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ICYMI: Social Media News September 2023

September 20, 2023
Kyra Goodman

The latest social media news and what it means for you and your clients.

September 20 Update

Meta Verified is coming to business accounts, users can now have multiple Facebook profiles, X might start charging users, YouTube announces a ton of new tools and more.

Meta News:

What happened:

Meta Verified is coming to business accounts (finally!). Meta announced that they will begin testing its paid verification for businesses for Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

What this means for you + clients:

Monthly subscriptions will start at $21.99 USD/month per Instagram account or Facebook Page, or $34.99 USD/month for both. Your subscription will unlock access to:

  • A verified badge - to confirm your business is validated an authentic
  • Impersonation protection - added protection of proactive impersonation monitoring
  • Account support - troubleshoot account issues
  • Improved discovery - "subscribers will be featured as a Meta Verified business, including appearing at or near the top of search results and as a recommended verified business to follow in feed."

There's currently a waitlist to join Meta Verified for businesses. You can join the waitlist here. We've joined so we'll keep you posted!

What happened:

Meta and @instagramforbusiness released some pointers for driving conversions with carousel ads.

What this means for you + clients:

Some of the tips include snappy copy, cohesive visuals, 1:1 format, linking to products on each card and more. Meta says they are gradually introducing a new set of 6 campaign objectives in Ads Manager as well. Check them out here.

Facebook News:

What happened:

Meta announced that users can now have multiple personal Facebook profiles to "organize your experience on Facebook - think one profile for the foodie scene you love and another one to keep up with your friends and family."

What this means for you + clients:

The social media managers are dying with this one - we're still patiently waiting for a Facebook work profile so that we can ditch the personal one. Facebook claims that having multiple accounts will help customize your experience. For example, if you want to keep your personal and professional relationships separate. Users will be able to have a username for up to 4 additional personal profiles so that each one can have a unique feed. Users can easily switch between them without having to login (similar to how it works on Instagram).

Source: Facebook

X News:

What happened:

Elon Musk says that the platform may start charging users.

What this means for you + clients:

Musk says that having a small subscription fee will help combat bots on the platform. But people have started to threaten leaving the app if they'll be charged to use it. This isn't the first time he's brought up this idea though so we'll see what comes of it. Stay tuned!

YouTube News:

What happened:

YouTube announces new tools and features at the Made On YouTube event.

What this means for you + clients:

Here are the things to note:

  • YouTube Create - a mobile video editing app that will make it easier to create Shorts and to compete with TikTok's CapCut. The app has beta launched in 8 countries for Android but it seems to be a move to encourage the creation of YouTube Shorts.
  • Dream Screen - a tool that allows creators to dream up AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their YouTube Shorts by typing in a prompt.
  • AI Insights - designed to help come up with your next idea and outline suggestions based on what your audience is already watching on YouTube.
  • Aloud - an AI-powered dubbing tool.

Instagram News:

What happened:

Adam Mosseri announced that Broadcast channels are coming to the UK.

What this means for you + clients:

Broadcast channels are a one-to-many type chat where creators can share text, images, audio, polls, etc with their audience. It could be a great place to share updates and get subscriber feedback. But note that there have been complaints about how many notifications people receive from broadcast channels. So before you go spamming a new broadcast channel, consider your goal and if your audience would benefit from it.

TikTok News:

What happened:

TikTok is rolling out an AI-generated label for creators and testing a way to automatically detect and label AI content.

What this means for you + clients:

TikTok's "policy requires people to label AI-generated content that contains realistic images, audio or video, in order to help viewers contextualize the video and prevent the potential spread of misleading content." This new label will make it easier to adhere to these guidelines. If you or your business are using AI videos, then you need to label them or TikTok can take them down.

Source: TikTok

In other news...

💬 Meta announces new WhatsApp features for businesses including Flows - so businesses can offer more experiences like quickly choosing your train seat, ordering a meal or booking an appointment – without leaving the chat.

How 65 teens feel about being online.

🛍️ TikTok is planning to build a hub in Seattle for shopping expansion.

🤳 57% of Gen-Z wants to be an influencer.

🔍 TikTok is testing a partnership with Google to improve search features.

🧵 Threads now supports switching between multiple accounts.

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