Sked social vs. later

Choose Sked when you outgrow Later

Later’s limits cost you as your business grows. Expensive per user pricing, lack of collaboration and approval workflows, and the inability to actually auto-post across all channels holds growing teams back.

We’re not just great at Instagram

Cross-post everything, everywhere. Repurpose Instagram posts in a couple of clicks, or create original content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more.

”Sked makes it easier to post to multiple social platforms and tailor the media and copy for each accordingly. The visual planner is a great tool for strategy and overall look/feel.”

Mark King
CryptoStreet Academy

”I can now schedule weeks of posts in advance, my clients can view the schedule and approve/make changes as required. I'm no longer chained to the screen posting like crazy.”

Elesha Piper
Joy Digital

Users say it’s expensive to grow with Later

Individuals or small teams with no plans of growing get by on Later. Users constantly run into Later's limits — on the number of posts, number of users, basic analytics, limited supported social platforms, and a lack of adequate support for a business tool.

”It can get expensive really quickly if you’re a social media manager with a lot of clients.”

Verified Later review on Capterra

”The number of scheduled posts per month was too low for us to continue using Later for large scale organizations.”

Verified Later review on Capterra

”Gets quite pricey when you start utilizing it for a lot of accounts. Definitely focused on smaller teams.”

Verified Later review on Capterra

”Extremely expensive if you manage multiple brands and accounts. Cheaper plans don’t provide much value.”

Verified Later review on Capterra

”Almost no analytics in the lower tiers. And too expensive just to upgrade for that aspect.”

Verified Later review on Capterra

”Later only allows a certain number of posts per social account per month unless you have the top tier paid account.”

Verified Later review on Capterra

Spend less and grow more with Sked Social

With Sked, you get unlimited posts on all plans, unlimited users from $63/month, and features built for teams that need to manage multiple accounts together.

A screenshot of invited users

Unlimited users for free

Rather than pay $5 each time you add a user, collaborate with as many team members, clients, and contractors as you want — no extra cost.

Multiple social network icons displayed over a grid

Grow your social presence

Manage multiple accounts, cross-post unlimited posts across more social platforms, and do it all inside Sked as a team.

Several post statuses such as in draft and approved

Get posts approved faster

Invite teams and clients to provide feedback on your strategy and content, and approve or reject content before it goes live.

Social inbox

Turn a faceless brand into a personable one with Sked Inbox

Individuals or small teams with no plans of growing get by on Later. But growing teams constantly run into Later’s limits — paying per user, limited social accounts and posts, and a lack of features on all but the most expensive plan.

An inbox showing a conversation with another user

sked social

Publish better content, more often, and with less work

visual planner

Drag and drop your way to a flawless Instagram feed

Grab or create content, drop it on to a perfect copy of your Instagram feed, and you’re done. Each post will auto-publish (for real) at the time you’ve assigned to each slot. And captions, first comments with hashtags, link stickers, and tags post automatically, too.

”The visual planner is my favourite feature, allowing me to create a beautiful looking Instagram feed.”

Atlanta B
Marketing Manager
A phone with a grid shown, with posts being dragged and dropped
An Instagram story with links displayed

story scheduling

Auto-post all types of Instagram content (for real)

Later will send you a notification telling you to login and manually post your Story. Forget notifications. With Sked, you can actually auto-post Stories, Reels, videos, carousels, and images.

”This platform has made it possible for me to truly sign off of work when the weekend hits, while content is still being published. It’s allowed me to have great work-life balance, and that’s worth a lot to me!”

Niki B.
Community Manager
A Snapchat story, Google Business profile post and a YouTube video


Go where Later can’t to reach a larger audience

Create fresh content or repurpose and cross-post to 9 platforms. Later stops at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok. With Sked, you add YouTube, Snapchat, and Google Business Profile, too.

”It is so easy to schedule posts across multiple platforms in bulk format. That saves our team hours upon hours a month.”

Sarah Jayne G
Director of Digital Marketing
A page with buttons, a header and a post gallery
A graphic showing Snapchat, Google Business Profile and YouTube
A series of comments displayed on top of an inbox

approvals & TEAMWORK

Keep content and collaboration together in Sked

Feedback and approvals get lost in email, Slack, and wherever else your team works. With Sked, your team’s feedback is never far from the content it’s related to. The result? Fewer missed messages, and more content getting the green light.

”Sked Social has changed the way we collaborate. We have tried other products, but collaboration and multi-account management has not been as easy as it has been with Sked.”

Jena P
Marketing and Advertising
Post comments and statuses such as "in drafts" and "ready to review" displayed in the Sked Social dashboard.


Send more traffic to your best content and products

Sked replaces your one Instagram link with a custom link to an on-brand landing page with links to products, services, a newsletter, articles, and any other URL.

