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6 Instagram Layout Ideas And Design Tips To Attract New Followers

You need to know about Instagram layout ideas because an impressive Instagram grid layout and design is the ultimate first impression. After all, if followers are amazed by your feed, they’ll quickly tap your follow

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How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic for Your Brand: A Step-By-Step-Guide

If it’s your first year on Instagram, you’re probably wondering how you can create an Insta-worthy feed that attracts a lot of people. After all, the more people that follow you, the more customers you

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Business Bio: A Complete Guide

On Instagram, you’re given a small space to explain your business—the Instagram Business bio. This section should accurately describe your business, personality, and purpose. If it’s too vague and unclear, chances are, customers won’t check

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How to Take Advantage of Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers

New Instagram Feature: Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers Last week, Instagram announced an exciting new feature for retailers and businesses. Shoppable Instagram Stories stickers. Soon you’ll be able to add stickers to featured Stories products. Once

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9 Brands Nailing their Instagram Marketing Strategy [Must Read and Apply]

9 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Growth How do you create an Instagram marketing strategy that gets your business noticed by a LOT of people? If you’re an agency or a brand, and this is

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Instagram Live: Your Ultimate Guide To Going Live

First came Instagram Stories — then came Instagram Live. It’s no secret that live video took the world by storm in recent years. Research from Tubular Insights found that people spent eight times longer watching live

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14 Time-Saving Instagram Hacks To Experiment With Today

Instagram has become one of the top social media platforms in the world. In fact, according to Carolyn Everson, vice president of global marketing solutions at Facebook, there are over 800 million Instagram users! Plus,

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How to Plan Your Social Media Holiday Calendar in 2018

There are a lot of holidays celebrated exclusively on the Internet. There’s National Cereal Day, National Pie Day, Relaxation Day and Tell a Joke Day, among many others. And, believe it or not, a lot

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How to Become an Instagram Influencer the Right Way

So you want to know to become an Instagram influencer? Popular Instagram influencers like Huda Kattan are worth millions and have even gone on to launch successful businesses using their audiences. Of course, Huda is

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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Grid Layouts

The Instagram feed is the deciding factor in the user’s impulse to click the “follow” button. Sure, Instagrammers can follow a profile because they’re friends or acquaintances of the account owner. But, ultimately, the one

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Instagram Fails? 17 Controversial Insta Moments from Brands

What are the most cringe-worthy Instagram fails from brands? How should you not treat customers online? How should you avoid Instagram fails for your business? To answer these questions, we’ve compiled a list of some

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How to Become a Master of the Instagram Loop Giveaway

There’s a never-ending debate regarding the Instagram loop giveaway. Should you offer rewards to users in exchange for following your account? Is this how you should build your audience? Are giveaways good for your account

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How to Create a Successful Instagram Photo Contest for Business

Instagram has 800 million active users around the world! So it’s no surprise that a lot of businesses use it to attract potential customers. The problem is, attracting followers is a lot harder than it

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How To Post On Instagram From PC [The Ultimate Guide]

Instagram may be a mobile app, but did you know you could be uploading posts to Instagram from your PC? This is our ultimate guide on how to do just that with an easy to

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9 Brilliant Aesthetic Instagram Accounts that Stand Out

The Instagram feed is very important. After all, when people first see your profile, they see it first, instead of the individual posts. That’s why it’s important not just to plan the look of each

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Instagram Bots: The Pros and Cons for Business

How do you become popular on Instagram without using Instagram bots? How do you get tons of followers? The key is to be active as often as possible. Comment and like posts. Create new content

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The 10 Best Brands on Instagram Right Now

What are the best brands on Instagram? With the brand’s 800 million active users in 2017, it’s clear that Instagram presents a unique opportunity to engage with audiences or all kinds. In a world where

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