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Sked Inbox: Say hello to managing all your Social Media DMs. Fast!

  • 3 Minutes
Rapid engagement is easy with Sked's new inbox. Find out what the fuss is all about!

Not just another messaging tool

Is this you?

  • Ugh, too many DMs, not enough time
  • What if I miss out on that one important message?
  • Aaargh, I need someone to give me the right answer for the right customer!
  • Did I just accidentally respond to the wrong message??
  • TTYL. I’m busy juggling messages on my laptop and mobiles so our followers won’t feel slighted by tardy replies

That’s why Sked Inbox is in your dashboard. So you can stop with the hustling and focus on quality engagement with your followers. Right here, all on Sked.

Join our Success Team Leads Rich & Naomi to learn how you can use Inbox to boost your 1-on-1 community engagement without having to spend several hours (or big $$) on more tools.

You can register here today to join the sessions, or get the recording if you can’t make it.

Facebook recommends responding to 90% of enquiries within 10 minutes to get the coveted “Very responsive to messages” badge.

Five reasons to use Sked Inbox

Simplify your life

Okay, so you already have a thousand tools – why add another? Well, Inbox should replace a number of the sprawling tools that you already use.

Agencies and freelancers can more efficiently manage existing clients’ social engagement – or add it as a new service to offer without breaking the bank or suddenly wasting a huge amount of time.

Multi-task like a pro across accounts

Manage more than one account? Even better. All your accounts are organized on one screen so you can conveniently manage in one go. Stop toggling between accounts on your phone. Instead, just check and uncheck to filter for the accounts you want to see.

We’ll automatically always respond from the right account, so if you manage multiple brands, there’s no need for separation.

Stay focused on what’s important

Inbox is built to make it quick for you to clear all your messages while knowing you’ve covered all your bases.

That means if you need a team member to get onto the action, you can assign the conversation to them. Or mark the conversation with a ‘star’ so they’re organized into a priority folder that you can easily jump back to later.

Close out conversations that don’t require much attention, and you’re done and dusted for the day.

Manage FAQs with a few clicks

Let’s talk about those responses and catch phrases that you use over and over again. Still copy/pasting them from some document stored somewhere? Or shudder, typing them out with two thumbs on mobile?

That’s why Sked Inbox includes Quick Replies – a nifty little function that you can use to answer FAQs in one click. Customize it with your own brand’s flair and unique voice. We’ve also added some default emojis to give your responses extra personality 😉

All hands on deck, without breaking the bank

Other tools charge per user which can get real pricey, real quick. Not us! All essentials and above plans have unlimited users. So you can have team members who work within inbox only and team members who focus on scheduling. Or both. At no extra cost!

And the best reason to use Sked Inbox?

It’s free and included in your plan. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Sked Inbox today.

Photo of Photo of Kyra Goodman

As Head of Evangelism and Social Media at Sked Social, Kyra Goodman is the voice and face behind social media strategy, content creation, community management and organic growth. When she’s not creating scroll-stopping content for her audiences, you can find her travelling the world, trying new recipes, or cozying up with a fiction book. Follow her and Sked @getskedsocial.

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