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What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

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This guide reveals what is the best time to post on Instagram to reach and engage the audience. Keep on reading to learn how to identify when you should be posting on Instagram.

Customers ask about the best time to post on Instagram a lot.

They say:

  • We need to boost our engagement rates but when to post on Instagram to achieve it?
  • What are the best times and days to post?
  • How can I optimize my posting schedule to reach the most followers? 

What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Let’s not beat around the bush here – There isn’t the single best time to post on social media that would work for everyone. The best posting time that would work for your Instagram audience might not work for mine, and vice versa.

We might be operating in different verticals, after all. Our audience’s demographics might be different too.

And so, when my audience is active online, yours might be dormant.

But it’s not all bad news, of course. For one, you can identify the best time to post on Instagram to schedule your Instagram posts, and reach and engage your audience better.

And that’s what I’m going to show you in this post.

We’ll cover:

Why Choosing the Best Time to Post on Instagram Matters So Much?

Timing is important. Especially for posting content on social media.

In order for businesses to maximize their reach and engagement, they should ideally be posting at the right time to reach the majority of their audience.

This can be tough if you aren’t 100% sure on what time your audience uses Instagram, and even more so, their time-zone.

Posting at the right time can result in a huge success.

Depending on how active your audience is, you could potentially go viral and hit the explore page, just like I did.

Analytics dashboard showing the best time to post on Instagram.

Not only was this a one-off, it happened several times.

Another example of a dashboard showing when to post on Instagram. Instagram analytics dashboard example.

Posting at the right time certainly will not only help your Instagram account growth but you’ll also increase website traffic depending on how eye-catching and interesting your content is.

If you create stunning content with clear yet engaging Instagram bios that give your audience instructions to click the link in your profile, you’ll see a rise in traffic from Instagram.

Now we’ve covered why it’s vital to post at the right time, are you ready to find out when YOU should post on Instagram?

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How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

When it comes to posting on Instagram, there’s no set-time that every account should post at.

(Which is good, actually. Imagine at the chaos in your followers’ feeds if everybody they follow started posting at the exact same time…)


Now, let me be clear – There are countless articles about the best times to post on Instagram. But while a few may say you should post at this or that time, hardly any of them will actually tell you when to post for YOUR account.

And that’s the trick to identifying when to post on the social platform. Or to be more precise, when you should post on the social platform.

The crucial difference here is that we have different audiences.

Retailers may share content at a different time compared to SaaS companies, after all.

So, the right time for posting on Instagram really comes down to your target audience and when they are active.

The best way to identify that ideal timing is to conduct thorough research into your own audience.

The good news about this is that it’s possible and quite easy to do.

How to Find the Best Time to Post to Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Here’s a simple process I use.

#1. Identify your audience’s time-zone

You’ll then need to find out when they are most active on Instagram. These steps are incredibly easy.

All you need to make sure is that your Instagram profile is switched to a business profile.

Once you have done that, head on over to your profile and click the insights icon.

Then click on the “followers” section to view more detailed insights about your audience.

This section will give you key information about your audience such as their gender, age range, top locations – cities and countries, and when your followers are active on the platform broken down by hours and days of the week.

By utilizing these insights, you can identify quickly the best time to post on Instagram.

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For example, by looking at my insights for my travel niche Instagram account where I share high-quality photos from my travels exploring the world, my audience is travel-minded consumers and photographers so they might be active on Instagram at different times than your audience.

For me, the best times to post on Instagram would be the following:

  • Mondays – 6 pm
  • Tuesdays – 3 pm and 6 pm
  • Wednesdays – 3 pm
  • Thursdays – 6 pm
  • Fridays – 6 pm
  • Saturdays – 7 pm
  • Sundays – 6 pm

#2. Use SkedSocial’s Powerful Analytics

SkedSocial’s Analytics’ Best Time to Post feature lets you tap into your audience’s behavior to identify, well, you’ve guessed it, when it would be ideal for you to post.

An Instagram scheduler with posts planned and scheduled.

A Quick Note:

It’s important to regularly check your insights as these have changed recently from when my account was much smaller.

My audience was active mostly around 7-8 pm and sometimes occasionally 9 pm.

Some Instagram accounts that I’ve managed for businesses, their most active audiences were utilizing the platform around 5 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm.

Others had an active audience in the morning.

It really all comes down to your targeted audience.

Finding out what their habits are for checking their social media will allow you to be one step above your competitors for posting at the optimal time.

Sometimes, the best time to post could be during the weekends, at a time when you are unable to commit to posting.

This is where Sked (formerly Schedugram), or any scheduling tool, comes in handy and allows you to be worry-free about your Instagram scheduling.

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Experiment with Different Posting Times

An Instagram account with posts added.

After finding out the best time to post on Instagram using the insights on your business profile, don’t just go ahead and use those times to post.

Those times are only telling you that your audience is most active during that specific hour.

If you really want to go further, you could go more-in-depth and identify the exact time in that hour that your audience is really active on Instagram.

