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How to Set Up Instagram Two-Factor Authentication for Multiple Devices

February 21, 2023
Kyra Goodman

Say goodbye to sharing those backup codes. Learn how to set up 2FA on Instagram when multiple devices need access to the account.

When working with multiple team members on social media, keeping your Instagram safe can get tricky. But luckily, Instagram allows multiple devices to be added to your account’s two-factor authentication (2FA). This means your team doesn’t have to constantly ask for those backup codes AND you get that added security and peace of mind.

One person will need to set up 2FA through an authentication app before other devices can be added. We recommend using the Google Authenticator app available on iOS and Android.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

Start by downloading the Authenticator App so that you're ready to go.

Then, from your Instagram profile, click the three lines in the top right corner. Click Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Get Started

Select Authentication App from the options. From here, click Set Up Another Way and Instagram will provide you with a key - a string of 32 letters and numbers that you'll use to link your Instagram to your authenticator app. Click Copy Key (Sked users - save this key somewhere for later so we can connect 2FA to your Sked account).

Open Google Authenticator and click the plus sign in the bottom right corner and select Enter a Setup Key. Give the account a name (we suggest something to identify which Instagram account it is like, "Sked IG") and paste the key into the provided spot. Select Time Based from the drop down and click the blue Add button.

Navigate back to Instagram and click Next. Now Instagram will ask you for a code. Reopen Google Authenticator and you'll see 6-digit codes counting down. Simply tap the IG account and it will copy the key. Head back to Instagram and tap to paste the key. A popup will appear when you do it the first time that asks if you want to allow Instagram to paste from Authenticator. Select Allow Paste and then click Next.

Now your 2FA is turned on for the Instagram Account.

Click Next again and Instagram will provide you with backup codes. You'll want to screenshot these and keep them in a safe place. Backup codes will help you log into your account if you lose access to your phone or can't log in using your security method. Click Done.

How to Add Additional Devices to Two-Factor Authentication

Now that your 2FA is turned on, other users can add their devices.

From the additional device, head to the Instagram profile. If you're already logged in great, if you're not, you may need the person who originally turned on 2FA to provide a backup code or approve the login request (this will only happen for the first time - once they get their own 2FA added, they'll have their own 6-digit codes).

Click the three lines in the top right corner. Click Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Authentication App

You'll see the original device listed. Click the blue Add button to add the additional device. Give the device a name - we recommend naming each device by the individual user so you can keep track of who's connected. Click Next and follow the instructions on the screen.

It will be the same steps as above (copy the key into Google Authenticator and get the 6-digit code and enter the code into Instagram). And you're set! You've now got multiple devices connected to Instagram's 2FA.

How to Add Instagram Two-Factor Authentication to Sked Social

Want to use Sked but also have two-factor authentication enabled on your IG account? No problem! We support app-based two-factor authentication with Instagram.

If you have your Instagram 2FA key saved from earlier, all you need to do is paste the 32 digit key into the section on your Social Accounts page.

If you don't have your 2FA key on hand, no worries - follow these steps:

  1. If two-factor authentication is currently enabled, disable it from within your IG app on your device by unchecking any boxes/or un-toggling the option that is checked already.
  2. Then re-enable two-factor authentication with the IG app, and make sure to click "set up another way" when you enable it (so that you can copy the 32 character key) *VERY IMPORTANT*
  3. Copy the Instagram key displayed (It will look like this, a mix of letters and numbers - 2X4G B9X1 C1ME F5D0 Q9R4 F3V2 M2ZQ H4P6). Take a screenshot of the page for your records. Then click 'next' – Instagram will ask you to enter a 6 digit code. Leave your IG app.
  4. Please open the authenticator app of your choice on your device. Go to add a new account. Then follow the prompts from your authenticator app. You will be pasting the 32 character key that IG gave you. We recommend naming this new account slot in your authenticator app the same as the IG account name for less confusion later.
  5. Copy the 6 digit authentication code displayed on your authenticator app.
  6. Go back to your IG app on your device, and paste the 6 digit code you just copied.
  7. Instagram will then show you account recovery keys or backup codes – we recommend keeping a copy of these somewhere in case you lose or reset your phone (there is a prompt to save a screenshot in the Instagram app). These are one-time overrides for two-factor login. These number-only recovery keys are different to the Instagram key, and you need to enter the key from step 3 into Sked, not these recovery keys.
  8. Finally, paste the 32 character Instagram key into the 'two factor key' section of your account settings (under Social Accounts > Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Key), and click save key. We will store the key securely. You will not see it displayed in settings after saving, but it will show you that one is on file: It will appear as dots.

To make sure things run smoothly, you'll also need to turn off login requests on your Instagram. Head over to Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication within the Instagram app and click the Additional Methods option and make sure Login Requests is toggled off.

This will allow our system to log into the Instagram account to post on your behalf while having two-factor authentication enabled without any issues.

Still need help? Visit our Helpdesk or book a time to get help from a Sked team member.

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