”I love the link in bio feature, as well. It helps me ensure I never forget to add a link while posting.”

Kynslee Scott
Montana Freshwater Partners
Several inbox comments
A page with buttons, a header and a post gallery
A display of analytics including the reach demonstrated for a post, the number of likes and comments it has received and a date filter panel.


Gather more insights to improve your social media

See up to 2 years of historical analytics for posts, Reels, and Stories — 1 year more than you’ll get with Later. This, along with tracking competitors and accounts you look up to will help you dial in your social media strategy.

”The analytics Sked Social offers are fantastic [ ... ] There’s so much scope for growth when you’re able to truly see what’s working and what isn’t.”

Amy B.
Writing and Editing
A person with several icons showing them being happy

Over 10,000 Instagram-first agencies and brands trust Sked Social

Compare Later and Sked Social

  • Users
  • Visual Instagram Planner
  • Auto-post images
    carousels & reels
  • Auto-publish stories
  • Live previews
  • Supported platforms
  • Historic analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Weekly and monthly summary report
  • Approval workflows
  • Branded portal for clients
  • Internal user comments
  • Limited – Pay per user
  • Limited to 1 year
  • Only calendar notes
  • Collaborate with unlimited
    users at no extra cost
  • Plan a pixel-perfect Insta feed
  • No notifications – auto-post
    that works for real
  • No notifications – auto-post that works for real, even with link stickers!
  • Get drafts approved faster
    with live previews
  • Get 2 full years of analytics
  • See how your content performs
    vs. your competitors
  • Sent straight to your inbox, or anyone else you'd like to get it
  • Custom, multi-step flows to
    get work approved faster
  • Invite clients to a portal that
    matches your brand
  • Comment on individual posts
    and within the calendar

We’re pro-collaboration and it shows in our pricing

  • $40/mo
    1 user – 3 channels
  • $140/mo
    9 users – 9 channels
  • $260/mo
    15 users – 15 channels
  • $25/mo
    1 user – 3 channels
  • $75/mo
    Unlimited users – up to 9 channels
  • $135/mo
    Unlimited users – up to 15 channels

Get to know our support and success teams by name

  • 24/7 chat, Zoom and email support
  • Phone support
  • Onboarding support
  • Dedicated support manager
  • Send questions to a chatbot - Human support only on Advanced plan
  • Self serve documentation
  • Speak to a human all times
  • Available on the Professional Plan
  • Get one-on-one training
  • Get a dedicated success manager
    on an annual Professional plan

Get a free 1-on-1 session to help set up your account when you switch

Later vs. sked social

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing compare for Later and Sked Social?
How many users do I get with Sked Social?
Can I invite clients to Sked Social?
Do clients count as users in Sked Social?
Can I auto-post to Instagram without checking the app?
Is Sked Social limited to Instagram scheduling?
What kind of customer support do I get with Sked Social?

Later vs. sked social

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing compare for Later and Sked Social?

Our Fundamental plan starts at $25/mo and provides unlimited posts to a single user. Later’s Starter plan costs $18/mo and allows a single user to a max of 30 posts per month.

We really shine for teams with more than one user. Sked Social’s Essential ($75/mo)and Professional ($135/mo) plans allow you to schedule and post with no limitations and invite unlimited free users to your account. On equivalent Later plans (Growth, at $40/mo and Advanced, at $80/mo), the number of users and posts per month are very limited, forcing many to pay for additional users.

How many users do I get with Sked Social?

On our Fundamentals plan, you get 1 user. But if you choose our Essentials orProfessional plans, you get unlimited free users. This gives you freedom to add as many team members and clients as you want — without paying extra fees.

Can I invite clients to Sked Social?

Absolutely yes! We know that getting approvals from clients is one of the hardest parts of the social media process — especially for visual content. With Sked Social, you can send your clients to a branded portal (no login needed) where they can see a preview of your content and approve your work following a custom process set up by you.

Do clients count as users in Sked Social?

Clients do not count as users on our platform because they are invited through a link and don’t need to login. Also, when we say you can add unlimited users to Sked Social, we mean team members, clients, and contractors.

Can I auto-post to Instagram without checking the app?

Yes, you can auto-post images, carousels, Reels, and Instagram Stories. No push notifications or alarms. Just set it and forget it.

Is Sked Social limited to Instagram scheduling?

Even though we’re Instagram-first social media management platform, you can schedule posts on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn,Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and Google Business Profile accounts.

What kind of customer support do I get with Sked Social?

The kind of customer support that puts you on a first-name basis with our team.Our Essentials plan includes 24/7 live chat and email support with a 4-minute response time on average. The Professional plan includes phone support. Go annual and you get a dedicated customer success manager.