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Who we are

Much like a big family, our home base is Melbourne, Australia but our members are spread around the globe. We’ve been fully remote since day one.

Our remote-friendly style means everyone at Sked works in the way that works best for them. Happy days. Happy team. It also means we can meet the needs of our customers across all timezones. Everybody wins!

What we value most

We want you to have one rad place to create, store, find and use your visual marketing content online — and easily share that work with your team. Our customer and team-centric values, shape the way we communicate, work and build these tools together for you every day.

Our humble origin story

Sked (originally Schedugram) was born out of frustration and necessity. It all started way back in 2013 when founder Hugh Stephens was consulting for an agency, looking at what parts of their work were inefficient and costing way too much time and money.

Teamwork don't seem work

Our customers say good things because our team feels great about the work they do. Your goal to nurture deep and lasting connections through social is our goal too.

It shows in everything we do and how our team speaks about working here:

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