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Do more with less and grow with Sked Social!

Create ‘gram-worthy‘ content, visually plan an aesthetic feed, auto-post for real, track metrics and your competitors.

sked publishes to all your socials


Auto-post images, videos, carousels, and stories
An illustration of a smartphone icon surrounded by 3 speech bubbles with love hearts in them to indicate a post has been liked. To the right of the smartphone icon there are 3 letter "Z"s to indicate someone is sleeping.

Unglue Yourself from your Screen

Auto-posting doesn’t mean getting a notification to log in and post at 6:42 PM. With Sked, images, videos, carousels, and stories post when you want them to — automatically.

An illustration of a wall hung calendar with 3 of the dates marked up with red crosses.

Publish at Best Times

Knowing when to post and actually posting at those times are two totally different things. Auto-posting ensures you publish at the optimal time — not when you can find time.

An illustration showing an icon of a brain with stars around it. To the right of the icon sits 3 dialogue boxes with a ticked box and the text "Scheduled" to indicate 3 posts have been scheduled.

Post Consistently – Finally

Create when you’re inspired, load up your queue and move on. Keeping up appearances for a global audience no longer means being “chained to your phone.”

I love the auto posting feature! I can schedule weeks in advance, and noth ave to worry about being free to post myself on nights and weekends.”

Ashley Ballard

”Our social media team is able to"set it and forget it.” This has resulted in no missed or overlooked posts as well as posts getting out on time per our plan.”

Kim Sigelman
Azuñia Tequila

Create when you’re inspired, load up your queue and move on. Keeping up appearances for a global audience no longer means being “chained to your phone.”

James Breese
Strength Matters


Create your own workflow and communicate seamlessly with your team.


Get the green light before hitting “publish”

Whether it’s because your company has grown and matured, or you’re working with demanding clients — there’s a process between creating something and publishing it, right?

With Sked, you can invite unlimited collaborators for free. Together you can assign statuses to posts, chat with your team about edits, invite clients to weigh in, and approve posts — all without leaving Sked.

”Sked has helped me manage my clients Instagram accounts much more effectively. I can now schedule weeks of posts in advance, my clients can view the schedule and approve/ make changes as required. I'm no longer chained to the screen posting like a crazy person!”

Elesha Piper


Reply to and track every mention, comment, review, and tag.
An icon of a speech bubble with 3 dots inside it to indicate conversation.

Never miss the chance to engage again

See your Instagram and Facebook mentions, comments, and tags in one place.

An icon of a ticked box.

Assign tasks to get the right teammate to like, reply, and share content

It’s like a help desk for Instagram and Facebook.

The Instagram "Save"-icon

Use saved replies, comments, and assets to get back to everyone...

... without giving up your evenings and weekends.

An icon of a simplified Sked logo.

Keep talk about social media in Sked (because who needs more email?)

Discuss a post before it’s published, plan a response to a negative mention, and get everyone aligned with your strategy.


Go deep on Instagram and Facebook analytics— no PhD in data science required.

”Spy” on competitive and complementary brands

Stay on top of what your competitors are posting, how often they’re posting, average engagement rates, and how quickly their follower count is growing.

Discover fresh ideas by repurposing what’s working for brands that sell different products and services to your customers.

Storing data

Share detailed Instagram Story analytics without screenshots

When your Instagram Story expires, all of the delicious data disappears with it. Reach, impressions, completion rate, taps, replies, and exits — gone.

So you have either given up on tracking your stories, or you take screenshots of your metrics before your story expires.

Sked grabs and stores all of your story metrics for you so that you can see what has and hasn’t worked over time without ever taking a screenshot again.

Export made easy

Share engagement reports your boss and clients will love

Nothing says “I’m worth my salary/fee” like reports that show key engagement metrics such as likes, comments, reach, and impressions.

And Sked goes further than tallying results post-by-post (that’s boring). You’ll see average performance across a set of followers and time.

An illustration of three different clocks. One is a wall clock, one is a stop watch and the third is an old fashioned alarm clock.

See Best Times to Post

Do better than “best practices” and see the top five times to post each day for your audience specifically.

An illustration showing the Facebook icon and a line graph showing growth.

New Facebook Metrics

See the best time to post on Facebook, how each post performs, and audience demographics for Page fans.

An illustration of an icon of a notepad with the text "PDF" in the centre as well as an icon showing a stylized Excel sheet.

Easy Report Exports

You’ve done the work and gotten the results — now share it. Easily export and share beautiful PDF, Excel, and web reports.


