NEW! Meta Ads Reporting—All Campaigns, One Dashboard

Elsie Lam

Seamlessly report on your paid Meta campaigns, alongside organic, all in one place.

If you frequently run Meta ads, you’ll understand the pain of getting a clear picture of how your Facebook and Instagram efforts are performing. You're checking how your ads are doing in Meta Ads Manager, but the organic posts are tracked somewhere else. It's like having your left shoe in one room and your right shoe in another—it's just not practical!

You want all your numbers in one spot, so you can easily get your team and/or client reporting done without all the jumping around. And you want your report to look professional without having to invest precious hours into making it presentable.

With Meta ads reporting now integrated into Sked analytics, both your ads and organic performance are easily accessible on the same dashboard. You get a complete snapshot of your social media performance without the digital runaround.

Plus, when your clients or team ping you with those burning questions—“What did we spend and what did we get?”—you’ll be firing back answers faster than ever, armed with top-notch insights that scream professionalism.

And that’s not all: whip up eye-catching, streamlined ad reports straight from Sked. Plunge into the deep end with crisp, sharp data right down to the Campaign and Adset details, making those high-stakes decisions as easy as pie.

Meta ads reporting gives you a complete snapshot of your social media performance without the digital runaround.

At Sked, we're committed to arming you with the tools you need to succeed at a fair price. 

With paid and organic reporting easily accessible on Sked, you’ll never have to waste time with disparate Meta management tools, or incur unnecessary expenses with pricey third-party reporting tools.

Ready to simplify your social media analytics? Get started with Sked today!

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