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Why pay for users AND social sets and still get limited post amounts? With Sked Social, get unlimited posts on any plan, and unlimited users on our Essentials and Professional plan.

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Sooner or Later, you need more from your scheduler.

You're not alone. Thousands of brands just like yours hit the wall with Later, and switched to Sked Social to get more from their Instagram and their other channels.

Sked gives you auto-posted Instagram stories and carousels

No more notifications – post Instagram carousels (albums) and stories with ease, even with swipe-up URLs. Sked saves you time.

I'm struggling with not being able to schedule stories ahead of time. That bothers me.
UH G2Crowd about Later

Don't be limited to only images and video

Sked lets you post any content, of any type (including text/link posts) to Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook, together with your Instagram posts or separately.

The only thing that holds back my work in [Later] is the fact that all posts must include an image. Sometimes I don't want to use an image on Facebook or Twitter. I will use a link instead.
Madeline X G2Crowd about Later

Sked helps teams collaborate and save time internally and externally

Use unlimited users to collaborate across the Sked dashboard and build workflows for clients or others to approve posts. Never share logins again.

If there are several people using the same later, people can get locked out.
AC G2Crowd about Later

Sked's advanced features blow Later out of the water

Instagram story auto-posting

Instagram story auto-posting

Schedule and automatically post Instagram stories – both image and video.

Unlimited Users

No more sharing logins or paying per seat/user – with Sked, it’s all inclusive for teams of all sizes.

Visual Grid Planner

Use our visual Instagram grid planner to get your grid looking just right.

Advanced bio link tool

Advanced bio link tool

Build the link in bio that you really need, with styling that matches your brand and a combination of buttons or a gallery.

Product Tagging

Tag products in your scheduled posts to improve eCommerce conversions from followers.

Instagram Carousel Scheduling

Instagram Carousel Scheduling

Easily schedule your Instagram carousels in Sked and have them automatically post.

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