Social Media News: Facebook Video Tools, Twitter Hides Replies

This week in social media news: Facebook rolls out new video features, Instagram and Facebook make new rules regarding diet/weight loss/cosmetic surgery posts and Youtube updates their requirements for “verified” accounts.

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Social Media News: Facebook/Instagram Test Shopping Feature, Twitter Playbook

Facebook and Instagram are testing a new shopping feature that would allow businesses to run organic shopping posts as ads, Twitter releases Agency playbook for marketers, and Facebook updates their Community Standards.

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IGTV: What, Why and How You Should be Using it as a Marketing Tool

IGTV has made a slow start, but brands are catching on to the benefits of IGTV as a marketing tool and you should too!

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Social Media News: Facebook Considering Hiding Likes, Twitter Disables SMS Tweets

This week in social media news: Facebook is considering hiding likes, Twitter temporarily disables SMS Tweeting and gets active on Instagram.

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What Are Link in Bio Tools and Why You Should Use Them

How you can post multiple links to your Instagram using a link in bio tool and how to use them successfully.

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