Instagram Post Scheduler

The Instagram scheduler like no other

Schedule and automate Instagram posts with a drag-and-drop grid planner. Plus, get built-in tools for multi-platform publishing, inbox management, analytics and reporting, and so much more.

Sked publishes to all your socials
Instagram posts scheduled and published with Sked’s Instagram scheduler
Instagram posts scheduled with Sked Social’s visual grid planner

Visually plan a stunning grid and schedule any Instagram content to auto-publish, even Stories with link stickers

Instagram message and response managed through Sked’s social inbox tool

Respond to Instagram comments and messages as a team, and curate user generated content to re-share from mentions and tagged posts

Screenshots from Sked’s Instagram analytics and reporting tools

Gain comprehensive insights from deep Instagram analytics and benchmark your performance against your competitors.

“Sked is the only social planning platform that is able to schedule AND publish stories to Instagram. Having that social scheduling variable to be fully automated is such a game changer.”

Sylina Abke
4D University
A collection of Instagram posts, carousels, Stories, and Reels scheduled with Sked Social

Instagram scheduling tool

Schedule and auto-post everything to Instagram, multi-content Stories with link stickers included

Schedule all content - images, carousels and reels - to auto-publish on Instagram, including posts, Reels, Stories, and more - even Stories with link stickers

Automate all of your Instagram posts - images, carousels, Reels, and Stories - with our easy-to-use Instagram scheduler

Schedule advanced types of content, including multi-content Story chains and Stories with link stickers

Generate authentic, on-brand captions for Instagram posts with Captivate AI

Publish to Instagram and multiple social channels at the same time, including Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn

Plans & Pricing

Instagram grid planner

Visualize and plan your feed to picture perfection with Sked’s drag-and-drop Instagram planner

The only visual Instagram grid planner that allows you to preview your grid before publishing

Design an aesthetic feed while scheduling your Instagram posts at the same time

Maintain visual consistency in style, color scheme, and storytelling before you publish

See daily, weekly and monthly views of what’s upcoming on a visual Instagram content calendar

Plans & Pricing
Instagram posts scheduled with Sked Social’s drag-and-drop grid planner
Sked Social’s all-in-one social inbox for Instagram and other social platforms

All-in-one Instagram inbox

Manage Instagram comments and DMs with an all-in-one inbox, and curate user generated content from mentions and tagged posts

Save time by responding to conversations from multiple Instagram accounts in one convenient inbox, together with your other social accounts

Add as many team members as you need (at no extra cost)

Set up templated on-brand replies to respond faster to frequently asked questions

See posts where you’ve been tagged or mentioned, and save the user generated content

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Instagram analytics & reporting

In-depth Instagram analytics and one-click reports on the performance of your content, audience, hashtags, posting times and more

Optimize engagement, conversions, and growth with comprehensive Instagram analytics

Analyze trends and seasonalities with long historical lookbacks

Monitor competitors & get AI-analyzed insights on their strategies

Generate polished reports that are ready for sharing in one click (sample report)

Plus, gain a holistic view of brand-level performance across your social media accounts 

Plans & Pricing
Instagram analytics including Insights Report, Feed Summary, and Best Performing Posts

Instagram link-in-bio tool

With Sked Social you get an integrated, Instagram link-in bio tool that mirrors your feed, and matches your brand design

Design your custom link-in-bio page to mirror your brand’s look and feel

Add buttons to common destinations like popular blog posts and newsletter signups

Mirror your feed and make your gallery a shopping gateway to your site

Get a custom Sked.Link link-in-bio page domain name to make it official

Plans & Pricing

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