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How to Use Instagram Story Quiz Stickers to Boost Your Engagement

July 8, 2022
Kyra Goodman

Get stickier engagement with stickers.

Ah, trivia. For most people, it evokes memories of a heated game of Trivial Pursuit, watching trivia-theme game shows after school, or partaking in themed trivia nights with friends at the local pub. Imagine if your brand could capture that fun, social feeling of trivia night and bring it right into your Instagram Story. Good news: you can! 

Since Instagram introduced the quiz sticker for stories back in 2019, brands have experimented with all sorts of ways to create engaging quizzes for their audience. Story quizzes offer a fun way to break up repetitive scrolling and grab your Instagram followers’ attention, but they go even deeper than that. Instagram Story quizzes are a subtle, yet effective way to gather audience feedback and give your business that nice little bump in engagement we’ve all been looking for since organic reach on Instagram has decreased. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using the quiz sticker on your next Insta story.

What is an Instagram Story Quiz?

Instagram Story Stickers are a fun, easy (and free!) way to drive engagement with your followers. The interactive quiz sticker lets your business share trivia-style multiple choice quiz questions with your followers and track the results in real-time.

Here’s how it works: when one of your followers “votes” on your quiz, they’ll instantly be able to see whether they got it right -  a right answer even comes with a small explosion of confetti.

Once your quiz is live, you’ll be able to see who viewed the quiz, how many votes each option received, and how each audience member voted. Brands pay big bucks for audience intel these days, so having a way to check your audience’s pulse right at your fingertips is just another reason why social media is so powerful.

Why Use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker?

People use Instagram quizzes for a wide variety of reasons. As an individual, it might be to ask your friends for the latest fashion advice, Netflix recommendations, or must-sees at your next travel destination. For brands, there are plenty of ways you can use Instagram quizzes strategically. 

Here are some ways brands can use story quizzes to understand their audience better:

  • Uncover your audience’s product preferences
  • Find out your followers likes/dislikes
  • Educate your audience and test their product knowledge
  • Entertain your followers and increase brand engagement

& so much more!

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So, are you ready to start quizzing your Instagram audience? Here’s everything you need to know to effectively use quiz stickers on your Instagram Story:

How to Create a Quiz on Instagram Stories

If you’re new to Instagram Story quizzes, don’t fret. It can be confusing to set up at first, but with a few simple taps, you’ll be quizzing your audience in no time!

Here’s a step by step guide (pictures included) on how to add a new quiz sticker to your Instagram Story using the Instagram mobile app for iOS and Android:

How to add a quiz to your Instagram Story

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the story icon in the top left corner to create a new story. Alternatively, you can also hit the “add” button and tap “Story”
  1. Choose your background. When it comes to selecting the perfect background for your quiz, keep in mind you want your quiz sticker to stand out.

Depending on the purpose of your Instagram quiz, you can upload a captivating product image, a high-quality stock photo, or use Instagram’s “Create” feature to choose a colorful background of your choice. 

As a bonus, when you use Instagram’s Create feature, you can access the quiz feature directly. Simply scroll over to where it says “questions” and voila - a quiz box instantly appears!

  1. Add your quiz sticker. If you opt not to add your quiz from the Create feature, you can also add it as a story sticker. Tap the sticker option on the top right and select the quiz sticker from the list of options.
  1. Type your multiple-choice question and possible answers into the appropriate fields. Or if you’re feeling uninspired, tap the dice button and Instagram will randomly generate a question for you!

Once you type two answers, the option to add another will appear below. You can add up to four options in a single quiz. 

To select the correct answer, tap the corresponding letter. It should turn green and a checkmark should appear.

You can even customize your quiz sticker with your brand colors by tapping the color wheel above the question box and selecting a color from the options.

  1. Finish by tapping “Done” in the top right corner, move the sticker to your preferred spot on the screen, and adjust the size by using your finger and thumb to hold the corners of the sticker and make it bigger or smaller.
Sked tip: When placing your quiz sticker, be mindful of where the tap areas are to move to the previous or next Instagram Story. You don’t want these taps to interfere with your audience’s ability to participate in your quiz.
  1. Post your finished quiz by hitting the white arrow at the bottom right or the “Your stories” button at the bottom left. If you want only your list of close friends to see it, tap “Close Friends” directly in between those buttons instead.

