Approvals & Collaboration

Collaborate on social media content - together

Work with unlimited collaborators at no extra cost, and centralize your social media planning, discussions, feedback and approvals process all in one place.

sked publishes to all your socials

Streamline your social media marketing team workflows

Stop paying for seats. Invite and collaborate with unlimited internal and external team members in real-time for free

Cancel costly subscriptions by centralizing social media planning, content creation, and approvals in Sked

Eliminate the friction of collaborating across platforms with custom internal and external approvals workflows

"Sked has helped us simplify our processes. We can now schedule content, analyze our client's competitors, get insights from our top performing posts and also get client approval all in the one place. It is amazing."

Dearbhla Brodigan
Breeze Connection

Make social media marketing a team sport — without the email threads and spreadsheets

Make sure team members and clients chime in at the right time with automatic notifications

Keep internal comments internal or share alongside external comments with reviewers

Keep everything together with comment threads attached to individual pieces of content

Get better content across the finish line faster with permissions and approvals workflows

Create approvals workflows with as many steps as you need, including triggered actions

See a calendar that shows which posts need attention and which are ready to schedule and publish

Permissions ensure internal and external collaborators only see and action what they’re supposed to

Avoid deleting content after it goes live because someone didn’t know it would look like “that”

Real-time content calendar ensures everyone knows what social content is scheduled for when

The visual Instagram planner lets team members and stakeholders see what their grid will look like weeks and months in advance

Post previews allow anyone with access to see content, captions, tags and more long before publishing

Branded approvals portal that feel like home for your clients and stakeholders

Customize your portal links and themes to match your brand or theirs

Clients and external reviewers only see the content and comments they’re meant to see

Tailor your approvals workflows and processes for the needs of each client or external stakeholder

"The ability to receive multiple levels of approvals from our clients within one platform is amazing. Clients are extremely happy with the interactive structure of Sked"

Christia Brockman
Sunday Brunch Agency

"COLLABORATION! An absolute lifesaver. No more back and forth or endless Google Sheets. So much time saved!"

Liane Abrams
The Content Creator

"SKED Social has been a big help in providing privacy and security to my client's accounts. I just have to give permission using my SKED Social account and we will be able to collaborate"

Paola Kristina L. Custodio
Studio Sixteen PH

Manage your entire social media strategy with Sked Social

Stop paying extra for seats. Invite and collaborate with unlimited users for free.