How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

January 25, 2018
Kyra Goodman

Here is an informative guide on how to submit multiple photos in one post on Instagram. The article also includes the kind of images that do well on this platform.

Are you wondering how to post multiple photos on Instagram?Wondering which apps will help you upload multiple photos to the social network?Sometimes a single photo simply does not tell the story well.That’s why in early 2017, Instagram announced an exciting feature of multiple-image posting feature, also called ‘carousel’.It lets you post up to 10 photos in a slideshow and it is more like a slideshow of different images that your followers can swipe through.It is a definite way of getting more Instagram followers.The feature was initially available only on sponsored ads but it has now been rolled out to all IG users.Brands and businesses can now maximize engagement, refine storytelling and even beautify their feed.Initially, Instagram allowed users to upload only one photo per post in the square format.However, after a few updates, users could post vertical and horizontal pictures.The carousel will likely get an energized reception especially since these albums will remain visible.The big leap by Instagram that now allows users to post multiple photos has changed the entire look and feel of the app.It means that users will now be able to show more photos in just one post.

Why Do People Want to Know How to Post Multiple Pictures on Instagram?

Instagram is an app that attracts people from all walks of life; business owners, politicians, pre-teens and everything in between.Posting more than one photo per post revamps the way timelines look and encourages interaction between users and followers.Makeup gurus may well also benefit from this feature since they could use multiple photo formats to effectively market their beauty products.For instance, multiple photos of makeup looks could be arranged to give users the opportunity to vote for look A, B, C etc.

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How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

The first and easiest way to post multiple pictures on Instagram is by scheduling them in advance with Sked (formerly Schedugram).To create a carousel, login to your Sked account, proceed to the Upload Post Dashboard and choose the accounts you wish to publish to. Using Sked, you can publish your carousel post to Instagram, Facebook and soon Twitter, simultaneously.Then select “Multiple Images/Carousel Post” in the left menu of the “Upload Media” section. Proceed by uploading your desired images. Click ‘Continue.’

How To Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram - Sked Social

If you want to post a unique set of images to each social media channel you can do so as well. Simply disable the “Use the same image for all selected accounts” feature, and proceed by uploading your images.

How To Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram - Sked Social

After reviewing your carousel’s images, proceed by cropping and editing each of your posts within the same screen. Switch between each post by clicking on each carousel image at the left of your editing window.Access Sked’s photo editor via the editor icon.

How To Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram - Sked Social
How To Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram - Sked Social

Once you’re done, click ‘Continue’, add your comments, tags and add it to your queue or schedule it, and let Sked do the rest!

Step by Step Guide on How to Post Multiple Pictures on Instagram via the Mobile App

  1. Tap the upload button
  2. Tap ‘select multiple’ to upload multiple photos
  3. Choose multiple photos from your gallery you want to upload. Select your filter options. However, you cannot change the filter on every image or video
  4. If you are happy with your photos, tap ‘Next’ in the upper right corner
  5. Add a caption for your photo gallery and include location
  6. You can tag whoever is in the photos
  7. Tap ‘share’ and it will appear in your follower’s feed.

Instagram Slideshows

It would be impossible to explain how to post multiple pictures on Instagram without mentioning slideshows.IG slideshows are here to change the game.Because you can now combine up to 10 photos from one event, it can be confusing deciding which ones to share.In such a case, you can put all of them in what is essentially a slideshow.Followers can simply swipe through when they see your multi-photo post in their feed.There are times when Instagram users want to share more than just one moment from their memorable experiences.The ability to include multi-photos in a post adds depth to those moments.It is also a nice way to complement other products within the app such as Instagram Stories which enables you to share everything in-between.The gallery tool may require that you put additional effort and careful planning to tell an entire story within a single post.Influencers such as celebrities who rely on Instagram for their careers will be particularly interested in how to post multiple pictures on Instagram.Huge award shows such as the Oscars can be an eye-catching experience for fans as they are treated to some incredibly behind-the-scenes slideshows and galleries of stars getting ready for the red carpet.

Creating an Instagram Gallery With Your Multiple Photos

Now that you have uploaded all your photos, you need to collect these in a beautiful gallery.Users can decide how many of their photos will go into the gallery and choose the kind of filters for each individual image. Here is a simple way to do it:

  1. The first step is to select the pictures you want to upload. Once, you have selected more than one image, you will be automatically be redirected to the option of choosing up to 10 images.
  2. Create the order and then set filters. You can change the order of the image by pressing down on a selected image with your thumb and dragging it around the screen until they are lined up the way you want.
  3. Post the gallery. Your followers will see the play button and know immediately that it’s a gallery. The blue and gray buttons at the bottom of the screen will guide you into how much your followers are into your gallery.

