Find your best time to post, Stories + Reels insights, and even track your competition

Sked Insights shows you the data you need to measure your performance and make the right changes to your strategy. Find your engagement rates, hashtag performance, audience demographics, Reels + Stories data, and what’s working for your competition – all from one dashboard.

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What you can learn about your Instagram performance with Sked Insights

When you're best set to reach your audience

If an amazing post hits the feed but there is nobody around, will anyone see it? Use Best Time To Post to identify when your followers are most likely to see and engage with your Instagram profile posts.

Exactly how your Instagram Stories are performing

Instagram Story Insights tell you what’s resonating with your followers. For every story, see reach, impressions, completion rate, taps back/forward, replies, exits and more.

Deep demographic details of your audience

Social media is all about your audience and followers. Use Sked’s audience intelligence to understand followers: where do they live? What timezone do they work in? How old are they? See the number of new followers you have, and track how overall reach, impressions or engagement is changing over time as your content and audience change.

What's working for your competition

Sometimes a little competition can go a long way. Sked lets you track up to 4 competitors and see how your account is comparing across a lot of metrics, including top posts, engagement rates, content styles, follower growth and more.

What posts are doing well and why

Which posts are doing well? Why did that particular post go viral? Easily identify outliers in Sked’s detailed post analytics views. See hour-by-hour performance of the first 24 hours of a post’s life – all important for the Instagram algorithm.

See Website clicks and profile visits

Let’s be honest – followers and engagement is great, but really, we’re all about your business’ success. That’s why Sked shows you the number of views to your profile and clicks to your website (it goes great with our link in bio tool, Sked Link, too!)

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