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How to Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients

June 7, 2023
Danielle Read

Growing a marketing or advertising agency is tough. Like any service-based industry, there’s the ever-present juggle between hands on deck versus time on the clock. After all, agencies need to be increasingly agile yet learn to produce high-caliber work at an increasingly fast pace.

Growing a marketing or advertising agency is tough. Like any service-based industry, there’s the ever-present juggle between hands on deck versus time on the clock. After all, agencies need to be increasingly agile yet learn to produce high-caliber work at an increasingly fast pace, on an ongoing basis.

Sounds like a tough gig, doesn’t it? Well, it can be. But getting savvy with effective social media tools, strategies and processes makes a world of difference and can save agencies valuable time and money. 

Want to know how to manage multiple social media client accounts effortlessly? We picked the brains of 3 successful digital marketing agencies to uncover their top tips.

The key to building a lucrative marketing agency is to work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re looking to optimize time, attract clients or take on new social media accounts, learn the best practices other agencies use for themselves and their client accounts.

Scaling a social media agency successfully - your social

For Sam Murray from your social, having the right support in their corner has been key to growing their client base. From acquisition to retention, having a centralized platform like Sked has enabled this team to boost performance, save time and unlock cost efficiencies.

For Sam, “it’s pretty clear that if you don’t automate the whole process you’re gonna be stuck spending way too much time trying to manage it all. And Sked solves 95% of those issues for us.

”The your social team point to three key features that make Sked a cut above the rest for them:

Auto-post Instagram Stories

With the ability to schedule Instagram Stories ahead of time, the team no longer needs to rely on push notification, calendar reminders or manual posting that disrupt their work days.

Create custom workflows for team collaboration and client approvals

leveraging their own custom workflows within the Sked workspace means your social can work together seamlessly, from streamlining internal content publishing workflows to fast-tracking client review and approval processes.

Use an all-in-one platform

From publishing to approvals and even in-depth analytics and reporting, Sked has allowed the your social team to simplify the number of tools they’re using, and unlock the time and cost efficiencies that come with that.

Download Sam's case study to learn how Sked helped the team at your social scale their agency operations.

Streamline collaboration and reporting workflows - WAY Social

For Jess Nelson at WAY Social finding a platform that could handle everything from collating UGC to streamlining client approvals and offering in-depth reporting proved a challenge, until she discovered Sked.

Simplify collaboration with her team and with clients

Before using Sked, Jess’s team of seven was using too many tools which were adding stress and wasting time. Recognizing the need to simplify things for her team, Jess took on her team’s feedback and found a solution that would make it easier for everyone to have the right resources to work effectively.

“Once we really got into working with Sked, I could feel this sense of relief from everybody on my team because they felt like things were easier for them. They weren’t as stressed out, and attention to detail was stronger because they weren’t having to hop around to a bunch of places.” Improved internal collaboration hasn’t been the only benefit from using Sked.

The approvals workflow has enabled Jess and her team to give their clients a friction-free approvals process, giving her clients the confidence that they get to have their say before any content is published. . Jess continues to receive positive feedback from her clients on the experience.

With manual tasks taken off their plate, Jess’ team is spending less time navigating a demanding workload and unlocking more time to strategize new ways to help clients find success on social media.

Make reporting and analytics a breeze

With Sked’s advanced analytics and a two-year historical lookback period, Jess and her team were able to analyze trends and provide tailored strategies to each client for continued growth.

“We’re able to look at more insights… and more data that breaks things down further than any other platform we’ve used before. We’re able to provide a stronger strategy because of the information that Sked provides us.”

Streamline the use of user-generated-content (UGC) 

WAY Social also needed a platform that could simplify the process of collating and repurposing user-generated content. With Sked, having to be physically located in the client’s community, or spend hours scrolling through their clients’ tagged posts became a thing of the past.

The team is able to easily curate UGC through hashtag and creator search, save to each client’s Library collection and effortlessly share to their social channels.

Download Jess' case study to learn how she used tools like Sked to simplify team workflows and scale how she manages social media client accounts.

Spend less and get more with Sked Social

Get everything social schedulers are missing without writing a blank check for an enterprise platform. AI-integrated tools, custom collaboration and approval workflows, deep analytics and insights, and real auto-posting to more platforms — it’s all here.

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Unlock workflow efficiencies as a social media agency - The Social Story

To grow her agency, Tiff Ng from The Social Story was on the hunt for a scheduling platform that could guarantee posts go out on time, every time. She was also looking to improve the workflow and interconnectivity of her remote team, while also providing the latest functionality to keep her on top of all things social. And that’s exactly what she found with Sked Social.

Use a seamless all-in-one social media management solution

“Sked has provided everything we need to run our client’s social media channels, from the insights to the reporting to the inbox,” Tiff says.

Tiff highlighted two of her favorite features; the centralized dashboard that makes analytics a breeze, and the post scheduler for multi-platform posting.

The dashboard visually relays reporting data in an easy-to-digest format. This allows The Social Story to share analytics directly with their client via a link, or collate it in a client-facing presentation.

The post scheduler tool streamlines workflow by enabling multi-platform posting with customized captions, aligning with Tiff’s “strategies of segmenting audiences and tailoring copy for different platforms.”

Take the friction out of client approvals

To make it easier for the team to work together on producing quality content, and reduce the friction around client content approvals, Tiff put Sked’s Teamwork and Approvals feature into good use.

Teamwork helped to keep the whole team on the same page and in the loop on content changes. While Sked’s friction-free approvals makes it simple and convenient for clients to review content, request changes or approve posts in just a few clicks.

With Sked streamlining The Social Story’s client approval workflows, the team now has added capacity and more time to review and refine their client’s social media strategies.

Streamline community engagement and social media inbox management

Tiff also credits Sked’s Inbox with streamlining her team’s community management processes. With a centralized inbox for managing cross-platform conversations, The Social Story has been able to eliminate the pain of handling responses manually from multiple phones, whilst keeping the conversation alive and building engaged communities for clients on social media.

Download Tiff's case study to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Use flexible, all-encompassing social media management tools all in a single dashboard like Sked Social. This will complement the responsibilities of your team members and just make life easier.
  • Social media should be social. People and relationships first. Always.
  • Serve your clients better and embrace automation with a well-organized posting schedule for more strategic social content that performs better.
  • Save hours out of every week with streamlined collaboration and approvals workflows.

What Are You Waiting For?

The first step to growing your digital agency is to get serious about efficient and effective social marketing tools. Ready to try one of the best social media management tools out there? Start a 7-day free trial of Sked Social today!

The best part? Sked Social can help you get your social media content calendar organized, but it isn’t just a scheduling tool. It’s also a powerful analytics tool that can be utilized to test and refine your social media strategy, allowing you to level up your results when it comes to social media marketing. This is really important if you want fast results and you want to be sure that your social media marketing efforts are generating positive ROI for your company. Sked also has intuitive social media monitoring functions, which can help you keep one eye (or both eyes!) on your competitors.

Sked Social is one of the most comprehensive social media management software options out there that’s compatible with all your social media channels. If you want it all; social media analytics, a scheduling tool, and social media monitoring capabilities, try Sked Social today!


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