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Instagram Nametag: What it is and How Brands Can Use it

October 24, 2018
Kyra Goodman

Are you planning to add an Instagram nametag to your marketing collateral? Looking for information on how to create nametag for Instagram? Another day, another awesome new social media feature you need to know about. That's right—after hinting at it for months,

Are you planning to add an Instagram nametag to your marketing collateral?Looking for information on how to create nametag for Instagram?Another day, another awesome new social media feature you need to know about. That's right—after hinting at it for months, the Instagram Nametag feature was officially launched for all users in early October 2018.Before you roll your eyes and write this off as yet another tool that you don't have the time to master or implement, hear us out.Your Instagram Nametag is incredibly simple to set up and use (seriously, it only takes a couple of minutes at most), and it can mean big things for your brand and the size of your Instagram following.Did we pique your interest? Let's dig into everything you need to know about Instagram's latest feature.

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What Exactly is an Instagram Nametag?

Think of your Instagram Nametag like a QR code of sorts.You start by creating your own, customized Nametag within the Instagram app. With that set to go, you can easily present your Nametag to someone (either directly in-person or by including your Nametag on your marketing material).They can then scan your Nametag within Instagram on their own phones and be immediately brought to your Instagram account so that they can follow you—without having to search for your account themselves.Many claim that Nametags are remarkably similar to Snapchat's Snap Codes. So, if you're familiar with those, Instagram Nametags work that exact same way. Back to Menu

Why Does an Instagram Nametag Matter?

You know that it can be challenging to get people to follow you on Instagram. Despite the fact that you broadcast your username far and wide, people still need to go through the effort to type in your handle, find your account, and give you a follow.This is the beauty of Instagram Nametags. They remove any and all effort—so people can seamlessly find and then follow you on the platform.One thing's for sure: The easier you can make it for people to follow you, the more likely they are to actually do so. That means having (and promoting!) your Instagram Nametag is an effective way to see the size of your following continually increase.Back to Menu

How Do You Setup Your Own Instagram Nametag?

Let's get to the logistics: Setting up your own Instagram Nametag is simple. First things first, you do need to have the latest version of Instagram. So, if you've been putting off updating the app, make sure you start there.With your app up to date, open Instagram and click the icon in the bottom right of your screen to view your own profile. Click the hamburger menu (the three lines in the top right corner of your profile) and select the "Nametag" menu option.

Instagram Nametag For Businesses and Brands - Schedugram

After doing so, you'll see your Nametag filling the screen.

Instagram Nametag For Businesses and Brands - Schedugram

You can stop right there (that's it—your Nametag is ready to use!), or you can customize it using the menu (the oval button that says "Color") at the top of the screen.Click that oval icon, and you can choose between a variety of options for the appearance of your Nametag: color, emoji, and a selfie (where you can line up your face within the oval to snap a selfie and click on the oval to switch to different face filters).

Instagram Nametag For Businesses and Brands - Schedugram

If you need to scan somebody else's Nametag, navigate to your own within Instagram and then click the "Scan a Nametag" option that appears at the bottom of your screen to open your camera and scan that other person's Nametag.

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How Brands Can Use the Instagram Nametag Feature

Using your Instagram Nametag is as straightforward as pulling it up within the Instagram app and presenting it in-person to someone who's interested in following you.But, just because that's the most obvious way to use it doesn't mean that's the only way. There are several other ways that you can integrate your Nametag into your marketing efforts to get even more followers on Instagram.

1. Leverage your Nametag at live events.

If you're frequently representing your brand at live events—like conferences, trade shows, networking meetings, presentations, or workshops—have a way to display your Instagram Nametag so that attendees can scan it and follow you on Twitter.At the very least, be ready to present your brand's Instagram Nametag to anyone you're interacting with. But, if you're at an event where you have a booth or a table setup, print a poster or display a tablet or computer so that your Nametag is always accessible for people who are interested in following you.You can even offer something in return—like a treat or some sort of branded swag—for attendees who actually scan your Nametag and give you a follow.

2. Display your Nametag digitally.

Instagram makes it painless to use your Nametag in a variety of different ways online. Within your own Nametag, click the "share" button (the box with the upward-pointing arrow).

Instagram Nametag For Businesses and Brands - Schedugram

There, you'll see the option to share your Nametag in a bunch of different ways—such as via text message or even directly to your different social media platforms.

Instagram Nametag For Businesses and Brands - Schedugram

Use your Nametag anywhere you can think of— on your social media accounts, your website, your blog, and even within your email signature.Your Nametag makes it that much easier for people to actually take action and follow you, when compared with only including your Instagram handle that people need to search for.

3. Use your Nametag on printed materials.

Using that same "share" function, you can also save your Nametag as an image to your camera roll.With that image file, you can include your Nametag on printed materials as well—such as on the back of your business cards, on your brochures and flyers, and even on packaging for your physical products.Don't be shy about using your Nametag anywhere and everywhere. The more places you include it, the higher the likelihood that people will see it, use it, and follow you. Back to Menu

Use Your Instagram Nametag to Grow Your Audience

There are already plenty of ways that you can leverage your Instagram Nametag to get more Instagram followers for your brand.However, the feature is still pretty new. As it continues to evolve and become more advanced, there will be even more tactics that you can put into play to integrate your Nametag into your marketing efforts and make it easy for people to follow you.For now, get your Instagram Nametag setup and start using it in-person as well as including it in your digital and printed marketing materials. We're willing to bet you'll see your audience size on a steady uptick!

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