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13 Creative Instagram Bio Ideas To Make Your Brand Unforgettable

December 20, 2017
Kyra Goodman

How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out? We’ve rounded up 26 examples of effective bios to get your creative juices flowing.

How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out? We’ve rounded up 13 examples of effective bios to get your creative juices flowing. Think of your Instagram bio like your brand’s elevator pitch on social media. You have just seconds (roughly seven seconds, if you’re interested) to make a stellar first impression. And if you don’t hook users in, they’re just a tap away from discovering your competitors.

You might only have 150 characters to play with, but your Instagram bio is golden real estate as a business on Instagram. When crafted correctly, this copy can boost your search visibility, drive traffic to your website and even grow your follower count. To help you craft a brilliant Instagram bio, we’ve rounded up best-in-class examples of creative Instagram bios from brands across the globe.

Keep reading to get inspired by these effective bio ideas and learn the secrets to crafting the perfect Instagram bio in minutes.

What makes a compelling Instagram bio?

For marketers, it’ll come as no surprise that Instagram is a competitive space for brands. In fact, a whopping 71% of US businesses are using Instagram, meaning brands have to work even harder to stand out on the platform. And that’s where a memorable Instagram bio comes in. Along with contact information (such as your phone number) and call-to-action buttons on your Instagram profile, this bio copy on your businesses’ Instagram profile gives users a bite-sized snapshot of your brand: who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

When a new user discovers your brand on Instagram, your bio is one of the first places they’ll head to learn more about your business. In a couple of sentences, you have to grab their attention, showcase your points of difference and give them a reason to take action (whether that’s hitting follow, heading to your website or engaging with your content).

So, what are the ingredients of a winning Instagram bio? Let’s walk you through the key areas you need to nail to stand out as a business on Instagram:

  • A memorable, searchable Instagram name: while your Instagram handle should reflect your business name, your account name should leverage searchable keywords and terms to boost the visibility of your brand on Instagram. Think about your key services, products or industry and pepper these strategic keywords into your name.
  • Spotlight your expertise and skills: the best Instagram bios capture what you do best in a couple of keywords. That means your bio should focus on your key services and products and call out the target market you’re trying to attract.
  • An action-driving statement: what action do you want users to take from your Instagram bio? Use a bespoke call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your bio to turn your followers into customers. Avoid generic phrases such as “Visit my website” or “Learn more” and tailor this CTA to your target audience, their pain points and aspirations.
  • A click-worthy link: with only one clickable link on your entire Instagram profile, you want to make sure this URL works as hard as you do. With Sked Link (a great alternative to LinkTree), you can share more than one link with your followers and even add your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics ID to your personalised Sked Link for total transparency on your analytics.
  • Strategically use emojis: add visual interest to your Instagram bio and inject a sense of personality to your Instagram profile by leveraging on-brand emojis. This will allow you to communicate more in fewer characters and grab the attention of new users that land on your profile.

Ready to transform your Instagram bio into a conversion-driving machine and stand out from the pack on Instagram? Keep reading to discover 13 incredible examples of creative Instagram bios (and how to use these tactics to elevate your Instagram Business profile).

Standout Instagram bio ideas from the world’s top brands

While these Instagram bio tips are helpful, it can be hard to action this advice without seeing some real-world bio examples. But rather than simply give you generic templates that don't take into account your brand's personality, we're here to share some of the best Instagram bio examples we've found on this social media platform. Keep reading to discover how your small business, brand or company can get in front of the right Instagram users with a compelling Instagram bio that captures and converts on auto-pilot.

1. Canva

Canva's Instagram bio

Since 2013, Canva has been the leader in online design and publishing tools. This user-friendly software allows anyone to flex their design muscles and produce incredible graphics, presentations and even print-ready publications. What makes Canva’s Instagram bio such a winner is its ability to capture the mission and vision of the brand in just a handful of words.In one punchy sentence, Canva’s bio articulates who they are (“a design tool”) and their unique market positioning that “makes it possible to design anything and publish anywhere”.

Immediately, users get a snapshot of what Canva offers and how this brand can solve their design challenges. Plus, Canva has strategically added a branded Instagram hashtag “#canvalove” to their bio, with a clear call-to-action that encourages product users to share their designs to Instagram. In one line, they’re also encouraging the creation of powerful social proof in the form of user-generated content. It’s no wonder that Canva has garnered over 797k followers with such a powerful Instagram bio.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Instagram bio

For all things marketing, Mailchimp has become the go-to platform to help businesses reach their customers. While they originally launched as an email marketing provider, Mailchimp has grown and expanded to now offer everything from social ads to landing pages and more. And their Instagram bio does a fantastic job of capturing the breadth of their offering in just a few words. What makes their bio so effective is Mailchimp’s use of a compelling elevator pitch which articulates exactly what they offer in one sentence (“the all-in-one Marketing Platform built for growing businesses”).Not only does this one-liner capture the essence of their platform, but also pinpoints who they’re trying to attract. In a few sentences, users immediately know if this account is relevant to them or not (and can easily take action to engage further, such as hitting follow or visiting their website).Plus, Mailchimp has even linked to their secondary account (@mailchimppresents) with a brief snapshot of what to expect from this other account (showcasing short films and podcasts from Mailchimp users).

