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Instagram News Roundup: DM Video Chat and Polls, Getting Verified, and Limiting Time on the Platform

Instagram has supported the growth of its Stories users, with a consistent stream of new features designed to drive engagement. With the latest Instagram news, here are some of the cooler Instagram updates you might

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new algorithm

What You Need to Know About Instagram’s New Algorithm

Another day, another announcement of a social media algorithm update. Sigh — it seems like just when you finally have things figured out, a new tweak or update swoops in and switches things up. New

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(More) Facebook and Instagram API Changes: What Do They Mean for Sked?

Another day, more changes to the Facebook and Instagram API! [Too long; didn’t read? It’s business as usual for Sked, we aren’t affected by these changes. For a broader explanation, read on!] (More) Facebook and

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