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26 Creative Instagram Bio Ideas (That Will Get You Followers)

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How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out? We’ve rounded up 26 examples of effective bios to get your creative juices flowing.

Writing an Instagram bio is hard.

After all, you have to convey your message, interests, personality and values, in such a way that interests people and attracts followers. And…you have to sum all these up in 150 characters or less.

Plus, you get a link in your profile that you can use to direct people to any webpage you want. But the trouble is, it’s the only clickable link they give you for your entire account … so how do you make the most out of it?

It’s a pretty tall order. 

So, how do you get started?

Well, we’ve created a previous post on how to create brilliant Instagram bios, so be sure to check it out!

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But first, you can get inspiration for your Instagram bio through this article. We’ve rounded up 26 examples of effective Instagram bio ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Instagram bio ideas from top brands:


Not many brands have a legendary slogan that perfectly encapsulates their purpose, heritage, and character. So if you have one, you better take advantage of it. This is why Nike’s bio—works so well.


The quote motivates customers to work out and use Nike products in order to achieve their fitness goals. It implies that, by just doing it, and having an actual experience of going to the gym, going on a hike, doing sports—customers can look good and feel great. Pretty amazing message, right?

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is a company that has always prided itself for its ability to get people on new adventures, unique homes and experiences from around the world.


By describing its purpose in simple terms and emphasizing its ability to “open the doors to interesting homes and experiences”, Airbnb reinforces its “travel” theme. Its Instagram bio is a good example of how it has a consistent advertising message.


ASOS has a variety of Instagram accounts for its various products and campaigns. So, opening the first line of its bio with its user-generated campaign—#AsSeenOnMe—is a great way to motivate customers to post online content and get featured by the brand. The great opening is followed by its various social media profiles: @ASOS_Man (for its men’s style products), @ASOS_Looped (for its sneakers), @ASOS_FaceandBody (for its beauty and body care products) and @ASOSfashion (its Snapchat ID).



Ultimately, in just two sentences, ASOS has created a bio that encourages millennials to post their own pictures, check out the brand’s content, and shop their products.

4. WeWork

WeWork is a company that boasts of vibrant coworking communities.


This is why its one-liner bio is effective. It’s a call-to-action that summarizes what every employee wants. Who doesn’t want to make a living, and enjoy the process? Ultimately, in just a few words, WeWork is able to create a bio that highlights how its products can make people’s lives better.

5. Gatorade

One of this company’s greatest coups has been positioning itself as a product that can help customers fuel power for their game, which is accurate.


By highlighting its ability to “fuel athletic performance” and its rich history by emphasizing its “50 years”, Gatorade reinforces its ability to help athletes reach their full potential.

This is followed by a catchy hashtag #winfromwithin, which helps the brand engage with its network of competitive athletes and sports lovers. Bonus points for inviting followers to post user-generated content.

Moreover, at the end of the bio is a link to the brand’s website, which encourages online followers to learn more the brand.

6. Hubspot


Hubspot might have a straightforward bio, but its incredibly effective. It lets you learn valuable info about the products it offers. In addition, the words “powerful alone, and better when used together” might just encourage you to buy its full stack of products.

7. Houzz

Houzz is well-known for its ability to design stunning homes. So, the first line of its bio is a reference to how the company disrupts the interior design industry by enabling users to browse across an impressive array of interior design photos, home décor, decorating ideas and home professionals.


And…if you want to see Houzz-in-action you can click the article “My Houzz: Inviting Farmhouse Charm in Connecticut”—to learn more about their service and how to get started with the platform.

8. Old Spice

Old Spice has gotten a lot of attention for its Instagram account, thanks to its entertaining and witty voice that resonates with men.


At first glance, the bio is a reference to the keywords associated with the brand like—muscles, smells, lasers, coupons and gifs. The Instagram bio idea to pick from Old Spice is to use keywords show off the brands core values, while enabling users to understand what it offers.

In addition, these keywords can work wonders for the brand’s searchability on Instagram and increase the chances of niche users discovering the brand’s Instagram profile.

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9. Divinity LA Bracelets


This bio makes you feel good about buying Divinity LA bracelets—after all, it’s implying that by purchasing a bracelet, you are donating to charity. It’s a great appeal to people who want their money to be used for a meaningful cause. It also gives you good reasons to buy its products: You’ll get a meaningful handcrafted accessory and get it fast, from anywhere in the world. Pretty convincing.

10. CAP Beauty


CAP Beauty is New York’s first Green Beauty Brick and Mortar Shop. So in its bio, it makes a lot of sense to include their business’ address. In addition, the bio has a link to a blog about holiday gift guides. This way, you can encourage customers to stock up for the holiday season, or to buy products for themselves.

11. Juliana’s Pizza

Juliana’s Coal-Fired NY Sired Brooklyn Pizzeria has been trying to capture foodies, who want a slice of authentic New York-style pizza. It’s straightforward, no-BS description can win over pizza lovers of any age.


The line “They don’t do gimmicks”—reflects their sole focus at delivering great pizza. Bonus points for adding a link to their website.

