• As an explorer and professional speaker, I don't have a set Monday-Friday lifestyle. Sked Social makes it easy for me to schedule my posts so that I always have a presence and I’m never 'out of sight, out of mind’.

  • I take care of three Instagram accounts and don't know what I would do without Sked Social. It’s incredibly easy to use and new amazing features are constantly evolving.

  • Sked Social makes it seamless for my team to upload content across multiple accounts, add descriptions or hashtags, then pass to the client to approve before going straight to Instagram, all within the one platform

  • I get 80% of my customers through Instagram. Planning my photos ahead to schedule allows me to post when most of my international customers are awake and active, but I'm busy getting my kids ready for school. And allows me to work on one project at a time, taking 2 or 3 photo's progress of my work, and then slotting them into my schedule where they look good.

  • Sked Social has allowed our social media team to more effectively create storylines and arcs that and to coordinate with our marketing team through its engaging layout and useful planning tools. We love the calendar that allows us to visually see our Instagram posts over the entire month!

  • It lets us plan our core content strategy months in advance to be able to react to day-to-day stuff and spend more time developing cool stuff vs trying to figure out what to post.

  • Sked Social is super convenient - I can rest assured that all my work can be planned and scheduled in advance then published without me having to fiddle with my mobile phone or worry if it has been published. Hence, I have more time to focus on my clients!

  • Sked Social has saved us from having to spend weekends messily uploading content via mobile phones. We are able to plan ahead and see content, to ensure what we are posting has a clear marketing objective, as well as relevance to our followers.

  • Before I had Sked Social, I struggled with posting content to my instagram account and I wasted a lot of time during revenue generating hours. Sked gave me the flexibility and freedom to post content weeks in advance that would allow me to do things that made money for my business while the posts where going out.

  • As a small business with only myself (owner) and one part-time employee, we are always looking for ways to streamline our work (and always trying to create 25 hours in a 24 hour day). Being able to plan our Instagram in batches and set it, knowing it will post whether we are at our phone or not, is a lifesaver to staying up to date with such a popular social media platform. It frees us up to spend more time actually engaging with our network rather than simply getting a post up.

  • Sked Social allows me to spend more time doing what matters.

  • Sked Social gives me ability to upload and schedule multiple posts. It takes all the guess work out of keeping an active instagram feed, allowing my brand to always be fresh and helps keep visitors coming back.

  • Without Sked Social, there's no way I would be consistently adding new content to my feed. And without new content showing people what I'm up to, clients don't see my work and get and stay invested. I can't live without it again!

  • As an agency, we're always looking for intelligent platforms that not only fulfill our existing needs, but also have a history of technical growth and capabilities. This is what we have found with Sked Social. We are happy to have this platform and their people & support as a part of how we deliver services to our customers. If you need a stable platform backed by dedicated and responsive team, then I suggest you evaluate Sked Social for your agency or business.

  • Majority of our business comes from Instagram and Sked Social helps us seamlessly post daily content to grow our business and bring in clients. We've tested other competitors and found them to be the best.

  • Sked Social allows me to schedule out multiple client accounts at one time during the week, which streamlines my entire workflow for the rest of the week.

  • Sked Social has helped us streamline our entire Instagram social media process. No, other social media scheduling platform allows us to do this and we've tried them all. Can't do with out.

  • Sked Social has relieved us of the stress of maintaining a consistent social media presence and provides the comfort of mind knowing our content is posted accurately and on time. Their customer service is fantastic; after suggesting a feature, it was added to the site within a week.

  • One of the biggest advantages is being able to post to all of the accounts and actually take a day off! Of course, there are no days off for social media managers, but not having the burden of posting content is a huge relief!

  • Sked Social helps me get my Instagram feed ready for the week in less than an hour, and then get on with my life.

  • Sked Social saves me hours every week. I love that I can schedule our photos in advance so that we can focus on engaging with our followers rather than manually having to post our photos daily at the right time.

  • It's been really useful, being able to plan ahead and connect with more people more easily. It is helpful in both organising actions and inspiring new ideas! The app has helped my business reach a new audience and discover other language teachers.

  • Our niche industry business needed a way to schedule posts from our private account. Sked Social and the great support team have been invaluable to us. They keep improving and adding features, and we can always count on them being there around the globe to assist us.

  • I'm sure everyone would agree that running a small business is hard these days! If you add this new era of Social Media and your online reputation/brand makes it even more challenging. Using Sked Social has helped not only the Corporate Studios but Franchisee Owners of BEYOND Studios streamline their monthly Social Media plans!!

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