TikTok Case Study - Meghan Carr

Helping Clients Tap Into Viral TikTok Moments & Grow On Social Media With Meghan Carr Creative

December 13, 2023
David Olsen

Find out how Meghan streamlined TikTok management with Sked Social

For copywriter turned social media manager Meghan Carr, expanding her services to include TikTok management was key to helping her clients grow on social media. But she needed the right support to make content creation, client approvals and community management seamless and scalable. 

Time (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest barriers stopping business owners from capitalizing on organic social media marketing. It’s why many outsource these tasks to freelancers and agencies, like Meghan Carr Creative

Hailing from Canada and now calling Adelaide home, Meghan was once a small business owner herself. After running a restaurant in a past life and realizing she was much better at “marketing than running plates”, she decided to shift gears and go all-in on her own marketing agency. 

While initially starting as a copywriter, she soon saw an opportunity to specialize and support small business owners with social media management and content creation. As Meghan explains, “I knew a lot of business owners who needed marketing help and social media support.”

Now, Meghan is a trusted adviser for her three core clients, proactively scoping out new opportunities to grow, scale and drive sales on social media. 

One of those opportunities has been TikTok, with Meghan “encouraging brands to get on TikTok” as she’s seen “so much growth on the platform.” 

With the help of Sked Social (specifically Sked’s new support for TikTok), Meghan has been able to manage all of her client’s social media channels in one centralized place. This new functionality has given her the confidence to add TikTok content management as a new service, backed by Sked’s streamlined process for content planning, approvals, scheduling and community management that’s seamless and efficient for her clients. 

We sat down with Meghan to discover why she’s such an advocate of TikTok for small businesses, the importance of an ‘error-proof’ approvals process and how Sked’s Inbox has been a game changer for managing client engagement across their social channels. 

The challenges faced by Meghan Carr Creative 

As a solopreneur working in the fast-paced world of social media marketing, finding ways to unlock efficiencies and reduce clunky, manual workflows was a top priority. 

But like many social media managers, Meghan was looking for ways to avoid getting bogged down in tedious tasks and error-prone processes (like tracking client feedback and approvals through unwieldy questionnaires). With multiple channels to manage for each client, planning and getting content approved on time was complex and time-consuming, and that was before adding yet another channel (TikTok) into the mix.   

Challenge 1:  Slow, manual processes to manage client approvals 

Before Sked, Meghan had to jump through multiple hoops to gather client feedback and approvals.

As Meghan explains, “I was using a custom questionnaire to gather edits and feedback from clients for each social media caption, Then I would have a Dropbox folder where I needed to upload all the videos, photos and assets for approval.” 

With a bespoke set of steps in place, this made it difficult to track comments, action feedback and ensure only approved content was being scheduled to go live. 

The headaches didn’t stop there. Once signed off, approved social content needed to be manually downloaded and uploaded into a different tool for publishing. This added unnecessary time to her workflows, heightened the risk of mistakes being made, and took Meghan away from value-adding work (like developing her client’s content strategies and producing high-performing content). 

Challenge 2: Shifting to new engagement-driving platforms (like TikTok) 

While Instagram was the dominant platform for her clients in the beginning, the rapid rise of TikTok turned the social media landscape on its head. 

Instagram Reels (Meta’s answer to TikTok’s bite-size vertical videos) went some way to helping the platform retain relevance as social media shifted towards short, mobile-first video content. But Reels still came with the curated, high production level expectations Instagram is known for, something many small business owners (including Meghan’s clients) struggled to match. 

“I've taken an Instagram-first approach for a really long time but I just find that the content is getting too polished and unnatural. Video content on social media doesn't have to look like a blockbuster studio movie,” shares Meghan. 

In Meghan’s experience, TikTok has been rewarding brands and creators for producing imperfect, relatable content that takes audiences behind the scenes to humanize and build trust with brands.

With TikTok proving the clear front-runner to help her clients grow on social media, Meghan needed to put a workflow in place to plan, produce and publish this content at scale. 

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Streamlining TikTok management with Sked Social  

With Sked’s support for TikTok, expanding the channels she managed for her clients was easy. Not only can she plan and manage content using Sked’s easy drag-and-drop visual calendar, but Sked is now compatible with all the platforms her clients use (including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and, most recently, TikTok). 

