Sked Star May June Creative - Earning 120k in the first year of freelancing

Sked Star May June Creative - Earning 120k in the first year of freelancing

June 28, 2022
Kyra Goodman

Our latest Sked Stars at May June Creative share their secrets for success!

MJC is the leading Social Media & Marketing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects and Stylists in Australia. 

Kiera and April were friends from high school who lost touch for over 10 years then reconnected by chance after running into each other on a holiday in Hamilton Island (crazy right!). From there, they combined their experience (10+ years in Interior Design Management for April and 10+ years in Graphic Design for Kiera) to create a boutique social media agency producing the highest quality designs and marketing results for their impressive portfolio of design heavyweights.

The girls genuinely love working together and their passion for design and marketing is evident in the impressive content they produce and the lasting relationships they've created with clients.

What social media strategy lead to 120k success in first year?

It would be difficult to pinpoint one specific strategy that worked BUT I will say that being willing to look at your content objectively and regularly check in to see what working and what isn’t was key to reaching new audiences on Instagram.

Admitting you’re wrong (often) and adopting an obsession with learning will help you create content that is valuable whilst also showing up with authenticity is my recipe for success. 

What are my social media goals?

My goals on social media have changed over time as my business has grown. In the beginning my main goal was to attract just 1 client so I could supplement my income whilst I was on maternity leave, and after easily achieving that goal in less than 2 weeks I became addicted to the chase on social media. Creating content became a game to me and I would plan and strategise months ahead of time to capture specific leads that I wanted to obtain as clients.

I was a slave to the content beast! These days, we service just a small niche of clients in a specific industry so my urgency to attract new leads is no longer there. I’m much more confident in my service offering and we now use Instagram as a place to show off our best work rather than desperately searching for the next lead.

How does Sked Social help you acheive goals?

Sked social is THA BEST! And I’m not that saying that……Sked Social far surpasses any other scheduling tool I’ve used in the past and my clients particularly love the Approval System that Sked have implemented.

Everything is extremely easy to use and I have peace of mind knowing that my clients have Approved every piece of content before it’s sent live. My clients also love the weekly analytics reports that Sked Social automatically generate each Monday. I honestly wouldn’t use any other scheduling platform!

Advice for other freelancers?

Slow down! Get clear on your target audience and start to build out a customer profile - once you have this information you can start to create targeting content that’s only useful for that specific audience. It’s ok to niche down and be unique and this will only strengthen your service offering.

You don’t have to post everyday to grow your social media following but you do need to carefully select content that your audience is going to connect with - take your time and make sure it’s visually appealing and the copywriting is on point BEFORE you post it!

Whats next?

The past few months have been about rebuilding May June Creative from being an agency who works with all types of clients to an agency who services only a select few. It’s been incredible to see the uptake my Designers and architects in my industry who all rave about the value we provide on our Instagram, Blog posts and weekly emails! We’re working with some of the biggest names in the country including Zephyr and Stone, Build Her Collective and Designer Boys and that alone is a true dream come true.

Follow us over at @mayjunecreative! 

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