Instagram Trends & Memes to Try: June 2024

June 13, 2024
Rachel Ramsay

Searching for an Instagram trend to fill out your content calendar this week? Say no more.

If you’re running a brand account, tapping into trends and memes can be a great way to connect with your audience, enhancing engagement, boosting shares, and growing reach.

But, staying on top of the ever-evolving landscape of trends and memes can be time-consuming—and if you miss the point of the trend (or jump on the bandwagon too late) you can risk looking less relevant than if you’d never posted the trend at all.

That's why we've produced a comprehensive weekly blog that documents the latest Instagram trends and memes, complete with their context, and suggestions for how to relate them to your niche. 

It’s everything you need to get in on the joke—without having to research the eighteen layers of internet culture that went into making the joke in the first place.

June 13, 2024

June 13, 2024

‘Art the Clown Grinning’ trend

This clip comes from the 2022 film Terrifier 2, in which Art—a serial killer clown character played by David Howard Thornton—has a highly meme-worthy reaction to being threatened by police. The clip shows the clown giving a shocked expression, followed by a sly grin.

How it’s catching on

Creators are using this CapCut clip, which has been paired with the track Theme From A Summer Place by Percy Faith. 

Creators are overlaying the clip with a text that denotes a time they might have initially reacted to a situation with shock, only to have a sly realization. 

Examples in action

How to make the ‘Art the Clown Grinning’ trend your own

Using this CapCut template, think of a ‘sly realization’ people in your niche might have, or benefit from knowing. 

Perhaps a situation or ‘best practice’ commonly believed to be serious or crucial is quite trivial afterall. Or maybe there’s a difficult or niggly task that can be tackled in an easier way.

For instance: 

[In a haircare niche, where you’re educating your followers that too-frequent washing can be harmful]: When you realize that washing your hair max twice a week is better for its health

[On a page that teaches low-effort cooking tips]: When you realize you don’t have to peel potatoes to make a smooth mash

‘The Spark’—Irish Children’s rap trend

Last month, a group of children in Ireland recorded what has been declared ‘the song of the summer’. Featuring the lyrics “Think you can stop what we do? I doubt it. We got the energy, we’ll tell you all about it. I searched for my spark and I found it,” the song has been praised for its energy, catchiness, and positivity. 

How it’s catching on

As of June 13, the song is Instagram’s #2 trending audio. It has quickly translated into an anthem for creators to share projects and passions that has helped them find or express their ‘spark’. 

There’s no most popular or dominant format for this trend on Instagram, so creators are adopting the format that feels most natural for their niche: for some, this means filming a daily task, while for others it’s an enthusiastic dance. 

Others are leaning into the rebellious nature of the song, highlighting an unconventional practice they adhere to, and defiantly proclaiming that they won’t be stopped.

Examples in action

How to make ‘The Spark’ trend your own

Since the song is all about unapologetic spark and passion, this might be a good opportunity to reintroduce your brand’s point of difference to your followers. 

For instance, you could film your team performing a high-energy dance to the audio, and pair it with text along the lines of:

‘How it feels knowing you work for the only brand to [insert something your brand is unique for].’

Alternatively, film a key part of your working process: that could be packing orders if you work for an eCommerce company, or serving food if you work for a hospitality business. 

Overlay it with text that infers that your product or service is high-quality, popular, or unbeatable.

‘How it feels knowing more than 1000 people every day get to receive our [insert product here]’

‘How it feels making the best [insert food item] someone will eat all year.’

June 4, 2024

‘Take a look around’ trend

This trend originated from the iconic 2003 film 'Uptown Girls,' starring Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy. In the movie, Fanning portrays Ray, a precocious 8-year-old girl who delivers the memorable line, 'Take a look around, do you see her anywhere? News flash. You're not gonna.' The line is spoken to Ray’s nanny, Molly, who Murphy plays, and it alludes to the girl's absent mother. 

How it’s catching on 

Creators are now repurposing this line to humorously refer to people, things, or versions of themselves that are conspicuously missing or unattainable.

Some creators appear on-screen, lip-syncing to this audio, while others use a CapCut template of Dakota Fanning delivering the line. 

Creators then overlay text that contextualizes the trend within their niche.

Examples in action

How to make the ‘Take a look around’ trend your own 

Decide whether you want to lip-sync the audio, or use a CapCut template

Either way, it’s worth setting your video to one of the audio versions that have picked up lots of momentum. There are a few going around, but this one has some videos that have clocked more than a million views—that means the sound has more exposure, which will improve your video’s discoverability. 

Once you’ve created your reel, type a text overlay, thinking of a person, thing, or version of yourself that is now elusive, or impossible to find. 

You could try relating it to an outdated belief or trend in your industry, for instance:

[In the beauty industry, where fluffy brows are the current look]: “Where’s that girl that used to teach the sculpted eyebrow tutorials?”

[In the social media industry, where follower counts are now seen as a less important success metric]: “Where’s that guy who used to know everything about rapidly increasing follower counts on Instagram?”

‘So I’m not gonna talk about it’ trend

In April, Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live, using his opening monologue to refer to his stint playing Ken in the Barbie movie. 

Due to the mass hysteria Barbie sparked over the past year, Gosling quipped that he was ‘not gonna make any jokes about Ken’.

“So I’m not gonna talk about it,” he said, before appearing to ‘give in’ and declare, “I actually am gonna talk about it a little bit.”

How it’s catching on

The line has sparked a feeling of relatability, with Instagram creators using the audio to refer to topics they just can’t resist talking about, no matter how hard they try. 

Some creators are reposting the SNL footage as a reel or remixing other creators’ reels, while others are lip-synching to the audio

Creators are then overlaying the video with text that refers to a topic they can’t stop talking about. 

Examples in action

How to make the ‘So I’m not gonna talk about it’ trend your own

Using this audio, film yourself lip-synching the line "So I’m not gonna talk about it. Okay, I am gonna talk about it a little bit."

Then, overlay the footage with text that refers to a topic you’re passionate about, or a project you’re proud of. 

This audio lends itself particularly well to projects or products for which you’ve already run extensive marketing or content campaigns—it reminds your audience of the product once more, while humorously acknowledging that this probably isn’t the first time they’ve heard about it.

For instance:

"When I’ve just launched a new skincare line and everyone’s sick of hearing about it."

"When everyone is sick of hearing about our new croissant flavor."

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