12. Tentsile

It’s hard to ignore a brand that plants 18 trees in exchange for a purchase, but that’s what Tentsile is all about. It takes your camping to the next level by enabling you to purchase a “portable treehouse.”


Moreover, the bio boasts that the company’s sales has led to the growth of 142,000 trees! It’s a great message. And, it helps that its Winter Sale is on—and all products are 20% off!

13. Califia Farms

Califia Farms sells healthy plant-based foods. So, the first line of its bio is in sync with the brand’s core values. This is followed by the locations of the brand and a branded hashtag to get customers to share a pictures of its creatively-packaged products.


Good job, Califia Farms.

14. Fitbit

Fitbit is a smartwatch that tracks your steps in order to motivate you to make time for fitness. Which is why its Instagram bio is so genius. instagram-bio-ideas-fitbit

It begins with a narration of how fitness isn’t about gym time, it’s all the time. The references to time and fitness remind you how owning a Fitbit can help you achieve your body goals, while also providing you with simple and witty reasons to buy the product. Plus, it has a link to a blog post that lets you learn about what you can do with the device.

15. Pottery Barn


What do we love about Pottery Barn’s bio? It’s direct and straight to the point. It has a branded hashtag #mypotterybarn. Plus, we can’t help but love the convenient link that enables the customer’s to shop via their feed. It’s extremely effective, and its great that you can easily get the products that catch your attention.

16. General Electric


GE is involved with a lot of industries, such as transportation, energy, home improvement among many others. So, how does it write a short bio? Instead of listing all of its industries, the brand highlights its dedication to innovation. Through its various products and companies around the globe, the company is making the world a better place.

17. Uber


Uber might not have a unique or entertaining bio, but it conveys the brand’s message efficiently. It accurately describes their service. In addition, it lets you know how you can get a hold of support.

18. Glossier

Glossier, as we all know, is a skincare brand.


Its Instagram bio is interesting because, considering its industry, the brand lets users know its basic belief by highlighting its, “Skin first. Makeup second,” approach. Plus, who doesn’t want to have smooth, glassy skin?

19. Adobe


We love how Adobe features its monthly theme on its Instagram bio to get creatives to share their work. By inviting creatives to get featured with #Adobe_Reflections, it is able to engage with the creative community and receive great content.

20. Flowers for Dreams

What makes Flowers for Dreams’ Instagram bio standout? It’s simple and direct. We can’t help but love how it sums up its “locally crafted flowers” and their price. Plus, the fact that a purchase can help a local charity, certainly helps customers feel great about their purchase.

instagram-bio-ideas-flowersfordreams And…information about its location and a link to its subscription makes it easier for first-time customers to make their first purchase.

21. Threadless

As we mentioned previously, everyone appreciates good wit, and Threadless gives us that in their Twitter bio. With the words “creative community,” and “making you and your home less naked,” the brand is able to accurately convey its target market and its products.


And…if you want to shop, the bio has conveniently included a link to its Artist shop.

22. Aerie

First off, it’s clear from Aerie’s bio that they sell bras, undies and lingerie. However, what makes them stand out, is their proud support for body positivity, empowerment and self-love. While it’s not the first time we’ve seen a brand support these causes, it’s still great to see a brand that embraces these values.


Plus, the tap to shop feature, makes it fast and easy for customers to get products that catch their eye.

23. Madewell

We all know that Madewell sells jeans, shoes, t-shirts, dresses, and specializes in women’s clothing. Its Instagram bio is a great reference to the company’s products.


Plus points for the simple step-by-step instructions, letting you know how you can shop via its Instagram feed. After all, what’s the point of showing off a product, if your customers can’t buy it?

24. Panera Bread

Panera Bread has an interesting problem. How does It create a bio that can make a product—specifically bread—standout? The answer lies in describing what bread should taste, look and feel like. But it doesn’t stop there. The brand has a link to recipes that you can try at home, while making use of their products.


It also helps that it invites customers to share Insta-worthy food photos.

25. Play-Doh

You’ve played with Play-Doh for at least once in your life, right? Think back, if you can, and recall the fun that comes with creating objects and playing with colorful clay.


If looking at Play-Doh’s Instagram bio gives you a feeling of nostalgia, then you probably understand why it’s incredibly effective. It reminds you of the fun that comes with playing with the product, followed by a subtle joke of how some people may think of it as food—at first glance.

The bio also highlights the brand’s rich history by mentioning the years its been in the business. After that, it includes a link to a video about how to create a Play-Doh kitty.

26. Shiseido


Not many brands have a rich history or legacy. So if you’ve got one, you better use it. Shiseido’s simple bio highlights its reputation for creating high-quality products with the help of art, science and beauty. It’s very direct, but it perfectly summarizes the brand’s purpose and heritage.


So, let’s recap what we’ve learned from these Instagram bio ideas.

How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out? In the end, it all comes down to a bit of creativity.

Remember your values, message and personality. Describe yourself, but don’t forget to be interesting. Try to be funny and witty. Or, check out brands and personalities that are similar to you—then check out their Instagram bio.

So … time to get those creative juices flowing and create the perfect Instagram bio for your account.

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Got interesting Instagram bios that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments down below!

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