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Who we are

Much like a big family, our home base is Melbourne, Australia but our members are spread around the globe. We’ve been fully remote since day one. Our remote-friendly style means everyone at Sked works in the way that works best for them. Happy days. Happy team. It also means we can meet the needs of our customers across all timezones. Everybody wins!

What we value most

We want you to have one rad place to create, store, find and use your visual marketing content online — and easily share that work with your team. Our customer and team-centric values, shape the way we communicate, work and build these tools together for you every day.

Customers as partners

We’re obsessed with what you go through trying to pull off killer visual marketing campaigns. We listen, think ahead and build what you’ll need in 6 – 12 month’s time.

Innovating for diversity

Best in breed products don’t have to be for a single type of customer – enterprise and small-to-medium business is possible. We’re true originals working on new solutions that help us serve a broad market.

Combining numbers and heart

Data and metrics help tell us if we’re doing the right thing but don’t show everything – we listen to what you say to see and respond to the whole picture.

Our humble origin story

Sked (originally Schedugram) was born out of frustration and necessity. It all started way back in 2013 when founder Hugh Stephens was consulting for an agency, looking at what parts of their work were inefficient and costing way too much time and money.

The problem

Hugh found that posting content to Instagram for the agency’s clients was the biggest time waster. They had people sitting logging in and out of phones, emailing photos to themselves, and copy/pasting captions to post – for the entire day. Why? Because Instagram wouldn’t let users schedule posts to be published automatically. You had to do it all yourself – logging in and out of accounts, carrying multiple phones, and responding to reminders at all hours to post your content.

The solution

There had to be a better way. So Hugh came up with an innovative, yet old-school, system that used a pool of phones in Melbourne, Australia to post for you … just like you would by hand. The first version of Sked was built at end of 2013 and launched into beta in January 2014. Initially, we were just trying to help out our friends and colleagues within the social media industry, but it became obvious that the demand was a lot bigger. Soon we had customers on every continent, ranging in size from small cafés to global brands.

The future

Times change and although we started out as a ‘post it for you’ service, we’ve grown into so much more than that. Now, we’re a full-featured visual Instagram planner and scheduler that helps you share your story through photos and videos so you can engage with your followers and grow your audience. But we’re not done yet… We want Sked to become your home for visual marketing. We’ve always been different to other platforms because we focus on the visual aspects of creating an attractive Instagram feed, and we have new features in the pipeline that will make Sked even better. We’re talking powerful team collaboration tools and other cool stuff like that. And not just for Instagram, but also Facebook and Twitter (coming soon), too. Don’t worry, we’re still focused on being the number one Instagram scheduling platform. But we also want to help you run successful visual marketing campaigns across all your social media channels.

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Hugh Stephens, Founder of Sked Social