How to view your Instagram Story quiz results

To see the results of your quiz, simply tap “Your Story” again on the homepage and when you get to the story with your quiz, swipe up. You’ll be able to see who’s viewed it, who’s answered, what they said, and what the most popular answers are. Instagram also gives you the option to start a conversation with quiz respondents directly using the messenger button.

In the quiz below, we asked our audience which summer activity they were most excited for. Here are the results:

Keep in mind that even if your quiz is less of a traditional “right or wrong answer” and more of a poll or opinion, Instagram will still show one answer as the correct one.

Tips for Maximizing Engagement on Your Instagram Story Quizzes 

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to share some tips on how to take your quiz to the next level and drive that engagement.

  1. Use emojis in place of text

This works well for a couple reasons. First - who doesn’t love a fun emoji? Emojis can be used to show off your brand’s personality and show your audience that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Secondly, it forces your audience to pause and read the answers more carefully in order to understand the options. In the world of social media algorithms, pausing on a story or clicking back to view a story again equals more engagement for your business.

  1. Play games like 3 Truths and a Lie and trivia

The whole point of incorporating quizzes into your stories is to entertain your audience. Games like 3 Truths and a Lie allow you to sneakily educate your followers on your business, while creating a bit of a motivation to get the question right.

Another fun way to incorporate the gamification aspect is by posting multiple quizzes in a row and turning your story into a mini trivia series. You can even host a giveaway or contest for the most correct answers in a row!

  1. Pair your quiz sticker with captions, hashtag stickers and trending gifs to grab attention and keep your audience on their toes

The best thing about quiz stickers is that they can be paired with other Instagram stickers such as the location sticker, hashtag stickers, poll stickers, or gifs to create a visually dynamic story that makes your followers want to join in the fun. 

Check out how the bakery Milk Bar created an engaging story quiz for their audience by combining different story elements:

How to Use the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker For Your Business

Like the rest of Instagram’s features, quiz stickers have become a hit with businesses because of their endless uses. As we mentioned, brands pay big dollars in market research to understand their audience, so having a simple sticker that gives them deeper insight into their audience’s lives and desires is an automatic win.

Brands can even use the feature to gauge how well their fans know them by asking certain questions about the company’s history or a specific product.

Turning to our friends at Milk Bar again, lets see how the crafty bakery used quizzes to increase engagement and promote their delicious desserts. 

In addition to educating your followers about your business, you can also use the quiz sticker to build excitement around an upcoming campaign or product launch, gather feedback, or learn more about how your audience is using your products.

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some quiz ideas to try for your business’s niche:

Ideas for Your Small Business’s Next Instagram Story Quiz

If you’re a…

Restaurant or cafe:

  • Test their menu knowledge by asking them what ingredients make up your most popular dish
  • Make up four new lattes and have them select which one they’d most like to try
  • Ask them what time of day they’re most likely to hit up your restaurant (morning, lunch, happy hour, evening)

Clothing or accessories brand:

  • Ask them how they’d style a certain accessory (pair it with option a, b, or c)
  • They favorite footwear for different occasions (if you were going on a date with Harry Styles, what shoe would you wear?)
  • Which item from your new line they’d be most likely to take to Coachella

Lifestyle or home product:

  • Ask them which room of their house they’d place a certain product (kitchen, living room, bedroom)
  • Ask them which of your products they can’t live without as part of their daily routine (if you want to be cheeky, add an all of the above option)
  • Who would they gift your product to on a major holiday (friend, partner, parent, or co-worker)

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Whether you’re a retail or fashion brand, there’s no doubt that your business can benefit from Instagram story quizzes. Adding fun elements like quizzes to your stories help you connect with your audience in a more authentic, engaging way and can give you deep audience insights without a huge spend on market research.

Sked Social keeps your IG engagement on track by streamlining the entire story process. From bulk content uploading to automatic story posting, you can rest easy knowing our Instagram-first tool has it handled.

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