6 tips for boosting your online sales through Pinterest

June 3, 2021
Kyra Goodman

With a clear strategy in place, your business can tap into this powerful pool of high-intent shoppers on Pinterest and increase your online sales.

Finding new ways to reach your customers is key to increasing your revenue as an eCommerce business. Now, more than ever, shoppers are heading online to inspire their next purchase. And out of all the social platforms on the market, Pinterest offers some of the most valuable opportunities to boost your online sales.Pinterest is a visual search engine where Pinners find inspiration and discover new brands and products they’ll love. With a clear strategy in place, your business can tap into this powerful pool of high-intent shoppers on Pinterest and increase your online sales.To help your brand succeed on Pinterest, we’ve curated six of our top tips for how to use Pinterest to boost your online sales.

How is Pinterest a powerful conversion-driving platform?

Pinterest is a social media platform that’s rapidly rising in popularity, particularly for eCommerce brands. In the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, Pinterest doubled its advertising revenue as more retailers flocked to the platform and tapped into its cost effective advertising opportunities.In the first half of 2020, the stats reveal that the number of users shopping on Pinterest grew by 50% (with weekly conversions growing by a whopping 300% in 2020).And these stats reveal that user’s purchase intention is incredibly high on Pinterest, with two million Pinners saving eCommerce-based pins every single day.So, what makes Pinterest such a valuable platform for retailers?

  • Cost-effective advertising opportunities: unlike other big social media platforms, Pinterests’ Promoted Pins allow brands to reach targeted audiences without an enormous advertising budget.
  • Powerful organic discovery and reach: as a visual search engine, Pinterest uses high-quality visual content to inspire and engage audiences and move them along the path to purchase.
  • Unique eCommerce features: the Pinterest platform offers enormous shoppable features for brands to leverage to remove friction and inspire conversion.

With shoppable features set to be a strategic priority for Pinterest in 2021 (and beyond), now is the perfect time to harness the opportunities of this platform for sales and conversions. So, let’s cover off six of our top tips for using Pinterest to drive online sales.

Tip 1: Share engaging, high-quality visual content on Pinterest

As we mentioned, Pinterest is a visual search engine that prioritises high-quality visual content. Whether you’re crafting organic content or designing Promoted Pins (more on that in a minute), eye-catching visuals need to be a top priority to inspire sales.Here’s the thing: Pinners are drawn to inspiring visuals and high-quality graphics. As a visual-first platform, your assets and imagery are the best way to capture attention and expand the reach of your products and brand on Pinterest.So, to boost your chances of success on Pinterest, make sure to focus on:

  • High resolution photography that shows your products at play in a range of engaging and relatable lifestyle settings.
  • Design stunning graphics that leverage your brand colours, fonts and logos to build brand salience.
  • Add clickable links to your eCommerce store on every image and a strong call-to-action in your Pin descriptions to boost your chances of inspiring conversion.

Tip 2: Optimise your Pinterest account for SEO

So, what do we mean when we say Pinterest is a ‘visual search engine’?Just like Google, Pinners use a search bar and keywords to discover inspiring images, photographs and graphics. Unlike Instagram, users can use searchable keywords and phrases to find the exact image or product they’re searching for on Pinterest.That means that Pinterest requires a strong keyword strategy to ensure your content and products show up in the platform’s search results. By adding the right keywords to your Pinterest content, you can ensure high-intent users are served your content when they’re researching their next purchase.There are three key places to inject these keywords on Pinterest, including:

  • Your Pinterest Profile: focus on strategically adding on-brand keywords to your account name and description.
  • Your Pinterest Boards: handpick a few strategic keywords related to each Board and pepper these throughout the Board’s name and description.
  • Your Pinterest Pins: match your visual content or product with a range of searchable keywords and add these to your Pin’s title and leverage hashtags in your Pin’s description.

Tip 3: Become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest

Did you know you can help shoppers discover your brand by joining Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program?This free program enables eCommerce brands and retailers to earn an exclusive Verified Merchant badge and gives them access to dedicated shopping experiences and ad opportunities.From an exclusive shop tab on your Pinterest profile to in-depth Conversion Insights (that track the total sales impact of your paid and organic Pins), this program is a must for any brands looking to drive sales through Pinterest.

Tip 4: Use Product Rich Pins to streamline the path to purchase

Your eCommerce store is brimming with stacks of Pinnable content your brand can share on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest has created a dedicated content format specifically designed for retailers: Product Rich Pins.These organic Pins grab content directly from your online store and convert these products into engaging pieces of visual content on Pinterest.Specifically, Product Rich Pins automatically sync the most up-to-date pricing, availability and product information and turn these directly into Pins. And if an item sells out or the price changes, Pinterest will automatically update this on your Rich Pins.Any Pinterest business account can apply for Rich Pins and leverage this feature to get their products in front of potential customers on Pinterest.

Tip 5: Deliver hyper-targeted advertising with Promoted Pins

While there are plenty of social media platforms that offer advertising opportunities, Pinterest is one of the most cost effective. In fact, Pinterest ads are 2.3x more cost effective than other social platforms and deliver 2x higher return on ad spend for retail brands.From awareness to conversion, Pinterest offers tailored advertising objectives to suit your business needs. And there are endless Pinterst ad formats (from carousels to video ads) that can help you get your products in front of the right audience.Plus, Pinterest’s detailed targeting features allow you to drill down into your ideal audience base. You can narrow down your ad’s delivery based on demographics, interests or keywords, or upload your customer list and create an ‘Actalike’ audience to find other users that are similar to your existing customers.

Tip 6: Leverage Collection and Shopping Ads to inspire conversions

Speaking of ad formats, retail and eCommerce brands can reap the benefits of Pinterest’s shoppable advertising formats. While there are five visual-first ad formats to choose from, Shopping and Collections ads offer the most powerful opportunities to boost sales.To streamline the path-to-purchase, Shopping ads allow brands to quickly convert all your product Pins into shoppable ads. That means no landing pages or redirects to your own site. Instead, every sale can be made directly on Pinterest to remove friction and boost conversions.Plus, Collection ads are another effective format to show your products in action. This format allows you to showcase a hero image and up to 24 secondary images, mixing lifestyle images and videos to boost sales.In fact, stats show that Collection ads drive a 6-18% increase in total basket size, making it a no-brainer for brands looking to boost their revenue.And that’s a wrap. When it comes to boosting online sales, Pinterest needs to be key to your social media marketing strategy. With cost-effective advertising opportunities and an engaged audience of high-intent users, Pinterest allows eCommerce and retail brands to tap into new pools of potential customers. And with platform usage only on the rise, now is the perfect time to build Pinterest into your brand’s broader marketing strategy.

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