How To Get Creative With Your Multiple Photos

Create a Virtual CatalogOne impressive feature of the carousel is that it lets you create a scrollable catalog so that your audience does not have to zoom into each of your product individually.This is a more coherent strategy as you can showcase details for a single item.Tell a Sequential StoryIf you have used Instagram stories before you will be familiar with the format.Since the several images appear in a sequential series, you can use it to show events in the order they happened.How-to-guides will do great with these kinds of posts.You have the chance to put your audience into the processes involved in your products or services and connect on a deeper level.De-clutter with an AlbumSo you want to share a variety of moments from your product launch without clutter?When you populate your feed with too many images, your content will be diluted.Besides, a cluttered feed is annoying to users.On the other hand, an album will organize your professional masterpieces.This feature is also ideal for displaying a panorama of images that don’t fit into a square.Show Your Products in ActionA day in the life of your business could involve showing people around your office space or posting the restaurants’ menu.Encourage your online audience to share suggestions on how to improve your services.Your followers can also use multiple images to share their posts of them using your product or service.A picture is worth a thousand words. Your followers will see your products in an interactive an interesting format without sounding too promotional.


Use Text in Your ImagesThere are creative ways to work around your images and one of them is including text in your images.The text will drive the viewer to swipe to the next image to read more.Use this opportunity to share information about discount offered, a discount code or include a call to action on the final image.Match The Message to the MediumYou not only want to learn how to post multiple pictures on Instagram, but you also want to match the message to the medium.You are competing for attention with millions of other photos, so take into account the way your audience engages with the platform.Remember, this is a platform that is best used as a mobile platform so size your images accordingly so they can be viewed even on a small screen.Once you have captured your audience’s attention you can be more creative with the multi-imaging posting feature.Have FunEven as a business owner, don’t forget that Instagram is still a place to share fun activities such as posting selfies or dining out experiences.Viewers will expect to be entertained when they follow your account.Therefore, use the carousel feature to keep your follower’s attention and delight your audience by experimenting with graphics and texts.

You Can Also Post Multiple Videos on Instagram Too

Even movie studios could exploit this feature by putting multiple trailers since you can also post multiple videos too.After uploading an image from your mobile device, you will see a little cascading icon on the bottom right.Tap that square icon and you will be given the option of picking up to nine more photos or videos to post. To spice things up, you can even add the boomerang effect if they are already in your phone’s library.You can change the order of the images by tapping and holding to one and dragging it around. Filters can be applied individually or blanket all your selections with the same filter. However, you cannot have a separate caption for each photo.Things such as likes, captions, location, likes, and comments will apply to the whole thing.All photos uploaded will be squeezed into the square-only format. The blue dots at the bottom will let your friends know that you have added multiple photos.Be sure to update your Instagram to the latest version to enjoy these features.

The Types of Images That Perform Well on Instagram

Visual content has been prioritized on most social media platforms and Instagram, which is a purely visual platform, is no exception.The question however arises; how do you make your images stand out from the rest?Here is a list of certain types of images that do well on Instagram and bring in a lot of engagement.User-Generated ContentUGC images are the talk of the town now in the marketing space.This is because it is authentic and it resonates with users. User-generated content images include digital images, videos, and blogs that are publicly available to consumers. Such kind of images gets a lot of attention on Instagram.Behind The Scenes ImagesThese pictures are particularly taken by employees are almost as powerful as UGC images.Your followers will love the kind of content that gives them a sneak peek into the inside look of your business.Images that show happy customers using your products or services have a powerful effect when it comes to driving results.However, ensure these behind-the-scenes look real and not staged managed. Avoid awkwardly poised images or heavily edited.DIY ImagesEducational how-to-content has gained popularity across many social platforms and it tends to perform well on Instagram too.Users love to see new and fun ways of using a product. A series of pictures that features a DIY project can effectively drive traffic to the platform.Influencer ImagesSocial influencers have a great impact when it comes to social media marketing.You can post an image featuring an influencer in your niche (with their permission, of course) can drive engagement.It doesn’t have to be a famous person or a celebrity. Make an effort to connect with leading authorities within your industries and these can make incredible influencers.Tag them or share their image and they can send you a significant number of followers.Motivational imagesPost an uplifting motivational image that well resonates with your audience.A motivational quote can be shared either on a plain background or a text overlay on an image that has something to do with your line of business.The latter option is better because it gives users the ability to share your picture and make it traceable back to your products.Motivational content can go beyond inspiring quotes. It can be an image of someone who has risen above and overcome the odds including a brief description of their journey to success. It can also be a success story of a charity event your brand participated in.Contest and GiveawaysWho does not love winning things? Post an image with a text layover announcing a contest can keep your followers glued to your account, eagerly anticipating for more contest and giveaways.

The Final Takeaway

Visually appealing content has a strong effect on users.Whether it is a motivating image or a DIY guide, the correct use of images on Instagram can be an effective marketing tool.As this guide on how to post multiple pictures in Instagram shows, authenticity is key.Include images that are aesthetically appealing instead of blurry and off- centered.There are different ways that users can take advantage of the new feature to share their experiences with followers.If you're looking to carve out hours in your social media workflow, sign up for Sked’s 7-day trial. Our all-in-one Instagram scheduler allows you to automatically post images, carousels, Stories, videos and more. Tag locations, users and products and manage all your hashtags in one place to save 5+ hours every week.

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