Schedule Instagram Threads Posts With Sked Social

NEW: Schedule Instagram Threads Posts in Sked Social

July 11, 2023
Hugh Stephens

We’re excited to be the first (we think!) to launch Instagram Threads scheduling for brands right in your social media scheduling platform - Sked Social.

At Sked we’re all about making social media managers’ lives easier and faster – and as social media managers ourselves, we know how many clients and brands are asking for Threads scheduling! 

As a result we wanted to get something out ASAP so you could start incorporating Threads into your social strategy - starting today - you can schedule Instagram Threads Posts from your Sked Social account.

Caveat upfront: Until Meta releases official scheduling and auto-posting tool support, you’ll receive a push notification to your phone (and/or an email) to remind you to publish your scheduled Threads.

How to add an Instagram Threads account to Sked Social

Head to ‘manage social accounts’ from the menu in the top right, and click ‘add new account’. From there, pick Threads:

Sked Social Instagram Threads

Upload a profile picture and provide the name of the Threads account, then click “Connect Threads”.

Connecting to Instagram Threads Account

You’ll see the Threads account shown in the dashboard right away. Make sure you customise which Sked Social users should get push notifications and/or emails when it’s time to publish to your Threads account!

If you don’t already have a Sked Social account, you can sign up for one now.

Scheduling posts for Instagram Threads

Your Threads account will now show when creating posts just like any other social network. You can add images or videos, links or just schedule a text-only post for your account.

Here’s an example with an image – you can preview what the post will look like on Threads once it’s live.

Instagram Thread Post Scheduler

You can use features like Sked’s client post approvals to let clients preview and approve Threads before publishing just like all of your other social networks.

Publishing the post to Instagram Threads

At the time you’ve scheduled your post, you’ll receive a push notification and/or email (that you set up earlier) to publish the Thread.

The email will contain all of the post information to copy/paste into the Threads app from your email app, or when you open the Sked Social app for iOS or Android you can easily copy/paste all of the information and save the images or videos to your camera roll.

Posting Instagram Threads

Automatically publishing your scheduled Instagram Threads?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to automatically publish your scheduled Threads, but the minute that becomes feasible (through any mechanism!) you can be assured Sked will roll it out ASAP, like we have with Threads scheduling today.

Hopefully Meta will add official support for both scheduling and auto-publishing soon as part of announced support for the ActivityPub standard (and any other social networks supporting that standard like Mastodon). As soon as they do, we’ll add support for Instagram Threads auto-posting in addition to our Threads Post scheduling in Sked Social.

Until then, read our guide to Everything Social Media Marketers need to know about Instagram Threads to get up to speed on this new social network.  Or sign up for a free 7 day trial to experience Sked’s Instagram Thread scheduling for yourself.

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