Sked Social Case Study: Jess Nelson WAY Social

Scaling a Full-Service Social Media Agency with Jess Nelson from WAY Social

June 22, 2023
David Olsen

Jess turned her passion for social media into a business a little over three years ago, helping entrepreneurs and publishers build brands through the power of social media.

From creating content to managing clients and getting approvals from internal and external team members, social media management is no easy job. Whether you’re working in an agency or you’re a freelance social media manager, having the right tools by your side is key to growing your client’s following (while scaling your own business).

With the right social media management platform, you can streamline approval workflows, gather deep performance insights and deliver an amazing client experience. 

No one knows this better than Jess Nelson, the founder, and CEO of WAY Social, helping companies of all sizes maximize their social media presence. Their team of social media strategists blend creativity and analytical thinking to help their clients realize the potential of social media marketing. 

We sat down with Jess to learn more about how she grew her business, what challenges she faced along the way, and how Sked Social has equipped her with the social media management platform she needed to scale her agency with ease. 

Who is WAY Social?

Jess Nelson, the Founder, and CEO of The WAY Social, started her career working in the media industry, first as a local On-Air news reporter and then as the owner of three magazines in her local community, all of which had a social media presence.. Pretty quickly, she began to build skills in social media marketing and realized she could share her wisdom with founders, publishers, and business owners across the country.

Jess turned her passion for social media into a business a little over three years ago, helping entrepreneurs and publishers build brands through the power of social media. 

Since then, WAY Social has gone on to help businesses of all shapes and sizes level up their social media presence so they can focus on aspects of their business they are passionate about. They’re now operating in 22 different states in the USA, working across 15 different industries, and doing everything from consulting and coaching to social media management, content creation, and analytics reporting.

The challenges faced by WAY Social 

For Jess and her team, finding the right solution to manage client collaboration and approvals was a massive challenge. They needed a way for clients to have visibility of the content they were producing, to collaborate through the review process, and effectively manage revisions and approvals. 

Jess also wanted a tool that could provide her team with one single dashboard that gave the full story with advanced analytics, not just a few metrics. 

Plus, Jess was looking for a simple way to manage and collate user-generated content (UGC) for client events happening outside of where the WAY Social team are based.

Find out how Jess solved these challenges by downloading her case study.

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