Why AI tools are essential in a social media manager's toolkit

Why Social Media Managers Need To Think About AI Tools

December 13, 2023
David Olsen

Imagine a world where your social media tasks are effortlessly streamlined, leaving you more time for creativity and strategy.

You can look just about anywhere these days and someone somewhere will be talking about AI. But before you start panicking about robots taking over the world, don’t worry – AI isn’t going to replace your social media job anytime soon. 

Why? While modern AI tools can help you speed up content production times, automate time-consuming processes, and help create higher-quality work. 

AI won’t be replacing your job just yet.  But other social media managers using AI tools might

If you can learn to leverage all the powerful capabilities that AI social media tools have to offer, you’ll be able to work more effectively to get amazing results from your social channels in no time!

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to find out how.

Will AI Steal Your Social Media Job?

AI technology can do things like change the background of images and videos at the click of a button, generate awesome social media captions, and streamline social media decision-making. 

But while AI is getting better all the time, it still needs a human in control to ensure accuracy and that human touch that’s key to success on social media.

Here’s why AI won’t steal your job.

Accuracy: AI tools like Open AI’s Chat GPT 4 are being updated all the time, but it’s crucial that any AI output is still verified by a human. 

This is even more crucial if you’re producing content for a very niche topic or industry. For instance, if you’re writing on subjects that are very niche; such as traffic legislation in a very specific part of the world, AI tools are likely to have very limited knowledge. In these scenarios, AI tools will often create plausible looking outputs, but it’s important to fact check and verify the results as part of your workflow, risks exist if you aren’t careful.

Context and Nuance: Successful social media managers understand that content creation means connecting on an emotional level with people. Most AI tools function by pulling information from various sources and stitching them together cohesively. But this often means that subtle nuances, flow, and even the true meaning of the original content gets lost. The end result? Generic-sounding content that lacks flow and cohesion.

For example, you might be creating localised content targeted towards an audience in a small British town, but care needs to be taken to match tone and tap into the nuances that help you to connect with your audience and build trust, which is crucial for small businesses today.

The bottom line is that while AI tools can be extremely useful in the hands of social media managers there is no single tool that can replace the job of a social media marketing professional in its entirety, especially one who needs to do a range of tasks from paid social to content production, community management, influencer marketing, and more – while ensuring that all these elements work together cohesively.

Most importantly, your audience is searching for real human connection - and there’s only one way to ensure people get that - by keeping a human in the loop, even if augmented by AI tools. 

In the hands of a social media manager who understands these limitations, AI tools can be immensely helpful for brands and marketers. Here’s some of the ways social media managers are turbocharging their results with AI: 

Why Use AI For Social Media Management?

Despite their limitations, AI tools can be a powerful mechanism for marketers, offering new information, inspiration, and automation capabilities. They can be used to challenge your thinking, brainstorm and enhance your ideas, and boost your dynamism within the workplace.

The right AI tools can help you unlock new insights about your competitors and audience, and allow you to streamline your SMM processes. All up, this can leave you with more time to focus on what matters and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

These tools will only get better over time, so it will definitely pay to stay on track with all the exciting developments with AI in the social media marketing space. 

How You Can Use AI To Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

Ready to leverage the best of AI to supercharge your social media marketing? Here’s how to get it done.

#1: Create Caption Ideas, Faster

Even if you’re a super-creative type, it can be hard to continually come up with new content ideas. Poor social content can affect your brand perception, decrease engagement, and even have an impact on lead generation or conversions from social media. But imagine if you could make content generation easier than ever.

Sked's caption generator - powered by its Captivate workflow AI -  can generate five different caption ideas for you with or without emojis, allowing you to optimize your content and streamline your social media management workflows. Instead of staring wide-eyed at a blank caption, you can get Sked to do all the hard work for you and generate compelling captions that command user attention. The Captivate AI tool analyzes your past captions to create those that suit your tone of voice, ensuring that your social content is always consistent.

Learn more about the magic of Sked Social’s Captivate tool here.

#2: Refine Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you posting sporadically without a clear and cohesive content strategy? Or perhaps you’ve got multiple content creators working on the same account and you’re struggling to maintain consistency? If you’re part of a team it can be tricky coming up with new ideas that feel cohesive and on-brand. Either way, having content pillars as a guiding framework helps.. 

Sked Social lets you define your content pillars through its Labels feature. Whether you start off with auto-suggested ideas based on your past posts, or draw upon Captivate to generate AI-powered content pillar ideas, they’re the structural scheme that will help define your content and used to shape AI content ideas and captions going forward. This can help ensure that you deliver the frequency and quality of content within each of the pillars of your content strategy - even when you’re struggling for new content ideas!. 

Are you searching for a social media management tool for the AI Age?? Give Sked Social a try by signing up for our 7-day free trial.

#3: Beat The Competition

By keeping a close eye on your competition, you can identify which strategies are working best, and which aren’t. But staying on top of everything your competitors are up to could take up hours each day!

Fortunately, Sked’s AI-powered Competitor Tracking tool can generate advanced competitor insights and analysis in a snap..

Simply input the social media accounts of your competitors of your choice (or any account you want insights on) and Sked’s AI will provide a summary of their strategy, plus generate multiple recommendations for what your brand could start doing based on your competitors. That means you can monitor your social media strategy accordingly – how cool is that? 

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Learn more about how to incorporate AI features in your social media marketing here.

#4: Streamline Your Review Management

Sked Social users have access to the Sked Inbox, an all-in-one social media engagement and review management tool that allows you to monitor queries and respond across your social channels. It’s the ultimate tool for social listening and community management. And, best of all, by using Sked’s Inbox to manage your responses to  customer reviews on your Google Business Profile. you can respond even faster with the help of Sked’s AI-generated suggestions for replies to both positive and negative reviews - increasing the likelihood customers will leave positive star ratings.

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Ready To Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing And Embrace AI Tools?

AI tools can help boost your online presence, enhance your strategic thinking, and make you a better social media marketer. They have increasingly powerful capabilities, but they’re not quite good enough to steal your job just yet. Bots can only go so far when it comes to helping users with complex queries or replicating human creativity in all its originality. That said, unless you understand how to leverage AI tools to your advantage, you face being left behind. 

Sked Social’s powerful social media marketing AI capabilities can help you streamline your content scheduling workflows, become more dynamic, enhance your creativity, and engage your community. As well as that, it also has comprehensive social media reporting functions that can help you track and understand the performance of your content from month to month, and make the right strategic tweaks to improve it. If you want a comprehensive AI assistant and social media scheduling and reporting tool, Sked Social is the one for you. 

Want to get the same work done faster? It’s time to embrace AI tools alongside meaningful human interactions to enhance your social media tactics.

Sked Social is the Social Media Management platform for the AI Age. Get started by signing up to Sked’s 7-day trial today or learning more about our pricing.

Remember, AI algorithms change all the time, enhanced by machine learning and new updates. Stay up to date by checking out our blog for the latest tips and tricks on how to integrate AI and automation into your social media marketing strategy.


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