From 0 to 10,000+ YT subscribers in two years, here's the story of Laura Gomez

From 0 to 10,000+ YT subscribers in two years, the story of Laura Gomez

March 31, 2022
Kyra Goodman

How Laura Gomez takes 1000's of followers to their next level in two languages!

Laura Gomez is a Bilingual Contentpreneur, and owner of TDC Hub - find where to follow Lauren at the end of the interview!

With two YouTube channels (one delivered in English, one in Spanish) with a combined following of over 11,000 enthusiastic subscribes, it's hard to believe that Laura began as an Instagram food blogger.

Initially, she was providing content services to restaurants (the likes of Benihana and RA sushi.), and then expanding to other small local businesses (like spas and cafes).

But it wasn't till COVID hit that Laura found her latest calling, and took her first step to where she is today.

Why did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

I stopped working with brick and mortar stores at the start of the pandemic, and I thought to myself:

'What can I do to help more brands all over the globe?'

And that led me to YouTube. It was just a better, easier way to be seen and find an audience.

What have you been able to achieve with your channel?

Really, my first goal was to share knowledge - but in a real way. In a way that others could actually implement.

It's been two years since I started (my first video was in Spanish!), and I've been able to achieve what I set out to do. I regularly share everything I know with an audience that is hungry to learn.

What opportunities has the growth of your YouTube channel presented?

When I was with an agency, I was reaching a small amount people with a giant scope.

Now I'm able to reach a giant amount of people with a smaller scope.

And it feels more personal. I get comments, I run content courses, I'm doing 1 on 1 consultations - I'm very busy!

Why do you think you've been successful on YouTube?

I'd say it comes down to two things: the information I'm providing, and knowing the science behind YouTube.

The information I'm providing - my knowledge and expertise on Instagram and content creation- works for so many different audiences. If you're an in-house social media manager, or you're running a small business, or you're a small cog in a big agency - you're still looking for a lot of the same things.

On the science of YouTube - it’s an entire game! Understanding SEO, human psychology, how and when we consume and then using that to reach as many viewers as possible.

So I'm always thinking about YouTube SEO, how I'm positioning the video, what thumbnails I'm using and so on. It gets technical!

What role has Sked played in your success?

Sked has been there since Day 1, after extensive research it’s the platform I used with all my agency clients and now it’s become the platform I recommend to every content creator and entrepreneur looking to improve and streamline their Instagram posting.

What's next for Laura Gomez?

My goal is to create a space and resources for content creators and entrepreneurs...but it's just getting started!

Check out Laura's YouTube (English here, Spanish here), and give her a follow on Instagram!

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