Making clients' feeds delicious: An interview with Bistrot Media

Making clients' feeds delicious: An interview with Bistrot Media

May 26, 2022
Kyra Goodman

An interview with Sked Star, Bistrot Media!

Find them at @bistrotmedia and @sydneys_tables.

Give us a brief introduction to your brand

Bistrot Media (@bistrotmedia ) is a boutique marketing agency specialising in hospitality, with a strong focus on restaurants and cafes. We help our clients build a strong brand positioning to attract more customers through an integrated marketing strategy and its implementation, including social media, content creation, photo, PR, design, CRM, etc.

I had been working for 10 years in large restaurant companies and wanted to do something for the stand-alone and smaller venues that didn't have access to marketing departments. Nowadays, you can get a great online presence with a small budget, which is great for small businesses and start-ups.

How were you able to achieve such great client acquisition?

I started with my network, then I got many clients thanks to word of mouth because we were working very hard to deliver outstanding work. Then I used my personal blog. I created @sydneys_tables a few years back because I have always been passionate about food and restaurants.

On this page, I recommend my favourite restaurants in Sydney. So I used it to reach out to my target clients, meet the owners and chefs, set up partnerships and competitions on instagram. It worked really well. It's a good way of showing our skills, before committing to anything.

What's something you wish you knew before you started this biz?

How to organise time management and say no to out-of-scope work! It's so hard to do, but that's definitely the key to success for me!

What are your goals? For the business in general and specifically for your social media?

For the business in general, our goal is to grow and get more clients on board. In social media, we spend a lot of time testing and learning, reading and trying because the algorithm changes all the time.

Every week, we check our posts, compare the results of all our clients and optimize our strategy. Our goal is to stay ahead of the trends and always craft creative, engaging and successful content.

How does Sked social help you reach those goals?

We earn so much time thanks to Sked, especially with the collaboration tool. We have 3 team members working on the posts, from the account manager putting the brief to the content creator writing the captions, and the manager who reviews the final work. Then the client can leave some comments and accept or reject the post. It saves so many emails, I love it!

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