

Get the insights you need to outperform your goals and competitors

Social media competitor analytics for a travel brand
Calendar displaying the best times to post social media content

Discover the best times to post on Instagram and Facebook to maximize engagement on your content

Social media competitor monitoring dashboards

Monitor competitor and industry trendsetter performance, and get an AI analysis of their social media strategies 

Age and location demographic insights

Tailor social content using demographic insights such as followers by location, time zone, gender, and age.

Social media report highlights, including feed summary and best performing posts

Generate and share social media reports — instantly

Social media report and Generate PDF button

Download presentation-ready PDF reports in one click that include important insights - and look as if you pulled design in

Weekly report generated by Sked Social

Track top-line metrics with weekly and monthly summary reports delivered right to your email, and to anyone who needs to know

View-only social media calendar with scheduled posts

Keep leaders and clients in the loop by sharing view-only access to relevant dashboards with a link that expires when you want it to

"The analytics are easy to navigate and comprehend in comparison to those found on social media sites. Clients are extremely happy with Sked.”

Christia Brockman
Sunday Brunch Agency

"Sked has made it possible to reach our audiences and report on our efforts quicker and easier than ever before."

Louis Wertz
Western Landowners Alliance

"I was creating these in InDesign for my clients. Now with a couple of clicks I have a clean designed report with all of the insights and information!"

Alex Carter
Cove Studios

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