What’s the difference with Sked?

All of the things. Here are the ones we hear about most from happy customers:

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Visual marketing power tools

Gorgeous pictures win hearts and minds on social media so we didn’t skimp on our photo editor, for starters. Stay in Sked and whip up dreamy visuals with all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Edit once and we’ll magic crop it to the right specs for each platform!

Other Platforms

  • Bad crops
  • Pixelated images
  • Amateurish stickers and ugly filters

With Sked

  • Magic cropping for each platform’s specs
  • 60+ filters, add text and overlays
  • Nicely-designed stickers
  • All the tools you need to make visual ‘wow’ moments

Workflows that work for you

Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100, you likely need to pull in others to get things done. Free unlimited users lets you collaborate with photographers, designers, clients or customers and pay one price for the whole team. Plus, manage all of your accounts in one easy place!

Other Platforms

  • Hard to work with clients
  • Paying per user gets costly real quick

With Sked

  • Everything and everyone together for one price
  • Happy teams!
  • Happy clients!
  • Happy you!

“Sked Social lets us plan our core content strategy months in advance to be able to react to day-to-day stuff and spend more time developing cool stuff vs trying to figure out what to post.” Nicolas Uribe, Carson Life
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Save time for what matters

Some people want to claw back time so they can have a social life, maybe? Like a small agency superhero with limited resources who wants to make one sweet visual and push it everywhere.

Others, like a big deal agency, want to save time on scheduling and client review so they can create jaw-dropping visuals for each and every platform. Big, medium or small – Sked saves time and your sanity!

Other Platforms

  • Time wasted on clunky workflows
  • Posting on personal time to keep up
  • Logging into multiple platforms

With Sked

  • One platform for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Plan, create and review posts in advance
  • Save time to focus on business, clients or a long nap

We innovate like whoa

When Instagram added rectangular images – we were on it! In three days, no less.

That same nimble spirit and customer feedback pushes us to even greater heights. Now, we let you go beyond scheduling to make magic and increase engagement on all the social media biggies.

One place. No fuss. Lots of snazzy analytics.

Other Platforms

  • Change comes slow
  • Built for the days of text and links on social
  • Not as responsive to your needs

With Sked

  • Fast on our feet and ears wide open
  • Our visual marketing know-how is tops
  • Reports move your business forward

“Sked Social lets us plan our core content strategy months in advance to be able to react to day-to-day stuff and spend more time developing cool stuff vs trying to figure out what to post.” Nicolas Uribe, Carson Life
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You can rely on us like family

Our customer-first focus builds trust. The platform works and we’re here 24/7 for help. Plus, we work with the major social media companies to ensure you have access to their advanced features in the securest way possible.

Our close relationship with them means your accounts are safe with us. It’s added peace of mind for you and your clients.

We tip the scales on Instagram

For many brands, Instagram is the frontrunner for visual marketing success. We’re thrilled to expand your reach to Facebook and Twitter while remaining the heavyweight champ for Instagram with power tools like these:

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Hot grids and cool visuals

Great brands know it’s all about the Grid! Our drag and drop visual planner is second to none. Create yummy grid layouts. Work out your aesthetics. See exactly how it’ll look before going live.

Other Platforms

  • Generic previews
  • Hard to test layouts
  • Oh-so-dull grids

With Sked

  • True previews = no surprises
  • Moodboard your grid in advance
  • Design feeds that get oohs and ahhs

Advanced content types

Most platforms stop at single image posts – particularly on Instagram. You’re either missing out or creating the rest manually in Instagram. We let you post carousels, videos and stories straight from Sked. Save time and look super pro!

Other Platforms

  • Snoozy feeds
  • Low engagement
  • Slow growth
  • No or limited tagging
  • No advanced content

With Sked

  • Dynamic content
  • High engagement
  • More fans and followers
  • Tag people, products and locations
  • Schedule & post carousels, videos and stories

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Tag people, places and things

Dropping a hot new product? Got some special people in mind? Tag away as you prep your posts to boost engagement and sales. Add a location to pop up in search for that area. It’s easy and all done in Sked.

Other Platforms

  • No tagging leaves you heartbroken
  • Cricket sounds in comments
  • Nobody buys what you’re selling

With Sked

  • A whole lot of hearts
  • Comments galore and good feels
  • Customers quickly buy your goods

First comment hashtags

Let’s face it… hashtags are hardworking but messy. Unlike other platforms, we let you automatically stash your hashtags in the first comment space.

Keep your captions clean and clear for saying just the right thing.

Other Platforms

  • Has to be done manually
  • Easy to forget until later
  • Ugly as hell

With Sked

  • Quick to add to drafts
  • Posted automatically
  • Easy and convenient

“Sked Social allowed me to create meaningful social media content in advance so that I can focus on my business and my customers. We have customers tell us DAILY that they came in because of something they saw on Instagram, so we know it works!” Kim Williams, Polka Dot Press
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Link in bio realness

Oh what we’d all give to pop links directly in captions. Having said that, we make the most of what’s possible. Add a link in bio to your website, blog or landing page and we’ll track the clicks. What’s working? What’s not? You’ll know and use that info to do even better.

Other Platforms

  • No tracking
  • No analytics
  • No idea what’s working

With Sked

  • See exactly what’s working
  • Use data to focus efforts
  • Super duper campaigns

See how Sked stacks up for you!

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