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1. Advanced Instagram features for visual brands.

We’re all about Instagram – no legacy MySpace support here. Need a visual grid planner? No problems. Need automatically posted stories and carousels? Sked has you covered.

Hootsuite doesn't support carousels or Stories.

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You can't schedule stories and again it means you have to move outside Hootsuite to other platforms. Close quotation mark
– Zachariah K on G2Crowd about Hootsuite

2. From generating content to getting eyes on your website, we’ve got products for it all.

Our team is always innovating to support the latest and greatest features our customers need. The result is a modern experience to match modern social networks.

Hootsuite's interface is not very modern.

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It's really outdated as far as the design goes. It looks like it was awesome in 2010 (which it was) and then never really changed its interface. Close quotation mark
– Angi B on G2Crowd about Hootsuite

3. Sked doesn't try to lock you in for years

We believe in the power of our product. If you want to pay month-to-month, you can – and cancel at any time. Our customers stick with us because we’re the best, and we’re always there to help, not sell.

Hootsuite locks you into long contracts.

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....they lock you into a contract and are a little bit shady about the terms. ..We needed to give them 60 days notice if we wanted to terminate the agreement. Close quotation mark
– 'AN' on G2Crowd about Hootsuite
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Sked's advanced features blow Hootsuite out of the water

Instagram story auto-posting

Schedule and automatically post Instagram stories - both image and video.

Unlimited Users

No more sharing logins or paying per seat/user – with Sked, it’s all inclusive for teams of all sizes.

Visual Grid Planner

Use our visual Instagram grid planner to get your grid looking just right.

Advanced bio link tool

Build the link in bio that you really need, with styling that matches your brand and a combination of buttons or a gallery.

Product Tagging

Tag products in your scheduled posts to improve eCommerce conversions from followers.

Instagram Carousel Scheduling

Easily schedule your Instagram carousels in Sked and have them automatically post.

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