8 Amazing Tools and Apps to Use When You Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

January 23, 2022
Guest Author

Do you manage multiple Instagram accounts and do you want to make this process easier? Read about the top 8 amazing tools and apps to start using them for maximum impact!

Back in 2010, when Instagram appeared, no one could have predicted that this visual-sharing app would become one of the most popular marketing channels for businesses of all sizes and niches. 

Today, the platform has 1 billion monthly active users, 90% of whom follow at least one business account, so it's no secret that Instagram has great sales potential. Moreover, 78% of people aged between 18 and 49 are active Instagram users which means your potential customers use the platform, no matter what products or services you sell.

Practically every business has an Instagram presence and many brands manage multiple Instagram accounts for a variety of reasons. 

Actually, no matter who you are, whether you're a small business owner or freelance SMM consultant, it's important to use tools and apps when you manage multiple social media accounts and therefore step up your social media game.

Why Use Tools and Apps When You Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

At first blush, it's easy to create and switch between multiple Instagram accounts. But when it comes to managing multiple accounts, you have to deal with many processes, so using tools and apps can be beneficial for the following three reasons:

  • Save time and get things done: Managing an Instagram account includes many processes. As a social media manager, you should create a strategy, make the content, preview and plan your feed, manage interactions, analyze insights, etc. When you manage multiple Instagram accounts, the amount of work is growing, so it's important to use tools and apps that help to put processes on autopilot and therefore save time.
  • Boost brand awareness: With the right tools and apps, you can create tailored content for different accounts that reflect your brand's identity and image without taking much time or effort. As a result, it helps to create, maintain, and boost brand awareness on Instagram that allows you to attract more followers who can become paying customers over the long haul.
  • Streamline team collaboration: Instagram marketing has become an important marketing tool as 60% of small business owners invest in social media marketing and even more big companies are active on social media. When you work with an in-house team of social media managers or communicate with your clients as a freelance SMM manager, you should be ready for collaboration and Instagram tools can help to make it easier and faster.

With the growing popularity of Instagram, the modern market offers a good variety of Instagram tools and apps that make it easier for people to manage multiple accounts like a pro. We've gathered a list of amazing tools and apps to use when you manage multiple Instagram accounts. Let's dive into it!

Sked Social - Social Media Scheduler

First things first: Managing multiple Instagram accounts means creating and publishing tons of content. To put it on autopilot, it's a good idea to use a social media scheduler like ours, Sked Social, to drag and drop content according to an in-built social media calendar and schedule posts to publish them when your audience is active on the platform. 

Sked offers a great number of features, so it has become a good social media solution for freelancers, agencies, media brands, e-commerce companies, and other brands that have an Instagram presence and manage multiple accounts. 

Key Features:

  • Plan, preview, and schedule in-feed posts and Instagram Stories
  • Suggest the best time to auto-post Instagram content
  • Get advanced Instagram insights on your followers and their content preferences
  • Use hashtag analytics that helps to choose the best-performing tags for your content
  • Allow social media teams to work together with each other, freelancers, or clients to solve problems fast
  • Include a series of buttons to your Instagram bio link
  • Compare and contrast your Instagram content to stand out from your competitors

Price: Free trial available, paid from $30/mo

Spend less and get more with Sked Social

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Preview - Instagram Feed Planner

Since most people are visual learners who perceive information via photos and videos, having a good Instagram visual strategy is a must for brands that want to keep up with competitors and beat them. Thus, having a cohesive Instagram feed is highly important, so you have to plan and preview your feed before posting content. Thus, having a planner tool like Preview is a good idea.

This tool allows users to upload unlimited photo-, video-, or carousel posts to rearrange them and therefore create a beautiful Instagram feed that grabs the attention. It helps to see which posts look the best with the rest of your Instagram grid and it also allows you to schedule posts once you're satisfied with the look of your feed.

Key Features:

  • Drag & drop visuals and rearrange your posts to create an eye-catching Instagram feed
  • Upload various visual content (photos, videos) to design your feed
  • Use editing tools to apply filters and packs that create content aligned with your brand identity and style
  • Plan Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV videos in advance
  • Add profile and geolocation tags when planning your feed

Price: Free version available, paid from $7.99/mo

Videoleap - Video Content Creation 

The popularity of video content is taking the world by storm. People love watching videos on social media and video traffic is predicted to make up 70% of all internet traffic in 2022. No matter what your business niche is, whether you sell physical or digital products, creating videos for your Instagram accounts is a good idea to keep your audience engaged.

For many freelancers and small business owners, it can be a problem unless they use a video editing tool like Videoleap (by Lightricks) that helps to mix and edit videos on the go with ease. It has everything you need to create stunning videos for your Instagram accounts – movie editing tools, sound effects,  video special effects and possibilities. Thus, you have everything you need to create amazing video posts, Instagram Stories, or Reels to wow your audience.