From managing all her clients’ social accounts in a single place, to easily saving top-performing hashtags into plug-and-play sets for future use, Sked has enabled Meghan to ditch the low-value, tedious parts of her role, and focus on delivering value for her clients across their social channels.  

Scoring a seamless, error-proof approvals process  

Sked’s collaboration and approval tools have taken Meghan’s content approval process from cumbersome and error-prone to quick, easy and foolproof. 

With all client feedback and approvals managed directly within Sked’s platform, Meghan never misses a note (thanks to handy comment threads attached to each piece of content).

Weeks of planned content can be shared with clients using a single approval link, allowing multiple stakeholders to jump in (at no extra cost per user), add comments and approve content for publishing.. 

As time-poor business owners, Meghan’s clients have loved the fast, seamless approvals process in Sked, making it easy to quickly review and approve upcoming scheduled content with their own personal approval link. 

“My clients are getting their approvals back to me quickly because they realize it’s a short, sweet process. Just click this big green box to approve or leave a comment. That’s it, it's done for them.” - Meghan

Once approved, posts are automatically scheduled to go live at the approved time, every time. Backed by a full audit trail of comments, Meghan has scored newfound confidence and peace of mind knowing that every single post that goes live has been signed off by her clients. 

Helping clients tap into TikTok’s organic growth opportunities 

It might be a recent addition to her agency’s offering, but TikTok is already outpacing the organic reach and engagement potential of more established platforms (like Facebook and Instagram). 

With Sked offering a single view across all social media platforms, Meghan was able to confidently expand her client’s social media strategies to include TikTok. 

Speaking on the expansion in social channels for one of her clients, Megan shared, “We started with Instagram, Facebook and then we went to YouTube, Pinterest, and now TikTok as well, and it's just been getting really good reach.”

With the right systems, streamlined workflows, and support on hand, Meghan has helped her clients reach high-intent new audiences through engaging and entertaining TikTok content, and the proof is in the numbers.

We’re easily getting 150k views on TikTok videos, something that is much harder to achieve on Reels… one client’s first post on TikTok received 268k views. That’s something that’s just not possible with your first piece of content on Instagram or Facebook.” - Meghan  

Staying on top of community engagement (even on viral TikTok videos) with Sked’s Inbox 

From planning to scheduling through client approvals, Meghan has standardized and streamlined the entire content creation process, but one thing that was an unpredictable time-sink before Sked was managing the surge in community engagement that would occur whenever a TikTok video went viral.

Fortunately, Sked’s Inbox gives Meghan a single unified view across her clients’ social accounts, giving her the tools she needs to answer DMs, respond to comments and ensure nothing is missed. With multiple businesses and channels to manage, having a single unified inbox for all conversation management helps support brand safety and ensures Meghan’s responses on behalf of her clients are always “accurate, appropriate and timely.”  

This process was really put to the test when one of Meghan’s clients (Outback Tracks, purveyors of caravan, camping and 4WD accessories) experienced their first viral moment on TikTok. The video in question was an unexpected hit, sharing a hack for how to prevent camping pegs from bending when the ground is rock hard. 

To date, the video has gained over 1 million views, a testament to the ability of TikTok’s algorithm to find and serve niche content to the right audience. Without Sked, managing engagement on this video would have been impossible as “your comments just get lost because they get prioritized, and you lose track of what's been responded to and hasn't by the platform.”

With Sked’s Inbox, I just click on the client’s name and can see all of their engagements across all social platforms. I can respond to everything in one place, which is so helpful when a video goes viral and there are so many engagements to respond to.” - Meghan

Sked’s support gives Meghan the confidence she needs

After using other social media management tools in the past, Sked has proved to be the only solution to offer outstanding customer support when Meghan needs it. 

As Meghan reveals, “I was with another provider for about a year and had the worst time. If you run into any hiccups, you're dead in the water - no one wants to hear from you. You just work with what you’ve got and go look up forums and Reddit threads to fix things.” 

Whenever a question arises, Sked gets back to Meghan quickly with a response, giving her the confidence to rely on and recommend the platform to other agencies and social media managers. 

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