LinkedIn Docs Unlocked: Turbocharge Your Brand’s Presence

April 10, 2024
Jen McKinnon

Find out how brands are using Document posts to increase engagement on LinkedIn.

Transforming Brand Engagement Through LinkedIn Document Posts

When LinkedIn launched in 2003, it was obvious we weren't dealing with just another social hangout. It was all about the business buzz 🐝 – connecting professionals, flaunting skills, and cracking open the door to shiny new opportunities. ✨

Fast forward, and LinkedIn's morphed into the behemoth of professional networking, boasting over a billion members across 200 countries. This isn't just any old platform; it's the heavyweight champ of connecting career-minded folks and pushing brands into the spotlight. 🔦

Speaking of the spotlight, LinkedIn's not just about who you know; it's a goldmine for brand marketing. Whether it's about getting your brand noticed, snagging leads, strutting your stuff with ads, or becoming a thought leader in your industry niche, LinkedIn is where it's at.

Let’s dive into a secret weapon in the LinkedIn arsenal: document posts. 📃 These unsung heroes can be game-changers for brand marketing. So, what's the lowdown on document posts? How do they work their magic, and why should brands care? Stick around, and we’ll spill the beans.

What is a Document Post on LinkedIn?

In 2019, LinkedIn decided to spice things up by throwing documents and presentations into the mix, not just in group chats but right on our own feeds. It turned out to be a pretty sleek move for sharing our brainy bits to keep audiences informed using a captivating combination of text and graphics.

So, what is a document post? Think of it as your usual social update, but instead of centering on a photo or a video, you can drop a document right under your catchy caption.  Pen your thoughts on a doc, docx, pdf, ppt, or pptx file and hit the upload button. 

But your PDF doesn’t just sit there as an image. No, sir! Give it a tap, and voilà, it flips through its pages right before your eyes, turning your audience’s mindless scroll into a reading session. The kicker is, your connections can actually download your document as a PDF (no matter the upload format).

How to Add Documents to LinkedIn

Posting a document is pretty straightforward. First of all, the file cannot exceed 100MB or 300 pages. You can rewrite the descriptive text, but you cannot change or edit the document in the post. From there, it takes six simple steps:

1. Click Start a Post in the sharebox.

2. Click … More in the pop-up window and click Add a document.

3. Click Choose file to select the document you want to upload.

4. Write a title for your document and click Done.

5. Add a description and hashtags.

6. Finally, click post to publish.

Auto-Publish Document Posts on LinkedIn Like a Pro

And now for our latest trick… 🥁 Sked now supports auto-posting of documents on Linkedin! With our latest update, you can upload, schedule and auto-publish documents to LinkedIn with ease. 💪

Kick things off by uploading your document to the media library, just as you would with an image or video. It's a familiar process but with a powerful twist. 

Next, slot your document into your draft, getting it primed and ready for action. You'll see a preview to the right so you can be sure it looks spick and span.

Now, craft a caption that captures the essence of your post. Want a hint of AI brilliance in your text? Use Sked’s Captivate AI to create captions that resonate and engage.

With your content set, just schedule it, and you're all done. Sked will take care of the rest, ensuring your document post lands on LinkedIn at the perfect moment. 

It's that simple. Now you can boost your LinkedIn presence with ease, thanks to Sked’s seamless posting process. 🎉

Document Posts Are a Game Changer for Brands

Document posts on LinkedIn are all about getting noticed and sparking engagement. They catch the eye with striking visuals, enticing members to click and explore further. Once opened, these documents offer a journey through content that, if crafted compellingly, keeps the reader scrolling to see what's next.

The real power of a document post lies in its capacity to convey a wealth of information beyond the limitations of a traditional post. It's not merely about the quantity of content, but the quality and depth that resonates with the audience. Through document posts, you can share detailed and professional materials like reports, guides, case studies, infographics, and white papers, all within LinkedIn's ecosystem, keeping your audience engaged right where they are, without moving off-platform.

Let's zero in on what makes LinkedIn's document posts stand out. They're not just your regular fare of images, text, or videos; these docs can host a buffet of content types, from enlightening educational material to irresistible promotional messages. This variety gives you a playground to truly captivate your audience, offering more than just information—they invite engagement, sparking discussions and gathering insights through comments or polls. This interaction isn't just chatter; it builds deeper bonds with your LinkedIn connections.

What is ‘Dwell Time’?

Now, onto the vital metric for document posts: 'dwell time'. This is the time people spend eyeballing your post. More than just a stat, it's LinkedIn's way of gauging how gripping your content is. The longer someone lingers on your document post, the more it signals to LinkedIn that you're onto something juicy. This isn't just good; it's gold for your visibility on the platform.

The LinkedIn algorithm aims to fill feeds with content that people find compelling. If it catches on that your document posts are a hit, it'll boost their prominence, helping you reach a broader audience. So, in the grand scheme of things, by nailing the art of creating document posts that engage and intrigue, you're not just keeping your audience glued; you're earning a nod from LinkedIn itself, spreading your brand's influence far and wide.

Mastering the Art of Document Posts for Brands

LinkedIn document posts are click magnets. They rake in 3x more clicks than any other content type out there! But here's the scoop: you can't just toss a PDF online and expect a click-fest. Crafting a killer document post is an art form—it’s all about how you put that PDF together and show it off.

So, let's dive into our playbook of winning strategies for document posts.

Setting the Stage with Your Goals

First things first: think about the end game with your document post. Brands often use these to dish out top-notch content that cements their reputation as industry hotshots. If that’s what you want to do, you might look at posting white papers, infographics, industry analysis, or the secret to your company’s success story.