This part can be quite time-consuming however it definitely pays off.

I’ve tried this several times and when I discovered some of my audience were active at 13:30 my post went viral and hit the explore page.

If I had shared at 13:00 the outcome may have been different.

To successfully identify the optimal time within that hour, you should consider experimenting with your posts.

What I’ve done previously which had helped identify the best time, was to write down different times within that hour.

For example, let’s say the optimal time according to your Instagram business profile insights was 7pm. You may consider posting at 7:10pm, 7:20pm, 7:30pm, 7:40pm. 7:50pm.

After monitoring and analysing the engagement and reach for those different posting times, you should then consider experimenting even more.

You might consider posting at 7:25pm, 7:28pm and 7:33pm.

Writing down the engagement and reach is vital for you to track what timing worked best.

I tend to do this on Google spreadsheets and I’d recommend you do too.

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How to Post at the Best Times, Even If You’re Not Around

The best time to post on Instagram may not be the best time for you.

You might be busy, asleep, or even on vacation 😉 failing to post at the optimal time will result in less engagement and most likely less traffic and reach.

However, there are various ways you can resolve that.

I usually do one of two things.

1. Create draft posts on Instagram

I’ll create my posts using that and save them as drafts then when the time is right, I’ll share them and copy my set of hashtags from my notes app and place them in the comment.

2. I just set and forget with Sked Social

It’s in the title really, but I’ll upload my posts, set my captions and hashtags, and then set it for the time I want it to go.

You can try it for yourself with a free 7-day trial.

How Can I Go Viral by Posting at The Right Time on Instagram?

Let me first put this out there.

Going viral on Instagram isn’t just about posting at the right time.

It comes down to your content, captions and most of all, your hashtags. You need to have a good set of well-researched hashtags that will allow you to stand out and get noticed.

There’s honestly no point in using hashtags with over 100,000,000 posts.

Your content needs to be very eye-catching and make your audience interested to find out more and maybe leave a comment.

Having a clear caption with a strong call-to-action will help with more comments.

From my own experience and research, I’ve found that comments are more valuable than likes on Instagram. However, not just any random comments.

Those that are four or more words in a comment that also include some emojis help with the ranking of your post.

Of course, your content also needs to be very eye-catching and make your audience interested to find out more and maybe leave a comment.

Keeping Your Hashtags Organised Using Sked’s Hashtag Manager

Once you’ve done the hard work finding a great set of hashtags, you can use Sked’s hashtag manager to store and organize them. It lets you separate your hashtags into groups, and then add them to your posts in bulk with just a couple of clicks.

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Not only do you need to gather a lot of comments, but they need to be within a very short time-period of posting.

This will result in your post potentially going viral as the Instagram algorithms will notice that this specific post is of interest to people and they find it engaging.

Instagram want people to share engaging content so therefore they will display your content to even more of your audience, which then will result in more people engaging with it.

The followers of those that engage with your content may then also engage with it as they will see the engagements in their “Following” tab.

This tab displays the activity of the people you follow.

And then those followers might also engage. So on and so on…

This will only happen if you post at the best time on Instagram, so like I mentioned earlier in this post, timing is vital.

PRO TIP: You can increase engagement by almost 30% when you tag people, products, and locations in your posts.

Best Time to Post Instagram Stories

The best time to post on your Instagram Stories will be similar if not maybe the same time.

Like with finding when the best time to post on Instagram, you will need to do some research and experiment with your Instagram stories.

Whilst it’s limited with regards to insights, you may need to regularly check and write down the total number of views at each stage you check.

It would also be worth noting how many taps, swipes right, swipes up and other important insights you may find.

This will allow you to identify what content works best and when might be the best time to post on Instagram Stories.

Just like with posting content on Instagram normally, it can be a little tough if you are busy.

That’s where another feature of Sked comes in handy here.

Once you have identified your optimal time for posting on Instagram Stories it’s now time to look at efficient ways to share content directly to it.

One method is using Sked’s Instagram Story scheduling.

Again, this is completely safe as the stories just like other posts are all uploaded via real phones.

And if you have an Instagram business account that lets you use links in your stories, you can add them using Sked and then track how many clicks they get with the app’s own analytics.

Over to You!

So now you know how you can identify the best times to post on Instagram, you should consider experimenting even more.

Post two or more pieces of content a day on the platform and you will have a bigger reach.

You may also receive more engagement, especially if you are very active on the platform.

What this also means is you will have a higher chance of going viral as you are posting more than just once.

Again this will come down to the type of content and how quickly you can rack up engagement on your content.

Below are some important points that will help your content perform well, especially if posted at the optimal time.
–> Clear Call-To-Actions in captions
–> Great set of researched hashtags. Ideally 25-30.
–> High-quality content
–> Adding location tags
–> Tagging relevant accounts in your content

To learn how to better utilize Instagram to grow your business today, click here.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet me or drop a comment below. I’d love to know what times you usually post on Instagram and the results you get!

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