Drag and drop your way to a cohesive and attractive Instagram feed.
Export made easy

Add images, videos, carousels, and stories to your queue

Pick the days and times you want content to post and forget about it.

Sked will pull from your saved posts and publish them on time, from the right accounts, and with captions and tags intact — automatically.

visual planner

Obsess over your Instagram feed’s color scheme and aesthetic

If auto-posting from your queue doesn’t jive with your obsession over your Instagram’s aesthetic — the visual planner is for you.

Simply drag and drop your posts on to your time slots and see exactly how your feed will appear on a smartphone screen.

create your aesthetic

Change your Instagram feed’s look and feel on the fly

When you can see exactly what your feed will look like weeks in advance, you’ll better balance content and promotional posts, work towards your long-term strategy, and avoid a “garbage” aesthetic.

And if something looks out of place, drag and drop your posts until your feed looks perfect. Sked will adjust your auto-posting schedule in the background.

”The Planner is a perfect feature to help create consistency in how we want our IG feed to look, along with the simplicity to edit and move images, instantly providing the exact overall look we are after.”

Robyn Burgess
Essendon Fields

”I love using the planner to see how my images will look before they're posted. It helps me avoid making an image live, and then realizing it looks like garbage. Thanks for helping me avoid a garbage aesthetic!”

Jillian Richardson
The Joy List

”Being able to plan how the feed design works by seeing it all laid out has been immensely helpful and so far as I know, you are the only platform that offers this amazing visual planning ability.”

Sivacom Digital Marketing


Use the different tools available in Sked to create your perfect feed, on all platforms.
across all your platforms

Design ‘gram-worthy‘
images and video for every social platform

Upload and edit your images and videos using our built-in editor, select the social media platforms you want to publish to, add tags and captions, and you’re done.

Crazy for Canva? Sked integrates with Canva and other content creation tools so that you can create the way you always have.

An illustration showing a typed letter "A", an icon of a magic wand with stars around it, and an icon of 3 adjustment sliders stacked on top of each other.

Create Without Constraints

Play with our built-in filters and effects, fonts, stickers, and frames on any device. Or, create with Canva, Around.io, and Biteable.

An illustration showing an @-symbol, a shopping bag icon, a hashtag icon and a drop-shaped map location icon.

Create Without Constraints

Prep your creation for takeoff with product, user, and location tags. Then add first-comment hashtags for that clean look.

An illustration showing the icons for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat lined up horizontally. Below the icons is an input field that says "Your custom caption here".

Tailored Comment Captions

Create once, resize for different platforms with a click, and then write captions tailored for each platform and audience.

”I love being able to post simultaneously to Facebook and Instagram but with tailored captions on each —these kinds of details make all the difference.”

Annabel Henderson Morrell
Hamilton Gardens


Use your Sked Library to store and organize your assets for later use.
across all your platforms

Create with your best assets at your fingertips

The Sked Library is your place to store and organize everything you create or find and want to use later.

You’ll post consistently and more often when you regram user-generated content, search and save content by hashtag, and repurpose the work you’ve done in the past.

Everything you create and find can be edited, tagged, captioned, and scheduled to auto-post without leaving Sked.

An illustration showing an icon of a photograph of mountains and the sun, stacked on top of another photograph barely visible underneath. To the bottom right is an illustrated button saying "Save to Sked".

Save Time with UGC

Save user-generated content and schedule it to auto-post with our Chrome extension. This is the easiest way to fill gaps in your content calendar.

An illustration of three potted plants. The left pot has a checkered pattern and three stalks with round flowers. The middle pot has a dotted pattern and long succulent stalks draping down from it. The pot on the right hand side has a vertical stripe pattern and a number of long stalks with ball shaped flowers coming out of it. Above the plants 3 hashtags are typed out: #urbanjungle, #nature, #houseplants.

Find Content by Hashtag

Events, contests, and influencers are sharing amazing content under consistent hashtags. Search content by hashtag and save it to your Library for later.

An illustration showing an icon of three books leaning against each other. An arrow is pointing from the books to another icon of a month display calendar. Above the calendar is a pencil icon with stars around it.

Repurpose Saved Assets

Pulling from your Sked Library is just as easy as adding to it. Grab an asset, edit it, add tags and captions, and schedule it to auto-post in a seamless workflow

”I freakin love the Sked regram Chrome extension — so easy tor epost and support great content from the people we love.”

Naomi Terese
Fat and Skinny Catering

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