7 ways to add Pinterest to your clients’ social strategy

June 3, 2021
Kyra Goodman

Pinterest is a serious player in the social media space, boasting 478 million monthly users. Here are our top tips for getting your clients in front of that huge audience.

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving beast, but you already know that. From algorithm updates to new platform features, working in social media means taking change and transformation in your stride.To stay ahead of the pack you need to be on the hunt for new, untapped opportunities for your clients. And that’s where Pinterest comes in.Gone are the days of Pinterest as merely a digital mood board for interiors and fashion inspiration. Now, Pinterest is a serious player in the social media space, boasting 478 million monthly users. To put that into perspective, if Pinterest was a country it would be bigger than the US and the third-largest in the world.So, let’s walk you through our top tips for adding Pinterest to your client’s social strategy and how to maximise the opportunities of this growing platform.

What opportunities does Pinterest offer your clients?

What sets Pinterest apart from the likes of Facebook and Instagram is this: Pinterest is a visual search engine. The platform’s sole purpose is to help users find ideas and inspire their next purchase, a place for people to browse, discover and ultimately buy. In fact, 46% of UK Pinners are reported to have discovered a new brand or product through Pinterest.Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows users to easily search for visual content using keywords, giving brands and businesses the chance to extend their SEO strategy to Pinterest. And there’s plenty of opportunity for organic reach, with 97% of Pinterest’s searches unbranded.Pinterest also offers cost-effective advertising opportunities for your clients, too. Using Pinterest’s advertising features, you can help your clients reach their ideal customers with tailored ads and auto-targeting features that tap into new, high-intent audiences.So, let’s walk you through 7 practical ways you can add Pinterest to your client’s social strategy to move the needle for their business.

1. Build Pinterest into their brand awareness strategy

Alongside brand-building content on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest is a powerful player in your client’s brand awareness strategy.According to the marketing rule of seven, it takes seven interactions with a brand before a person is ready to make a purchase. And a key way to boost brand recognition and build trust with your audience is through visual marketing.As a visually led platform, Pinterest allows your clients to get their message across faster and capture audience attention while users are searching for their next purchase.And when it comes to brand lift (a.k.a. How quick customers can recall a brand), Pinterest’s Promoted Pins (more on that in a minute) have the ability to boost brand awareness by 40% and drive 50% higher purchase intent.So, how can you use Pinterest to drive brand awareness for your clients?

  • Maximise visibility with vertical Pins: resizing your client’s hi-res imagery to the ratio 2:3 ensures their content grabs attention and stands out in the Pinterest feed.
  • Repurpose video content on Pinterest: these dynamic pieces of visual content are eye-catching and will help solidify your client’s brand in the minds of audiences.
  • Leverage logos and client branding: use your client’s brand colours and fonts on all their Pins and Boards to build brand salience with their target audience.

2. Use SEO principles to boost their reach on Pinterest

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest acts like a search engine. That means you’ll need to leverage search engine optimisation (SEO) principles across every piece of content to ensure they reach as many high-intent users as possible.Similar to an Instagram hashtag strategy, your Pinterest SEO strategy should be tailored to your client’s niche, key service and core offering.In practical terms, the best ways to boost organic reach on Pinterest is to:

  • Leverage Pinterst’s keyword research tool: when searching for terms on Pinterest, a range of alternative suggestions will pop up below the search bar. Use these specific terms and keywords to build out your client’s Pinterest SEO keywords.
  • Inject keywords into your client’s Boards, Pin titles and descriptions: adding these targeted search terms to your client’s content will boost their organic visibility and help more ideal customers discover their brand.
  • Add hashtags to Pin descriptions: select a handful of keywords to use as hashtags and pepper these throughout their Pin descriptions to maximise the reach of their content.

3. Use Pinterest to boost your client’s website traffic

Pinterest offers your clients incredible opportunities to boost their website traffic. Every Pin you share can include a clickable link that drives Pinners from the platform to their site, removing friction in the path to purchase.Be sure to optimise every Pin you create by adding a relevant link from your client’s site to encourage high-intent audiences to land on their site.For maximum visibility on Pinterest web traffic, make sure to create unique UTM tracking codes for each link. This will help you attribute your efforts on Pinterest to their site traffic and can speed up your end of month reporting, too.

4. Repurpose existing content using Rich Pins on Pinterest

As a social media manager, you understand the value of repurposing content for your clients. By reviewing your client’s top performing social posts, you can craft endless content ideas that are guaranteed to resonate with their target audience.And on Pinterest, you have a range of unique content formats to play with. Rich Pins are dynamic forms of content that automatically sync with your client’s website information and are available to all Pinterest Business Accounts.Let’s walk you through three types of Rich Pins you can harness for your clients:

  • Product Rich Pin: these grab the most up-to-date pricing, availability and product descriptions from their website and turn them into clickable Pinterest Pins.
  • Recipe Rich Pins: these show the title, serving size, cook time, ratings, ingredients list and even diet preferences of any recipes on your client’s site.
  • Article Rich Pins: these capture the headline, description and author of your client’s blog posts and turn them into Pins other users can save and share.

Not only are these Rich Pins engaging and dynamic but they also help you get the most value out of every piece of content your clients have on their site.

5. Add Pinterest to your client’s influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is a smart strategy to tap into valuable pools of relevant users. And your client’s influencer strategy can be extended to Pinterest, too.On Pinterest, your clients can collaborate with brands and influencers to create inspiring, save-worthy Boards. Whether it's a seasonal fashion lookbook or a board dedicated to their favourite products from the brand, these partnerships can help your clients to reach new and valuable audiences.Just like any influencer partnership, be sure to handpick talent that share the same values as your clients. Plus, look for influencers with a similar demographic to your client’s ideal customer to ensure they’re cross-promoting content to high-value Pinners.

6. Help your clients’ stand out to potential shoppers on Pinterest

Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program is a meaningful way to help your clients use Pinterest as a conversion-driving platform. It’s free to join and will ensure your clients’ products gain maximum exposure on Pinterest.Along with receiving an exclusive Verified Merchant badge (a great way to build social proof), the program allows your client’s products to appear in dedicated shopping experiences.When a Pinner is browsing visual content that relates to your client’s products, this program puts their stock in front of the right people looking for new brands.Best of all, your clients can connect their digital catalog with Pinterest to receive an exclusive shopping tab on their profile. This boosts the chances of Pinners sealing the deal and moving from discovery to purchase in just a few clicks.

7. Tap into Pinterest’s paid content opportunities

Did you know that Pinterest’s paid campaigns are 2.3x more cost efficient per conversion than social media ads? Plus they offer 2x higher return on spend for retail brands compared with other social platforms. Need we say more?For your clients, Pinterest’s Promoted Pins gives you even greater control of who sees their content. These promotions are the easiest way to get their products, services and content in front of the right users (and boosts their chances of appearing in Pinterest’s search results).Through Pinterest’s Ad Manager, you can offer granular targeting based on demographics, interests and keywords. Plus, you can upload customer lists and create ‘Actalike’ audiences to target similar users to their existing followers.The best bit? You’ll be able to deliver stronger ROI for your clients at a lower cost than the other big social players.So, there you have it. When it comes to crafting a stand out social media strategy, Pinterest needs to be a priority for your clients. This growing platform offers exciting new organic search and discovery opportunities that no other platform can match. From brand awareness to conversions, Pinterest is a powerful tool to add to your repertoire as a social media manager.

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