Key Features:

  • Combine videos & images together to make double exposures and artistic looks
  • Edit and customize each layer separately (add texts, emojis, and stickers to your videos)
  • Fit video clips to any Instagram video format with the aspect ratio change
  • Add over 100 sound effects
  • Watch helpful mini-tutorials for each feature to make the most out of them

Price: Free version available, in-app purchases from $5.99

InstaSize - Graphic Design Editor

Although Instagram allows users to add captions to posts, it's still a visual tool that requires users to upload photos and videos to their feeds. Since users add more and more posts, companies have to invest time and effort into creating stunning visual content that stands out from the crowd. Thus, many companies seek out graphic design editors like InstaSize that help non-designers to create visuals for their accounts.

This tool has premium photo filters, picture borders,  and editing tools to help users create great visuals for their accounts. What is more, it has a format photo resizer, collage maker, and other important tools that allow you to create visual content for multiple Instagram accounts.

Key Features:

  • Upload and edit photos and videos to make amazing visuals for Instagram
  • Choose from professionally-made templates to customize them for your brand's needs
  • Include a text message to your visual content with over 20 unique fonts
  • Resize your visuals for any format (Stories, posts, Reels, IGTV)
  • Sign up for a premium account to get access to advanced editing tools, 130+ unique filters, and much more

Price: Free version available, premium -  $4.99/mo

HubSpot - Social Inbox Tool

An average Instagram user spends around 53 minutes daily on the platform, so it's no wonder that people use this social media platform for brand communication. Having an Instagram presence, practically every business receives messages and requests from customers. 

But when you manage multiple Instagram accounts, it's more likely you have to deal with a great number of messages and comments from your followers. That's why using a social inbox tool that allows you to keep all conversations with customers in one place is a good idea and HubSpot is here to help you. It's a great tool that helps you track and reply to all brand mentions, read comments, and respond to social conversations from one place.

Key Features:

  • CRM integration that allows you to track your social media performance
  • Monitor and reply to Instagram comments, mentions, and messages
  • Create keyword monitoring streams to keep track of all important conversations about your company across all accounts
  • Mark and prioritize critical conversations to never miss an important message from your followers

Price: Paid from $800/mo

  1. Hype Auditor - Audience Analysis

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been one of the most effective marketing tactics for business growth. Influencer marketing has become an important part of a cohesive marketing strategy to spread the positive word about your company. Moreover, Instagram is one of the most preferred social media platforms for influencer marketing among opinion leaders. 

When managing multiple accounts, social media managers have to work with a great number of Instagram influencers and it's important to track and measure performance to make the most out of this collaboration. As an audience analysis tool, Hype Auditor helps marketers check influencers and find out whether they are the right fit for your campaign. Not only does it help to find and analyze Instagram influencers, but it also helps to track the progress of an influencer marketing campaign.

Key Features:

  • Do market analysis to find out what influencer marketing tactics work best for your competitors
  • The unique system of 35+ vetting metrics to find the best opinion leaders
  • Check out the database of 23M influencers who are ready for brand collaboration
  • Use advanced filters to find the best influencers according to your industry, demographics, and engagement rate

Price: Free version available, paid from $399/mo

Mention - Social Media Listening 

With the popularity of social media platforms, when 3.78 billion people use social media, it's no wonder that people discuss brands like yours in-app. When people share their customer stories with their following, not all of them tag your company. This means you can miss out on something important if you don't listen to your audience on social media. 

Managing multiple Instagram accounts, the task becomes even harder unless you use a tool like Mention -- a handy social media listening tool that helps companies keep track of all conversations and mentions.

Key Features:

  • Get real-time alerts on brand mentions in one place
  • Collaborate with other team members or clients to get alerts and reassign tasks to relevant representatives who can respond to mentions
  • Use hashtag analyzer to monitor brand hashtag performance
  • Get social media data on brand mentions based on your selected keywords
  • Receive refined reports to measure and analyze Instagram mentions

Price: Free version available, paid from $29/mo

SocialBoss - Social Media Growth Tool

For every social media manager, keeping a high social media engagement rate is one of the top priorities. When you manage multiple accounts and you have to switch between these profiles to communicate with your audience, you may need help with social media growth. That's why some marketers turn to social media marketing marketplace like SocialBoss that helps to boost engagement.

Whether you want to grow an organic following, get more likes/comments, or increase viewer count, SocialBoss is here to offer services that help to deliver your content to the right audience who might be interested in your profile.

Key Features:

  • A great number of Instagram marketing services that help to achieve any business goals (likes, comments, saves, followers, views, etc.)
  • Various service packages that allow users to save money
  • 30-days guarantee on services

Price: Paid services from $0.27

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Tools and Apps

Having an Instagram presence isn't an option for businesses of all sizes and niches these days. 

To make the most out of this fast-growing social media platform, more and more freelancers, agencies, and brands have to manage multiple Instagram accounts that allow them to achieve their business goals.

As a result, the demand for amazing tools and apps that make this process easier is growing. We hope that the above-mentioned 8 amazing tools and apps can help you bring your social media game to the next level and manage all of your Instagram accounts like a pro.

Read our direct comparison of Later vs. Sked Social vs. Planoly to see how they measure up feature-for-feature for managing multiple Instagram Accounts.


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