3. Squarespace

For anyone looking to build a website (without forking out on a web developer), Squaresquare will be a familiar name. And their Instagram bio does a great job of capturing their service offering in just a few sentences. To help boost their search visibility on Instagram, Squarespace’s bio leverages a stack of popular keywords related to their service. By calling out key search phrases such as “websites”, “online stores”, and “domains”, users are more likely to discover the Squarespace page when searching on Instagram. And they’ve added a creative spin to their bio by adding a punchy tagline, “Make it beautiful. Make it yourself. Make it Squarespace. ”This is a clever tactic that leverages a memorable, rhyming phrase to help users remember the Squarespace brand.

4. WeWork

WeWork Instagram bio

WeWork is a leader in the coworking industry, with stacks of flexible workspaces dotted across the globe. In fact, many users would recognise this brand simply from their profile picture. And their Instagram bio lets their brand do the heavy lifting. As such a household name, WeWork is able to use a simple bio of just three words, “Reimagine your workspace”. While this creative approach won’t work for emerging brands, it does show the power of brand building and a ‘less is more’ attitude. It also shows that you can communicate a lot with just a few, strategic words (as this simple tagline still captures the essence of WeWorks’ offering).

5. Fitbit

FitBit Instagram bio

When it comes to wearable tech, Fitbit is one of the most iconic brands in the space. With a stack of watches and products to their name, Fitbit is on a mission to help people live healthier and more active lives. And that’s exactly what they communicate effectively in their Instagram bio. As an iconic brand, Fitbit doesn’t need to waste their character limit explaining who they are. Instead, they creatively focus on their broader impact and ethos as a brand.

Their Instagram bio, “Your stress, your activity, your sleep, your nutrition - it all fits together” is a creative way to capture exactly how Fitbit helps their customers. Even without mentioning wearable tech or smartwatches, you know exactly what Fitbit can help with just from visiting their profile page. Plus, by creating a sense of intrigue they’re cleverly enticing users to follow their brand and even hit their bio link to learn more about the brand and potentially signup to their mailing list.

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6. MECCA Beauty

Mecca Instagram bio

As Australia’s leading beauty retailer, MECCA curates and delivers the best in global beauty for Australian customers. With three different store concepts under one brand, MECCA covers everything from top luxury brands to accessible and affordable buys. So, what makes their Instagram bio such a winning example? What MECCA has nailed is its brand positioning. In just four words (“Think beauty, think MECCA”), they’ve managed to make their name synonymous with the best in the beauty industry.

Plus, they’ve strategically tapped into Instagram’s clickable bio features (including the hashtag and tagged accounts links) to allow users to easily interact with the brand on Instagram.Again, the use of a memorable branded Instagram hashtag (#MECCAmoment) with a compelling CTA (“Follow us and share your #MECCAmoment”) drives strong engagement, encourages the sharing of high-quality user-generated content and boosts their follower count in one simple sentence.'

7. Go-To Skincare

Go To Skincare's Instagram bio

Another leader in the beauty space in Australia is Go-To Skincare, founded by author Zoë Foster Blake. This cult skincare label has gathered a loyal 290k+ followers, and with good reason. What makes their Instagram bio so compelling is their punchy, purposeful copy that gets straight to the point. First up, they capture exactly what the brand offers in a snappy sentence (“Uncomplicated, effective skincare”) before linking users offer to their two secondary brands with tagged accounts. And here we see strategic emoji use done well. Go-To Skincare’s bio explains that their products are stocked in MECCA in Australia and Revolve in the US. How do they communicate so much in just 150 characters? Well, they’ve used flag emojis to represent each country, saving them tonnes of characters and adding visual interest to their bio. Last up, they’ve rounded out their Instagram bio with a short, snappy CTA directing users to shop their products from their bio link. As far as getting the best mileage out of their Instagram bio, Go-To Skincare is one of the best (and most creative) examples out there.

8. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective's Instagram bio

There are stacks of players in the activewear space. But as far as inclusive and body-positive brands go, Girlfriend Collective is a leader of the pack. This brand is passionate about sustainable, ethical activewear that is 100% recycled and recyclable. And they also care about providing good looking apparel to women of all sizes. That’s what makes their punchy Instagram bio so creative and effective. In one simple line (“Sustainable, ethically made activewear in sizes XXS - 6XL”), Girlfriend Collective have communicated exactly what makes their brand stand out in a competitive market. Plus, they’ve leveraged strategic, search-friendly keywords to boost their chances of being discovered by their ideal customers on Instagram.

10. Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia's Instagram bio

Amazon is the kind of brand that needs no introduction. But, when it comes to their Australian Instagram profile, they’ve done stacks of things right that we can early take some wisdom from. As far as clever Instagram account names go, Amazon Australia has a really interesting take. Instead of simply spelling out ‘Amazon Australia’, they’ve used their URL ‘’, giving users another reminder of how to find their site online. When it comes to their Instagram bio, they’ve cleverly shown the breadth of their product offering by calling out that customers can find “more than 125 million items” on their site. Plus, Amazon Australia’s bio shows a great example of a tailored CTA. Instead of a simple ‘Shop Now’ message, they’re encouraging users to “Sign up for a free 30-day Prime trial”. This one-liner gives a clear direction and compelling message that is likely to drive strong click-through rates and conversion, too.

11. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh's Instagram bio

Figuring out what to cook for dinner is becoming a thing of the past thanks to Hello Fresh. This brand creates fresh and delicious meal kits that are delivered to customers doors, the perfect solution to cooking fatigue in lockdown. While their Instagram bio might seem simple enough, Hello Fresh has been very smart and strategic about their phrasing to make every character count. Think about all the searchable keywords that relate to Hello Fresh: things like ‘easy recipes’, ‘quick and easy’ and ‘fresh seasonal ingredients’ probably all spring to mind. And in just two lines, Hello Fresh has managed to weave these high-value search terms into their Instagram bio, while still sounding authentic and readable. Hello Fresh has carried on this bright, upbeat personality throughout their Instagram captions too, to create a sense of continuity between their profile and feed content. Plus, they’ve added in their own branded hashtag to help categorise and collate and user-generated content their followers share, too.

12. Bed Threads

Bed Thread's Instagram bio

As far as cult bedding brands go, Bed Threads is one of the most recognisable. This eCommerce store offers a range of curated, elevated bedding as well as home accessories for bedrooms and bathrooms. So, what makes their Instagram bio such a standout example? What the Bed Threads team have nailed in just 150 characters is this: smart, structured copy with frequent line breaks and strategic spacing. As we mentioned, emojis are a powerful way to break up the copy and draw a user’s eye to your Instagram bio (especially if they've just discovered your account for Instagram's homepage). Here, Bed Threads have used curated emojis to create a bullet point list of their key points, while also showing their global footprint with a range of flag emojis.

Their Instagram bio kicks off with a summary of what they do (creating products “For the Sleep and Space of Your Dreams”). This simple one-liner immediately establishes their places in the bedding and sleepwear space, while capturing their creative tone of voice. Plus, they’ve spelt out what they value as a brand (“Carbon Neutral & OEKO-TEX 100 Certified”) to illustrate that they care about sustainability. And they’ve rounded out their Instagram bio with a compelling CTA (“Shop and read our Instagram feed”) with a smart emoji pointing users straight to their profile link. Talk about a savvy way to boost web traffic from their Instagram bio's profile link.

13. Afterpay

As a leader in the Buy Now Pay Later industry, Afterpay has been helping millions of global customers and merchants find new ways to pay. While financial products are usually confusing and complex, Afterpay’s Instagram bio cleverly simplifies what they do in just a couple of lines.

Rather than getting into the weeds of how their product works or the list of benefits for customers, Afterpay have created punchy one-liners and taglines that do the heavy lifting for them. Their first line (“Don’t just pay later. #PayBetter”) is a catchy, memorable phrase that captures their value proposition in one sentence. Plus, they’ve added in a branded hashtag that makes it easy for customers to use when sharing content about AfterPay on Instagram. The next line (“Afterpay it in 4. Never pay interest”) offers a clear, simple message of how their product works and highlights the most important feature for customers (being interest-free).And finally, they’ve leveraged a bespoke CTA (“Shop our feed’) to encourage users to take action (thereby boosting their engagement and conversions from Instagram).All it takes is a bit of creative thinking and clever copywriting to make your Instagram bio work as hard as you do.


So, let’s recap what we’ve learned from these Instagram bio ideas. How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out? In the end, it all comes down to a bit of creativity. Remember your values, message and personality. Leverage all of Instagram’s bio and profile features (from naming to hashtags to tagged accounts) to get the most out of your 150 characters. Plus, by reviewing best-in-class examples for global brands, you’ll have the creative inspiration to bring your brand to life in your Instagram bio.

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