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The Instagram bio link to rule them all

Don’t waste your Instagram bio link with just one destination. Sked Link helps you make the most of your Instagram account.

Sked.Link is the ultimate Instagram Link In Bio Page for brands and agencies.

Customise your Sked Link page to match your brand

Turn scrollers into shoppers with integrated product tags

Get the full story with Link In Bio analytics integrations

"Our favorite feature is being able to build a Link in Bio with Sked Link. It's amazing to customize buttons, fonts and colors to stay on brand with our clients websites."

Emily Wildenhaus
Builder Designs

traffic where it matters

Add buttons for common destinations

Add a series of buttons to your Sked Link to send users to common destinations like popular blog posts, newsletter signups or your website.

Easily swap or reorder buttons at any time – Sked Link updates instantly!

Turn scrollers into customers

Get a shoppable bio link

Need to direct users from an Instagram feed post to the right page – like the product, news item or blog post mentioned in your posts?

Use the gallery feature integrated with Sked Social so that when your posts are published, users can immediately click through your bio link and go to your website to read or buy.

With Sked Link, all Instagram bio link tools are made redundant.

match your brand

Style your Sked Link any way you please

It’s your Instagram – and that means it should be all about your branding, not ours.

Change colours – or for advanced users, the entire CSS of the page – to make your link in bio look just right.

3x faster than other tools

Don't make your followers wait

Walmart famously found that for every 1 second a page loads faster, conversions increased by 2%.

With Sked Link, mobile users around the world will see your page up to 3x faster than common Link In Bio alternatives.

Your followers and bottom line will thank you.

*Tested with a simulated mobile network – it’s even faster on better connections.

Get Powerful insights

Integrated Link In Bio analytics

We know you want to see how your Instagram followers convert.

We automatically add UTM tags for Google Analytics tracking, and you can add your Facebook Pixel for remarketing to users who have visited your link.

Plus track all of your Sked Link metrics directly inside Sked Social.

need more? just ask!

Pro features for pro users

Sked Link works with Sked Social – it’s seamlessly integrated into your scheduling and publishing workflow.

Give the combination a trial today. If you need features like a custom URL, just reach out.

Manage your entire social media strategy with Sked Social

Turn scrollers into customers with Sked Social's Link In Bio tool.