Sked Inbox: Making Social Media Engagement Personal Again

October 17, 2022
Elsie Lam

Sked Inbox helps you add a human touch to your social media engagement, connecting with your audience on a personal level in record time.

Not your average messaging tool

Social Media Managers can attest that being social is not just about getting content out the door. It's also as much about getting audiences to interact with your brand, and turning them into followers and fans.

Let's face it, awesome content is what got them through the door, but acknowledging their presence and keeping conversations going is what's going to keep them coming back. It's the human touch to our brand that speaks authenticity throughout.

But for most of us with a good number of social accounts and very active followings, getting back to fans in record time is quite the challenge! Which is why you'll find Sked Inbox invaluable for keeping ahead of the game.

Facebook recommends responding to 90% of enquiries within 10 minutes to get the coveted “Very responsive to messages” badge.

Sked Inbox is rapid engagement made easy

With Sked Inbox, you'll get easy access to comments, mentions and DMs for your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn Company accounts all in one place. Which makes it a breeze to copy/paste responses between one account and another. Or you could set up saved replies and respond to frequently asked questions in one click.

And if you have a physical location selling goods or services, you'll know the importance of being visible on Google to get customers through the door. That means staying on top of reviews with prompt and personal responses so you'll increase the likelihood of getting more reviews. The more reviews that you respond to, the more potential customers will have trust in your business, and the happier Google will be to boost your visibility on local search and maps.

91% of people read Google Business Profile reviews prior to contacting a local business

Better yet if you have a team of social media or engagement managers that shares the load with you. With Sked Inbox, you can quickly assign conversations to a team member to follow up on, and use internal notes to discuss actions. Get as many hands on deck as you need to make your happy followers happier. After all, users are free on almost all of Sked's plans!

Another great way of showing appreciation to your fans is to repost their user generated content. Easy enough to do on your phone the first time round, but not so easy when you want to reshare down the road. Here's where Sked Inbox can help you. Save tagged in media from your inbox into your library, complete with the original caption and attribution, and you'll have a ready collection of UGC ready for sharing and resharing. How cool is that?

Eight reasons to use Sked Inbox

Simplify your life

Okay, so you already have a thousand tools – why add another? Well, Inbox should replace a number of the sprawling tools that you already use.

Agencies and freelancers can more efficiently manage existing clients’ social engagement – or add it as a new service to offer without breaking the bank or suddenly wasting a huge amount of time.

Multi-task like a pro across accounts

Manage more than one account? Even better. All your accounts are organized on one screen so you can conveniently manage in one go. Stop toggling between accounts on your phone. Instead, just check and uncheck to filter for the accounts you want to see.

We’ll automatically always respond from the right account, so if you manage multiple brands, there’s no need for separation.

Curate UGC into your library

Streamlining your Instagram content is a breeze when you can save all your tagged media directly to your Sked Library. Complete with the original caption and attribution too.

This makes it super easy for you to curate a collection of user-generated content (UGC) and repost it whenever you want, without losing any of the original context.

Stay focused on what’s important

Inbox is built to make it quick for you to clear all your messages while knowing you’ve covered all your bases.

Get a team member onto the action and mark important conversations with a ‘star’ so they’re organized into a priority folder that you can easily jump back to later. Close out conversations that don’t require much attention, and you’re done and dusted for the day.

Manage FAQs with a few clicks

Let’s talk about those responses and catch phrases that you use over and over again. We've got you covered with Quick Replies - a nifty little function that you can use to answer FAQs in one click. Customize it with your own brand’s flair and unique voice. We’ve also added some default emojis to give your responses extra personality ;)

AI-powered responses worthy of 5-stars

AI Generated Responses to common questions in Sked Inbox

Now, customers who take the trouble to leave Google reviews on your business deserve a prompt and personal response. Captivate, our AI assistant, is just the tool you need to help you get on top of responses in a fraction of the time, and avoid templated (and boring) canned responses. Captivate your audience with personal, on-brand, and search optimized responses so you win favour with more customers and Google.

All hands on deck, without breaking the bank

Other tools charge per user which can get real pricey, real quick. Not us! All essentials and above plans have unlimited users. So you can have team members who work within inbox only and team members who focus on scheduling. Or both. At no extra cost!

And the best reason to use Sked Inbox?

It’s free and included in your plan. :)

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Sked Inbox today.

Spend less and get more with Sked Social

Get everything social schedulers are missing without writing a blank check for an enterprise platform. AI-integrated tools, custom collaboration and approval workflows, deep analytics and insights, and real auto-posting to more platforms — it’s all here.

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