Or perhaps you’re aiming to put your products or services in the limelight, creating a buzz with user guides, comparisons, or how-tos. Your game plan here will shape the kind of content you’ll want to share. When all is said and done, however, your marketing goals are the compass that will navigate the way when choosing content types for your document posts.

Spin Yarns That Stick

Let’s talk storytelling, the secret sauce of marketing—even on LinkedIn. Weaving stories around your brand isn’t just about entertainment; it's about making a connection. A compelling narrative makes your brand feel real, approachable, and trustworthy.

So, when you’re lining up those document posts, think about how you can turn them into stories that stick, tales that resonate, and narratives that make your brand the hero of the day.

Crafting a Cover Page That Pops

Your PDF’s front page is your first impression—make it count! Think of it as classy clickbait. You're in LinkedIn's world now, so keep it slick and professional. Ditch the flashy, over-the-top tactics of other social platforms. Instead, aim for a cover that's sharp and clear, with just enough intrigue to get those clicks. It's about striking the perfect balance: attractive and informative at a glance.

Serving Up Bite-Sized Content

Facing a document as long as a Tolkien novel? Break it down! Nobody wants to navigate through an epic saga on their feed. Slice up that content into manageable, easy-to-digest sections, complete with a clickable table of contents. It’s about making your document a smooth ride, not a marathon.

Bring on the Graphics

Graphics are not just eye candy; they’re your secret weapon for drawing in readers, simplifying complex ideas, and delivering info in a snap. Remember, we’re visual creatures—images, charts, and diagrams can often say more than a whole paragraph of text.

Yet, it’s like adding hot sauce—a little goes a long way. Too much visual flair and you risk losing your message in a sea of colors and shapes. So, use graphics wisely to keep things interesting but not overwhelming.

Creative Ways to Use Document Posts

Think of document posts as your marketing Swiss Army knife—they're super flexible. Whether you’re looking to educate, entertain, engage, or get your audience moving, it's all about aligning with those marketing aims of yours.

Here’s a splash of inspiration for your document post strategy:

  • Dive into the nitty-gritty of your field with research rundowns, trend analyses, or stat shares.
  • Broadcast your brand’s latest buzz: news flashes, milestone moments, and what’s next on the roadmap.
  • Roll out interactive treasure maps like how-tos, buyer's guides, and user manuals.
  • Narrate tales of triumph with customer success stories.
  • Drop wisdom bombs with quotes or insights from industry bigwigs.
  • Pull back the curtain for a sneak peek at your company's inner workings.
  • Boil down a video, podcast, or other media munchies featuring your biz.
  • Flaunt your product/service smorgasbord.
  • Tempt with timely deals and seasonal steals.
  • Rally the troops for webinars or meetups, online or face-to-face.

But hey, let's not forget—not everyone's a bookworm. To catch the eye of every LinkedIn lurker out there, you've got to crank up the creativity. How about spicing up the scene with interactive infographics or animated GIFs that tell your story at a glance? Or, better yet, fire up engagement with quizzes, contests, and polls that make clicking irresistible!

In the realm of document posts, it's your world to shape. Mix, match, and mold content that not only stands out but also sparks conversation and connection.

Case Studies and Examples

Loads of big names are nailing it with LinkedIn document posts, serving up primo content that snags attention and delivers the goods. Let’s peek at three big hitters and what they’ve got cooking:

Example #1: HubSpot

HubSpot’s not just playing the game; they're rewriting the rules with their 2023 State of the Unicorn Report. In a breezy six pages, they dish out the juicy bits of their findings, wrapped in playful unicorn-themed graphics and a punny teaser that makes you want to dive into the whole report.

Example #2: HPE

HPE knows how to throw a party—or at least, an invite that you can’t ignore. Their HPEDiscover event post? Picture-perfect, with a snap of Lewis Hamilton stealing the show. It’s a masterclass in how a cover shot and some snappy text can make you want to know who else is on the guest list.

Example #3: Google

Google keeps it cool and clean, as always, with their guide for job interviews. Minimalist to a tee, each tip gets its own spotlight, driving you to scroll and soak up the wisdom, all while nudging you gently towards the Google Careers page.

Best Practices and Tips

Starting to think it’s time to step into the LinkedIn doc post arena? Brace yourself—it’s a blend of art, science, and a bit of marketing magic. To stand out, you need that perfect mix of rich info and eye-candy visuals, all tuned to your marketing vibes.

Here’s your toolkit to kick things off with a bang:

  • Whip up your visual feast with tools like Canva, PowerPoint, or Keynote, then PDF it.
  • Stick to a color scheme that screams "you," with graphics that marry simplicity with style.
  • Snappy title? Check. Engaging description? Double-check. Keep it friendly and flowing.
  • Tag it right with 3-5 hashtags to broaden your digital reach.
  • Transform your content arsenal—blogs, reports, you name it—into PDF gold.
  • Ditch Word docs for uploads; PDFs keep your style in check.
  • Go big on font size for that perfect slide readability.
  • Sprinkle CTAs like confetti—make every page count.
  • Keep it concise, sweet, and complete, aiming for that 5-20 page sweet spot (unless you're unleashing the next big academic hit).
  • Track, analyze, and marvel at your engagement metrics to see what's sizzling.

In a nutshell, document posts are your go-to for captivating, educating, and engaging a crowd of professionals on LinkedIn. Uploading? Easy-peasy. 💅 The real craft? Designing a document that’s as engaging as it is informative. Get your creative juices flowing with smart graphics, interactive elements, and content that clicks with your audience.

Ready to supercharge your LinkedIn engagement? ⚡Give document posts a whirl. Don’t forget to involve your favorite sidekick, Sked - that’s us! 🙋 - to streamline the posting process.

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