Social for the AI Age

Captivate with Sked’s Social Media AI Tools

Plan easily with AI-suggested content pillars, speed up posting with caption ideas, rapidly engage with on-brand replies, and boost performance with AI-analyzed insights.

Sked publishes to all your socials

Create fresh, engaging AI-recommended content ideas that outshine competitors and aligns with your marketing goals

Keep audiences promptly engaged with on-brand AI-suggested responses that feel personalized and authentic

Augment decision-making with AI-analyzed insights, trends and actionable recommendations 

"As we require to build a lot of content for our numerous clients, Sked has helped us to streamline workflow and save us time scheduling posts. Especially being able to utilise their AI feature to generate captions, so we can spend more time creating the important things.”

Ella Sloan
Switch Hotel Solutions

Boost content development

Accelerate planning with AI recommendations for content pillars, campaigns and post topics

You’ll never start empty handed with ready-to-use content pillar suggestions based on past posts.

Brainstorm fresh ideas for new marketing strategies and goals easily with AI.

Get AI-suggested post topics aligned with your themes, or create your own.

Bring your posts to life with on-brand AI caption suggestions, complete with hashtags and emojis.

Make planning a seamless team activity with a collaborative space for content ideation and creation.

Respond faster and better

Make community interaction a breeze with AI-crafted personalized responses

Manage conversations for your social media channels conveniently in one Inbox

Boost response rates with AI-powered contextual replies that feel personalized and authentic.

Maintain brand authenticity with a consistent tone of voice and message.

Easily handle language and cultural nuances when managing conversations on a global scale.

Make better decisions

Stand out from the crowd with AI powered insights and actionable recommendations

Save time on number crunching with an AI analysis of key brand metrics.

Stay informed about competitor strategies with AI analyzing their recent actions.

Get AI formulated actionable recommendations to optimize content strategy.

Generate polished top-line reports that are ready for sharing in one click.

Power your social media management with AI